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June 24, 2010


Well I guess I'd rather be up there in your humidity instead of what we have here in South Carolina...temps in the 90s and heat indexes well over 100! I'm a former resident of the northeast and I've traded snow for humidity :)

I'll bet that all of you and the troops will get used to the weather in no time!

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Thanks so much.
Beth Woodard

As an east coast girl I don't miss that humidity at all. Was back for 3 days and it was horrible.

Hope you still enjoy the humidity 3 months from now!

At least you don't have to invest in body lotion any more.

Love ya and miss you. Penny

I love the climate debate! I used to live in Seattle too, and loved the green and the rain but not the long winters where the sky is so low you could touch it and it is dark by 3. Now in Phoenix, I will take dry heat over darkness any time! But I miss the ferns and Douglas fir.

Steve you don't say if you like the high humidity or not?

Aw, Steve, now your hair will get all frizzy!!


"Women in the south have good skin and women in the west have good hair." Even the Garden of Eden had snakes.

Isn't it funny how "the grass is always greener".............;-)

Okay, Had to offer my 2 cents on humidity vs. dry heat...been both places; would take (and am taking) humidity in a heartbeat. Sorry Italy but if you have ever lived in Arizona or dry southern California deserts you not only have to contend with dry skin but rattlesnakes, scorpions and tarantulas. It gets so hot during the day you can't be outside except for very early morning or evening...unfortunately the snakes, scorpions and tarantulas feel the same way so you and your animals are always running into these things on a very regular basis. Snake antivenom for dogs is extremely expensive and sadly not always available. Additionally, you can only run your A/C on a VERY limited basis, otherwise you end up with a $900.00 a month electrical bill. There are many things you can do to a pond to take care of mosquitoes; same with ticks. Give me humidity, mosquitoes and ticks and I'll give you rattlesnakes, scorpions and heat.:-)

I sure understand! I am in Texas and look forward moving to Oregon.
Much like climate in Washington, I loved so much.
This heat and arid climate are so miserable!
I am glad for you, to be in the beauty of your new home. True joy.

Ok, well I guess SW Florida will chime in. I always knew FL had awful humidity from about April to October but I didn't know how many other parts of the country did too. I always thought we were the only ones and that northerners were exempt from it. I thought wrong. As another poster pointed out, I too have to remove my glasses when I get out of my car because they steam up so badly. They do say they humidity is good for the skin tho. I just find it annoying and unsettling. Steve, does it stay that humid all day or is it just a morning dew type of thing??

Hmm, I hope you don't mind the mosquitoes up there, too!

As I live in a very humid area (the Po Valley of northern Italy), I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm for wet climates.;-) I'd rather live in a dry place, such as Namibia or Arizona. My poor bones would certainly appreciate it.:-)

Humidity! Bah-humbug! We have had a ton of it this spring/summer & all I can say is that it's a heck of a lot better than last year when we were in a drought in South TX. But, the funniest thing that happens is getting out of the car & glasses steam up so bad you have to take them off to see where you're going!

Anyplace you choose to live will have pluses and minuses. I too grew up in a humid climate -- which is why I love the more arid West. Hope you are equally enthusiastic when that pond on your property starts producing mosquitoes!!!

Humidity?? I'm in southeast Louisiana. Please.
Sauna anyone???

My son just moved to New Hampshire and you're so right it's a beautiful state!! Thank you both for all you do.

Being from New England, I'm often forced to laugh when people tell me (with a straight face) about how the humidity is so horrible in Maryland and at least up in Connecticut it wouldn't have been so bad. Try selling corn at a roadside stand in CT in the summer (on the floodplain)... gives a whole new meaning to humidity!

New Hampshire
Schmoo Schmampshire!
I can't find the official number on the web...but Helena has gotten something like 2.5+ inches of rain this month (depending on where you are standing) and we are happy to send it your way!

I also send you happy thoughts every day! Hugs for everybody! LB:)

Just wondering. Now that you are back East (and with all that vegetation) do you worry about Lyme disease affecting your animals? (My friend's dog who lives in upstate NY was just diagnosed with it.)

Ah, humidity! I was born and raised in western Nevada... as a kid, I visited my aunt and uncle in upstate NY one summer and promptly informed my aunt that all of her glasses had leaks. They all left water rings on the tables. I'd never seen anything like it. That was my first lesson about "condensation."

Thanks, but I'll take the oft-maligned "dry heat!" Although I agree with you, the ferns and lush grass are a definitely plus.

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