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May 25, 2010


can't wait to visit,....sent some $$ and will more when i can. I also bought a t-shirt thru cafe press,..gotta' do some advertising for such great people as yourselves,. and all who are there to help you move.
give every animal a hug from me and in memory of my recently lost rescue dog, Doolin. Jim Collins

Where is your sanctuary in New Hampshire???

Welcome to NH. Can't wait to finally meet you both. I had no idea about the RDR until I learned about Best Friends in Utah. Bless your hearts, it takes really special people to do what you do.
My husband and I have adopted greyhounds only losing them so quickly we decided we were going to get a puppy that was in perfect health. After reading stories from your website and Best Friends website, my husband and I ended up adopting a rescue. Her name is Lady and she had an eye removed due to glaucoma
and we know that she will lose the other eye. Lady came from NC and not much is really known about her. I have been in contact with Best Friends for consults because little Lady has so many issues. Potty training, scared of everything, has nightmares and she is missing alot of teeth and she really isn't that old. The vet thinks she is 5 at the most and everyone including Best Friends think that she is a puppymill dog.
I know that I feel very challenged with one dog that has a disabilitym so my hats off to you. We are truly blessed in NH to have you in our back yards.
I really look forward to meeting you and so does my husband. You can give us advice on dealing with a dog that is blind. We just want to give this little lady the best home possible because she deserves it. We are so lucky to have her she teaches us things.

Truly bittersweet, as almost everyone has noted. But what a beautiful time of year to move to NH.

But I'm guessing Gale's car has been peed on by the best everywhere she goes!!!

I can't imagine what Alayne must have felt, watching them all drive away. Like sending your kids across the country to summer camp. But by now they should be back in Steve's capable care, and Alayne will see her "family" again very soon! And I am sure Steve and Alayne will be glad to see each other again, too! :-)

It's almost bon voyage to Montana. I'm sure Montana would love to visit your new home.
Great teams working together; we'll keeping hoping that all things go smoothly as the animals travel to NH and a new home!

I wanted to add that Cedar is a very good and smart boy...just in case there's a straggler or someone gets out they will know where to return by a familiar scent ;)

Think of all of us spread out across the country waving and thinking of RDR while you roll by our states and the rest of the world which has you all in their hearts. We are all so excited for you!

Wow! It's really happening! I'm so grateful that you found Gale & her co. to transport each of your special charges. I know they'll arrive safe & happy to discover & checkout their new home. Thanks so much for taking time out to post & info us of what's happening! I'm astounded by all the work that you two are doing. Wish I could help.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What an operation! And everyone is finally on the road to their new home. Big pat on the back to everyone for moving so well through all the logistics. Hope the blind equines all come through their long trip with flying colors - Gale and Pet Transport Team - you ROCK!!!

Darn it! It's time to turn off the computer and no arrival announcement. On well, there's always tomorrow.

It IS like reading a book!!

The photos here are certainly bittersweet! I'm so excited for you both and the ranch and the animals (current and to come), but also sad that this chapter of Rolling Dog is closing. Onward!

Are they there yet? How many more minutes?? :-)

Welcome to Red Sox Nation!

OMG. I go away for a week (no Internet) and come back and Gabe and Timmy have both been adopted! Holy cow! I knew it was going to take someone really special to adopt Gabe, he held a special place in my heart because he reminded me so much of my Tobey. Thank you Steve for allowing the *perfect* family to let adopt him. He will love Napa!

On another note, I cannot get over all involved in this move. Where does your energy come from? Incredible what everyone involved has managed to accomplish. My hat off to you all.

A safe journey to all as they make their way to their wonderful new home in New Hampshire! Thank you Gale and your team for making this possible. Each and every one of the animals at RDR are our extended fur family and they mean so very, very much to us. Can't wait to hear how they like there new home!! Bless you all!!!

Safe, speedy journey for all. Likewise, I was emotional, choked up reading this, too!
So excited for everyone... such a huge, but worthwhile effort. But I know Montana, so proud of RDR, must be feeling a great loss. And the animals trying to figure out what's happening - such a long road trip. Glad to see they are in great, thoughtful, experienced hands. And all the effort will sustain the great work of RDR into the future. God speed.

Margaret, I totally forgot about her! She will be going with you I hope... somebody needs to show the UPS guy where the gate is ;-).

Is Blanca still with you? I haven't heard about her in a long time and hope she is doing okay.

Best wishes and safe journey for all!

Bon voyage to all! Wishing you all a safe and speedy journey. Someone mentioned Margaret and I have been longing to have more news about her, so please Steve, include her in one of your updates.

I feel as if I'm reading a terrific book and I can't wait until the next page. Really hope you are able to continue posting updates on the move, it's fascinating. Sending good thoughts to the cosmos for a very safe trip for the caravan. By the way, where are the goats? Where's Margaret?!

