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June 09, 2010


Praying for safe travels for Alayne and the final five. Will you please have someone take a picture of you two on the porch, it seems to be the gathering place for family.I'm sure you will be very glad to have all your family in one place again. What a beautiful place to call home!

Cute, cute, cute...Spencer & Katie are just adorable & it's so neat they have such a special bond. And, what a way to spend a day...nap, play, nap, play, nap, play, (eat) & all w/ your best friend. Thanks for the update on Alayne. I know you really miss her & want her & her 5 travel companions to get there so all will be right with RDR. If you can, please post when she does get on the road so travel prayers can be offered for a safe trip. And, a special thank you to you, Steve, for continuing to keep up with this blog when I'm very sure you are extremely busy getting settled, keeping up w/ all the animals & running back & forth to the house to get your camera (he-he)!!!

Doesn't Brynn have her 4th b-day coming up? We havn't heard much about her lately, is she ok? I've been wondering how the little girl has been doing.

Steve - thanks so much for taking the time to keep us posted w/pictures, details, great stories. We know it takes more time out of your already busy day.
Absolutely precious shot of Spencer and Katie! You did well in waiting for a great composition.
Maybe a modified tool belt would do the trick to keep the camera & phone?

The RDR Cute-O-Meter is once again off the charts!

And I wonder, yet again, how you get anything done when so much cuteness abounds around you. :-)

No better pillow in the world than a furry one. Cute, cute, cute photo!

Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

For Amy at 12:20...I too wondered about little AnneAndrew the skunk. She will be wondering where everyone went with out her. She will have to go back to being a real live wild animal skunk again! Maybe the new owners of the ranch will inherit her. She was cute.

Looks like the new digs are agreeable and comfortable. What a really sweet picture. My three goldens don't snuggle, at least not with each other. I will be happy for you when Alayne finally gets to join you, I know you miss her.

I know it must be difficult to be without Alayne & vice versa. Thanks for letting us know when you hope she'll be bringing the last five & herself to NH.
Great pic of Spencer & Katie! Seems they're all loving their new location. Have you gotten help? I hope you're not having to take care of all by yourself!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

This picture brought an instant smile to my face...Spencer and Katie are just beyond adorable! So glad that everyone is settling in so well!

Katie & Spencer~ blissfully enjoying all that is right with their world! Thank You Steve!
Counting the posts until Alayne, Mitch, Allie, Soba, Holly, and Madison arrive!

How sweet!!! Alayne is WONDER WOMAN!!

So glad the animals are all taking to the new digs. I hope whoever moves in to your place in Montana will enjoy the foxes as much as you did. I still remember the photos you got of them playing in the night.
I know you will be SO glad to see Alayne again! Good thoughts to you all.

Aren't these guys part dachshund? I have 4 of the little things and two of them always sleep like this. Litter mates they are. So sweet together.


I also think it is funny that Steve doesn't have a camera clipped on his belt for photo ops or at the least, a cell phone w/ camera considering all the photo op possibilities...seems like it would save him a lot of trips back to the house.

Katie and Spencer are too adorable for I am gonna put in a request for some Callie news/photo.

Gives a new, heartwarming interpretation to "I've got your back" ? So sweet.

I'd be delighted to see my pups this close, but they're more into "hierarchy" of who's alpha vs. herded.

I haven't seen the little skunk, did you bring her with you or is Alayne bringing her? ;)

Too sweet! The picture of contentment.

How convenient to always travel with your pillow.

They look so content. Obviously a sign of how lucky they are to be with you at the new RDR.
I was wondering if you have hired help or are you caring for the property and RDR residents by yourself?
Also, what are you doing with the RDR MT property? On the market? Sold (wouldn't that be nice)? Leased? Donated?
Best wishes.

These two dogs are just like two people so comfortable with one another they just fall into each other! And I think the 'disabilities' serve to strengthen these animals in other areas of their lives. Heartwarming picture........

Oh my... that is the most adorable thing! I hope if they ever get adopted that they must go together... you clearly can not seperate this bond! :)

Do you think they sleep that way so they'll feel when either wake up? You've taught me not to be sad about the animals who are both deaf and blind, but my what a dark, quiet world they live in.
Thanks for the update on Alayne and the last five dogs. I'm suprised and proud that Ella Bella made the trip without her mentor, Madison. Good girl!

I guess the ultrasoft doggie cushion is all the more enticing for a dog who cannot see or hear. Certainly seems to work as they are the picture of relaxation. I'll keep this picture in mind when I'm at my Yoga class. Looking forward to a picture of Alayne and the last 5 fur kids in the new place!!

The "adjustment" to their new home in NH appears to have utterly exhausted everyone. ;-)

Can't wait for the final contingent to show up!

Where's Noodle?

So cute!! There's nothing that compares to a nap; some exercise and back to napping! : )

Oh! Oh! How cute is this! I was wondering about Katie & Spencer, they havn't been out here much, nice to see how extremely content they are (and adorable!!!). Steve, a common theme I have noticed is that you are always going BACK to get your camera!! Why dont you carry one with you? Some these days are very small with good resolution. I know that may be a pain with all the chores you have to do, but it may save some running around. Just a suggestion. We love your pictures, you have as keen an eye for photo ops as you do with the written word.
Looking forward to the solstice, especialy for you and Alayne. It will be good to know your whole family is back together again all safe and sound.

I am so glad that the move seems to be going well. Everyone looks like they are settling in nicely. It is a testament to how well you treat your animals that they adapt so well, it says alot about thier trust of you. Lori

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