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June 02, 2010


Steve and Alayne and all of your wonderful helpers are simply amazing. Can't wait to see Alayne and the rest of the gang get to "YOUR HOME". I'm sure it will feel very good to start enjoying the next phase of your life togather with all the fur kids surrounding you. Many blessing to all of you and thank you for taking time to to us all informed. Safe travels to Alayne and the gang.

So happy the horses have arrived safely & what dedication you show in introducing each one of them to their corrals with so much understanding of their needs. The horses wandering the new pastures are beautiful!!!

So happy the horses have arrived safely & what dedication you show in introducing each one of them to their corrals with so much understanding of their needs. The horses wandering the new pastures are beautiful!!!

Iowa doesn't look like that!!! It's beautiful there. Chelsea would like to see pics of her sisters Noodle and Soba in the new home when you have them. Pretty please.

All I can say is beautiful!

So glad the horses have made it safe and happy to RDR. You can already see how they are acclimating to their new surroundings. And the picture of Lena rolling is wonderful...I can just hear her saying "I am home!"

Yay! Almost all home! Now for Alayne, her minions, and the last few things from Montana, and you can all settle in together and breathe a sigh of relief. Although I know you still have to get the ranch in MT sold, at least the most difficult parts will be behind you. Safe travels, Alayne! And blessings to all of you in your beautiful new home!

My hat is off to each and every person involved in this move. It was humongous, but look at all the happy babies!! That grass looks so cool and inviting to roll in! For all of you that made this happen, your reward is in heaven or maybe this is it......

WOW the horses sure look happy. They are going to love it. Now you need to change your web site to say the ranch is in NH because almost all of you are there.

Wonderful to know that the horses handled the trip like the champs they truly are! Their reaction to being moved speaks volumns of how they've been loved & cared for by you & Alayne.
I'm with the others who want to know when the remainder of the clan will be arriving in NH?
Big hugs all around!
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

It is so wonderful watching them all make the move and loving their new home! Does New Hampshire know how lucky they are to you have yet?

I'm so relieved to read that the horses made it safe and sound. I prayed everyday that they would have a safe journey across all those miles of road. Thank you transport team!!!
I love the photo of Lena rolling in the grass and her and her best pal, Nikki "cruising" the pasture. And seeing Bo and his love Rosie together always makes me smile. I've mentioned before how until I found this blog, I had no idea that horses form friendships.
I also want to thank you for blogging about how you unloaded each horse and one by one introduced them to their new home. I hope I don't sound stupid but do you talk to them like we do dogs; are they reassured and how do you know? Did they recognize you like Spinner did?? Oh how I wish I could visit. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

I am glad to hear that everyone made it safe and sound. They look happy. I hope they acclimate to their new environment well!

Congrats on the successful move! The horses look happy and healthy. It must feel great to be 3/4 done with this monumental event; now I suppose you begin again with lists of things to be done at the new ranch. But at least they are lists of things to be done all in one state. Could we see a photo of Margaret and her pal; there are a whole bunch of Margaret lovers out here!

Whew!!! One more Whew and we'll be through! Stay safe Alayne and little minions to come. XOXO


One more arrival to go...

The Horses are home!! Now to get Alayne and the rest of the gang home. The pictures show serenity at its very best! Thoughts & Prayers to all.

It just warms my heart to see Rosie/Bo and Lena/Nikki in all that lush green grass and the beautiful trees. Lena rolling in the grass is just so special. I beleive she just approved of the place. Now to just get Alayne there and all will be right with the world!!

Phew, everyone has arrived safely! I was relieved to read the news this morning. I had been checking all day yesterday worrying if everyone was OK. Steve, I think you have been given many not so subtle hints...we would love to see a photo of Margaret in her new surroundings!

Gorgeous green shots! The animals look like they are adapting very easily. What's not to love, right?
Keep the good times rolling ~ love seeing the new home shots. : ))

Oh Yeah! The whole family is almost all home!! So glad the horses made it as safely as the dogs did. How's Margaret and the caprine contingency? Now to get Alayne and the rest here safe and sound and get everything unpacked and settled. You are all now HOME. Doesnt that sound nice?

Gotta love New England pastures! So happy to hear that everyone arrived in good shape and are settling in nicely.

Is this heaven? No, it's New Hampshire (with apologies to Iowa and Field of Dreams!)So glad all are well - now for Alayne and the 6 doggies. Safe journey to all.

I am just so thrilled for you all. It looks like you moved to Eden! I know the animals—and you—will enjoy the more temperate climate. I know the winters will be a bit warmer and the summers will probably be a bit cooler.
Some day when I realize my dream of moving to Vermont, I'm coming for a visit! Best wishes to you all.

How many horses are there now? Actually, what is the item count for the dogs and cats too? Did Margaret and Daisy get there? Its looks beautiful..must be kinda bittersweet to leave Montana. I am sure your Vet team will be missed - they seem to provide such wonderful care.

Thank you, Steve, for the update and such wonderful, happy photos!!

I'm overjoyed to read (and see) that all the horses are doing just fine, after arriving safe and sound in NH.

They're probably thinking, "We must be dead and gone to Heaven"!;-)

How exciting to see the horses in their new digs! They seem to really be enjoying it, as do all the is a good move for everyone concerned, even if you are too far away now! Glad everyone is settling in....and I hope soon that you and Alayne will have a little down time to just relax.

The whole NH thing is like the most pleasant of dreams! You were so brave to even think of it--and now it is a reality! Cheers and blessing to you and the animals!

Welcome home to the horses! God Bless you, Alayne and Steve. Job (and move) well done! What a beautiful new life you've provided your gang and all those to come. Congratulations and best wishes in your new "homeland". We look forward to seeing and following the RDR - "New Hampshire" chapter.
With love... the Delicate Dogs of Dakota (South Dakota)and the SD Dog Mom.

Alayne and Steve, they look great! How happy they must be to be with at least one of their people and off that trailer. They have arrived at a wonderful new place with their favorite man waiting for them to-boot. Did all of the horses come on this one trip? You amazing people must both be exhausted!

Wow.. Those photos look "right" these horses are where they belong now.

I know how tired you must be... thank you for posting!

I'm not the most patient person, have been checking all day for this post, must have checked twenty times... :-)

The horses look good, don't they! I'm amazed they handled the trip so well. A tribute to your planning and your transport team..

Only one more hurdle - Alayne and her minions...

Your good karma continues. And so it shall.......

Home sweet home!

So glad and relieved to see that the horses arrived safely. They certainly seem to be enjoying their new surroundings; I think that roll in the grass proves it! But you realize that we won't be happy until we see Margaret. :) And when will Alayne arrive with the remainder of the dogs?

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