Very moving (in every sense of the word)
God bless their journey!

Wow, I too, got a lump in my throat looking at the caravan leaving the ranch, Alayne there with the remaining few, so many wonderful memories and so many more to make in your new beautiful home.
Thoughts and prayers as you continue with the final stages of the move.

This is SO exciting!

I had a lump in my throat too. I just went through the same thing on a smaller scale (2+2 dogs+cats) from CA to VT 6 months ago. It is quite an undertaking, but I selfishly am excited to be so much closer to the new ranch so I can finally meet you all and visit! Please also feel free to email me if you need help - I could surely drive over for a weekend and do anything necessary to get you up and running.

Wow. Tears in eyes, lump in throat, and a big thanks to Gale, et al. I can only imagine how sad it might be--or probably will be--for Alayne to see the last of the animals go, and to close everything up. You guys and your helpers have done great things there, and you were so wise to look ahead and make this move, now.

I'll cheer when you, Alayne and all the animals are together in NH!

Ok I am very happy everything went well on the big critter move, but I can only imigine the Rodeo of trying to wrangle up Barn Cats for a road trip. Steve when they all arrive don't be surprised if you don't get a few stink eye looks.

How bittersweet. I was thinking the same as Alayne. Kind of put a lump in your thorat looking at the picture of the vans leaving. Thanks Gale and to your team for stepping up. Safe travels!!

Just curious, who went with you and who are the ones to ride with Alayne?? Change is always a challenge but this one will be so good for the 2 of you and all your multi sized furries. Bless you and the move. Anne

Oh my. That photo of the caravan leaving out the drive.....

I wish I could see everyone when they arrive at their new home and see/hear/smell you. They'll surely figure all is well when they realize you are there. Please take lot's of photos for us.

Goodness. This is emotional. Bittersweet is the perfect word.

Wishing everyone a smooth trip...our prayers are with you.

Good for you Cedar...letting everyone know who is really in charge.

Sending best wishes for a smooth and safe journey rolling across the vast country to your new home.
Out of curiosity, what kind of route will be taken?


Hope Margaret and her sister are going too?

I'd be overwhelmed, too, that's for sure!;-)

I can also understand the feeling of emptiness Alayne must have felt, when most of the dogs and all the cats left for NH... It's a good thing the horses are still in Ovando. I'm sure they're going to cheer her up.:-)

Bravo Gale and her team, too!

PLEASE, PLEASE POST when they arrive!!! Just one sentence will do, no pictures necessary as we know you will be very majorly busy.

You have so many supporters across the country who will be holding their collective breath until you post "they arrived!"

Your precious caravan will be in my thoughts and prayers until then!!!

Safe journey...

Marla said it so well. Yes, it is bittersweet, but now a whole new chapter in the life of RDR is opening. And kudos to Gale and her crew for all they are doing for you.
Blessings to you all on this new start in N.H.!

Wow, strange especially for Alayne! Gale's company is one I'll remember! I really enjoy the pictures and the updates on the move! New Hampshire will never be the same--they don't even know how lucky their State is......

I will always love and admire RDR. I too have a lump in my throat and tears seeing my pals leave Montana.

My late Mom and I spent one of our best days up on the Blackfoot. We had breakfast at the 'Stray Bullet', fished the Blackfoot and then had a wonderful visit to RDR. It is one of my shining moments of time with my Mom. We both love and supported the ranch.

I wish all of you the best, it won't be the same for me but I understand it all. For me the memories of our visit and the joy that we found will always stand out. And, your phenomenal work will always be appreciated no matter where you are.

Good wishes and prayers that everyone makes the journey safely.

Steve, if you need a hand email me, I am not so very far away (MA) and can arrange time off work with no problem. I have my own blind horse and would be happy to help when yours arrive. Or before then, for that matter.

What a bittersweet time for you guys.....leaving behind a place with so many memories and moving on to a new life in a BEAUTIFUL place. It had to be tough for you to drive away from the ranch in Montana for the last time. All your blog FANS hope nothing but the best will come from this move Steve.

Praying for a safe journey for all!!!

Wow! Bittersweet, huh? Prayers for a safe trip for everyone til they are all there safe and sound. I know you will all be so happy there, and life should be a little easier too. God bless.

Wow! What an undertaking! Also, this is great advertising for Gale and her business. Way to go Gale.
How exciting that all but five of the dogs and kitties will be in their new home shortly.

Wow. I got a lump in my throat at the thought of everyone headed for New Hampshire. What an exciting adventure!

Three cheers to Gale and her drivers for their loving care of the gang. Not only did they step up to the plate with so many passengers, but these are special passengers with their various "disabilities".

Here's to a speedy, safe, and happy journey for everyone!!!

I, for one, will be holding my breath until they arrive...

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