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June 27, 2010


Alayne & Steve,
Those of us in the Great PNW who know you from TBC, are quite proud of your commitments to the animals.
Who would have thought that Dave H. was in His Plan to be there for your relocation. And does MTS Freight in Helena know the value he was to you and the GEM they have in their employ?
Bless you all,
Micki (and Mary ... although she didn't write this!)

Dave you are a gem to help the way you did. It's so nice to hear of someone doing that BIG extra in their line of work. MTS Freight sounds like a great company & how fortunate to find such an accommodating team of people to work with under such unique circumstances involving your move.

I know you are saying as you lay your head on the pillow tonight...this is our last move! Wow, what an undertaking but from what you have posted it sounds like you have certainly been blessed w/ folks stepping up & doing so much to help. And, the most important thing is this all about the animals & that is the best part. So much is being done to give all these sweet angels the best of the best!!!

Thanks Dave H. for helping Steve & Alayne get the truck unloaded & everything in place for the animals. Thanks also to MTS Freight for working with Steve & Alayne to work with their specific needs. I'm so grateful that there were no injuries & this load has been safely put away.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh, my achin' back. And you have another van coming?? You guys must be built better than I am! (Not that that would take much....)

Re reading this post made me realize how much really went into this move. It isn't like moving just a house full of furniture. You had SO MANY things to consider how to move...not just your 'stuff', but the ranch stuff and the critter stuff and the equipment stuff....But the animals and people too. Hopefully by the fall you should be all settled (nothing unpacks itself no matter how much we want it too) and hopefully be able to really enjoy the fall colors of New England. Morning coffee on the "barn cat" deck or sharing space on the dog deck looking at the wonderous fall colors will be a nice treat for you two. Anne

I once saw a bumper sticker that said something like, "If you have it, it was once in a truck". A profession we perhaps take for granted.

THANK YOU Dave! It's always nice to hear or read about a good person who goes the extra mile(pardon the pun)! Safe future travels to you.

Steve: Y'all's Facebook message page has several references to some local media coverage of the Ranch. If available, links would be greatly appreciated for all us RDR junkies. :-)

Thank you Dave for helping Steve & Alayne. This is obviously not your regular move and we appreciate you helping our friends. We hope you check back here from time to time and see what is going on at RDR and with the animals. Once again your help in unloading went above and beyond. Thanks Dave. Shows there are good people everywhere. What goes around comes around. Anne

Such good people who have so graciously helped you with this huge move. Bless you all. Two, three and four legged!
All are "home" happy, safe and sound, with no loss or injury.
Congratulations! Great, great, job~

Whew! I know you all are happy to have that done and over with. I just couldn't imagine having to deal with the undertaking of moving the ranch and the logistics. You all are wonderful!! And thanks go to Dave for your generous help given to RDR!

You 2 and Dave H., the truck driver, must be exhausted. Once again, you and Alayne have my utmost admiration.
I like the way you described your reasoning behind not using volunteer help right now, knowing that one or more of the readers/supporters would undoubtably want to give you unsolicited advise. We just do that because we care ;-o! Ha!! You folks are incredible,resourceful, clever and energetic.

RIGHT ON Dave!!!!!!

FROM JAMES....nice pack job huh!! Not bad for three people in their 50's. We feel your pain!

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