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May 19, 2010


Poor Laura; Timmy just doesn't like you? HAA!! I can tell you guys are the best of pals. LOVE the bonding photos. We're thrilled for you, Levi and Timmy.
Keep us updated.

Look at that huge smile on his face! Hers too! Congratulations to all!

Love and happiness = Laura and Timmy. Looks like a perfect fit. Timmy is handsome and happy - wants for nothing now. Best of luck Steve and Alayne getting the animals moved! :)

Look at the difference in that young man! He no longer looks sad and dejected. He appears to have great confidence and KNOWS he's a "looker"!

Kathleen, I am sorry if I had known you were interested in him I would have adopted someone else so could adopt him. I love all the dogs there and it is always hard to decided who I want to take home, which of course is all of them!! He really is a sweet dog and has settled right in with the three cats, April(my little dog) and Levi. I will send updates soon. Yes Rosemary I will be there this Saturday.

Thank you Laura for loving these animals so much:))

yay for Timmy!! I am thrilled for him!!

Another wonderful happy ending!! Timmy, you are such a sweetie...happy life in your new home!

Timmy went from the ghetto to Beverly Hills and now to his forever home! Laura will always have a piece of RDR with her the same as Mooses's Mom. Laura thank you for all your volunteer time at RDR and adopting Levi too! You are obvious one special woman!

First Moose and now Timmy...all of favorite boys are finding their forever homes. Lucky people who get to be with them forever! Now I have my eye on beautiful Ella once she settles in to her new home in NH...unless she gets adopted before you leave! Safe travels for all of those incredibly lucky animals!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wow...another happy ending for a precious furry boy! He is going to love hanging out with Laura and Levi! Keep us updated, Laura!

That is SO sweet!! Love it! Thanks Laura for your big heart. And best wishes to you, Steve and Alayne with the move.....

You go Timmy! Nothing's gonna stop you now. I am thrilled for you and your new momma.

Oh My Dog! This is wonderful news!!!

Timmy is such a sweetheart, he stole my heart the first time I read about him.
I also remember shedding a few tears reading Levi's story.

We are thrilled for you all, cheers to Laura and to RDR!

Wonderful! So happy for Laura and Timmy. That certainy is the "Look Of Love" from each of them.......

What a special update today!!!!!

Timmy is such a sweet and patient pup. So glad for him, laura and levi!

Sounds like you got yourself a great little dog there, Laura! Many years of good health and wonderful times to you, Timmy and Levi! How fantastic!

I'm thrilled for Timmy, but sad for me. I was waiting for him to get to N.H. and then was going to ask to adopt him, since I would then be nearby and that restriction would have been lifted. Go Timmy! Go Laura! You're both winners!

AWESOME! Timmy is a lucky guy who clearly approves of this adoption... and Laura is a smart lady to add this sweet boy to her family. Cheers to all!

PS - THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who have helped with RDR over the years in MT. I'm confident you will find equally terrific people to volunteer in NH!

This is a wonderful story. I hope the person who saved Timmy and got him to RDR hears the news.
Have a great life Timmy. I'm so glad to have known you, thanks to this blog.

Yea, and congratulations! Levi has a buddy that can keep up with him :) Wow, you know it's really getting down to the move date when us volunteers are biting our nails thinking, should I? Well of course we should! Plus we are helping Steve and Alayne 'lighten' their load. What better way than adopting to help with the move! Again, congratulations and hope to see you this Saturday :)

Timmy and Laura look like such a beautiful love story.

You've been through a lot Timmy and it is wonderful to see you looking so happy. You fit perfectly on Laura's lap too.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness, health, and silliness.

Just found your blog through a series of happy coincidences! I love what you are doing here with sharing stories of the animals in your care- what a great example for other rescue groups to follow!

Steve - No doubt soon you'll be telling us about the challenges of moving all your animals, and how they adjust to their new home. Please don't forget the cats! Knowing that cats are territorial and love their home spaces, I for one am watching with interest to see how they do with this move. Wishing you all well.

That is one happy looking doggie, what a sweet story. Good luck with all your moving, wish I could help!


LOL Does he know he's really a little big to be a lap dog? :) Looks to me like Timmy's chosen the perfect person! Congrats Laura!

That looks like a perfect match! I think Timmy is in love with Laura...he absolutely adores her! Thanks Laura for opening your heart and your home for another RDR dog. I wish you many years of happiness together.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Well there you go. Another RDR success story. Laura that dog just loves you........the picture of him on your lap, twisting his body around so that he can catch your eye is precious. You 2 enjoy each other. Obviously you are meant to be together. Congratulations.

The good news just keeps rolling in.

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