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June 23, 2010


Best wishes to both of you. I am happy you are almost moved into your new, gorgeous homestead. I am so happy and excited for you and all the animals. What a long trip to make but definitely worth it in the long run, I think.
I think this is a good move for all but sad for Montana. Still, I can understand why you moved. I wish you the best and am so thankful for what you do for the animals.

Wonderful news, you made the right decision and I think your lives (all of you) will be much better in New Hampshire, those cold Montana winters can be brutal. So excited for you and the animals. Best of luck; I can imagine what an exhausting time this is for you, but it will be well worth it in the long run! Cindy

We are ALL so happy everyone made it safe and's to a happy future in your new home!!

Yahoooo! The gang is complete! Glad Alayne and precious furry kids arrived in NH safely.

Yippee!! Welcome home, Alayne!

wow nice to be together again!!!!Good Luck with the new home and the animals!! They all seem pretty happy!Love, The Pohls

Happy ranch~
Thrilled for you for you all to be home; together. That's great!

Welcome home Alayne....we missed you!

WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! - Mom is here!!! Beautiful picture, Alayne, and that smile must mean the trip was fun. I'm with Colleen and Wes above who would enjoy a porch shot with the gang! :) Many blessings on your new home.

What wonderful news!! Can't wait to visit you all!

So glad you are all together now! Take care, rest when you can.

Congratulations--what a long haul for all of you! Although you may have a ways to go before getting settled in, you are finally home!! Miss you all ...

What a great smile...welcome home Alayne!!

About time what till the dogs see her!! Great Smile

Great news! Finally reunited and ready to start your new adventures.

Welcome home, Alayne!!

It's great to know that the "pack" is whole again (and in such a gorgeous place).

A big, big hug to you all from Italy.

Doesn't this spell dedication to the blogfolks out here? When your lady arrives, FIRST take a picture :-)). Thank you Steve, lovely to see her smile in NH!

With all the trailers leaving the driveway in Montana before, with somebody there to take a photo of them, it must have been so weird/sad/happy/everything for Alayne to drive out and be the last one leaving... Welcome in your new home!

Home at last in the arms of love.

Yay!! Welcome home, Alayne!! The New Hampshire RDR is now complete!

YAY!!! The Dynamic Duo & their trusty furry friends are all together again!!!

So glad Alayne had a safe trip!!!

Good luck w/ the settling in. Do what you can each day you're gonna be there a while so try not to be too hard on yourselves if things aren't exactly lined up & perfect!!! (he-he)

Wow, now this is what I call a family reunion!!!
Can't imagine what you all are feeling but certainly thrilled everyone is "home sweet home".

Sending our best wishes and we'll try to be patient with the updates since you have an even fuller schedule than usual, sure wish we were there to help!

Phew, that's a relief! Welcome home Alayne.

I'm sitting here crying. The family is all back together and I don't think Alayne has ever looked so beautiful or so happy!!! I checked in first thing this morning but figured you had better things to do than "blog". Welcome! Welcome!

So glad (and relieved!) that Alayne & the dogs made it safe & sound! What an adventure for all of you! Makes me extra sad, though, to know that Rolling Dog has officially left the state of Montana! :-( That's a VERY empty feeling for those of us left behind!

Thanks for all of the updates, Steve!

Yeah! All's well that ends (not so much!) well! Roll on.........

This is THE moment all of us-your fans-have been waiting for!!! Now we can't wait to see a photo of the two of you (plus multiple canines and felines) sitting on your new front porch!!!

How nice....I've been waiting to read that Alayne arrived. So glad things are going along as planned.
Now to settle in and back to a routine. Congratulations of this large endeavor coming off well!
Welcome to new England!

Oh! I just remembered...I need not have worried about the dogs navigating...Madison traveled with Alayne and Madison had already been a NH rolling dog on a trip with Steve earlier in the year. Obviously Alayne let Maddie do ALL the navigating. See, we need not have worried they'd get lost. Way to go Madison ;)

YAY!!! the family is back together again!! So glad the move went smoothly..


How lovely to know that everyone is back together again. There must have been so much happiness all around!

Yahoo!! Glad you finally made it. Now everything can get back to "normal" well sort of.

ROCK ON!!!! Wonder Woman and Superman are back in business!!!!!!!

We all can breath a sign of relief now!!!

WOO HOO!!! All together again!!!

Wonderful! I know that we can all now breath a sigh of relief that the entire family is back together again. And I'm thinking that this is the first time Alayne has even seen the property, (except virtually) as I don't remember you saying that you two flew to NH to check it out. So ordinarily that might be a little weird to move into a place that you haven't ever been to - except all the animals and the hubby are there so it must feel like home! Glad all is well! Welcome home!

Yeah everyone is back together. Now the fun ? will begin. Since we have moved 5 times I know what that is like but you had alot more to move. Glad everyone got there safely.

Now that is a beautiful smile Alayne. How lovely that the pack...umm the herd....the FAMILY is all together again.

Great! Sounds like an Incredible Journey movie...well, almost. ;)

Oh, what a great feeling to know you arrived safe and sound. Hope you had a smooth trip. Now comes the icky unloading, but necessary. And the best part, you are all back together again. I am sure Goldie and others were so glad to see mom again, Goldies' pack is once again complete! Please take at least a few moments to enjoy the beauty around you. The new place looks wonderful.

I am so glad that everyone has made it to the new digs safe and sound. Congratulations. This was an amazing logistical effort!

I'm so glad to see that Alayne and the last five pups made it home. How happy everyone must be. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad everyone is finally home safe and sound!

This is awsome. It brought tears to my eyes to see this. There is nothing better than family being togather. After alot of hard work you did it! Can't wait to see more pictures and more new stories. Welcome home Alayne and the "complete pack". prayers were definatly answered here.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

RDR2 is now complete. We've been here, eagerly waiting for you. Welcome home Alayne!

I hope you're taking the time to open a bottle of good wine to celebrate your reunion and the success of your move. With the two of you both so committed to this joint goal of helping the most helpless of animals, this must be a rewarding milestone in your lives together.

Yay! I've been waiting for this post.......

Glad to hear the dogs could read the maps well enough to get Alayne home.

And yowsers - driving all that way with a trailer behind!!! Kudos to Alayne.

Now we want to hear her travel stories, like how she got all five dogs out to potty at rest stops, etc....... :-)

All together at last. Peace in the home!

Alyane! Welcome home! The smile on your face says it all. Oh how we all have missed you-and we are not even in NH.

I bet your fur children were all smiles yesterday.

This gave me a great smile this morning, after all your HARD work, but no where close to the beauty of seeing Alayne's. YAY! Glad all your travels have been safe. So happy for you all!

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