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May 27, 2010


"People wing"?? Are you kidding? Animals dont recognize such distinctions, only we humans who try to keep some order. To them it is The House, The yard, The barn etc. They are kind enough to share with their care takers, so the idea of a dog wing and a people wing is like preaching to a deaf audience ;)

Molly and Priscilla look like two of the sweetest little ladies. I can't wait to meet them and welcome them and all of you to New Hampshire!!

Great photos; so very green.

Arrived safely; so many people working together to create this safe move. Thank you!

Happy animals rolling in bliss; can't wait to see more photos!

Looking forward to the cats arriving!

What a wonderful way to start the day. It will be so nice to see Alayne arrive with the rest of the gang. Then your family will be complete again. Wishing a safe journey to all, I don't think you could have picked a nicer place to call home as you set up for your later years of retirement with the fur kids of all kinds. Thank you for keeping all of us in your extended family!

The saddest day is going to be when the Rolling Dog Ranch of Montana becomes The Rolling Dog Ranch of New Hampshire on your website! :-(

Unless all that beautiful green grass dies and turns brown, then you have truly made the best move ever! How lucious it all looks, beautiful to the eye and welcoming for the horses and goats, and especially for the dogs to nap and roll in. So glad everyone arrived safely and were happy to be with their daddy again! It will be interesting to hear about how they all adapt to the new surroundings, new areas to memorize for the blind ones, and new routines for everyone. Welcome home!

Awesome!! Rolling Dog Ranch, welcome to New Hampshire and the start of this next exciting chapter!

I hadn't read your blog in two weeks or so, and in that time I have read and been made aware of so many sad sad animal cruelty stories and shelters filled to the rafters. I needed a little pick me up and you never fail to do this!! Your amazing attitude and effort is always inspiring and infectious. THANK YOU. (And so happy to hear about the recent adoptions. Timmy had stolen my heart!)

The new place is gorgeous! And Spinner is so sweet. I bet you've heard this so many times, but the work you do is amazing.

Sweet Spinner! You bring tears to my eyes. As for dogs in the people area of the house, where there are dogs, there are no "people areas".

Hi Gale and team! Wow, great to read the update on how all this felt from your point of view and I think we lovers-of-them-all from afar can appreciate the intensity of the journey... Had you heard of the Rolling Dog before you were contacted (then you would have had an idea of the hearts involved ;-))?

Good to meet your team and safe travels for all of you!

They DO look fantastic on green, don't they?? Looking forward to more tales of safe, happy arrivals!

So glad this caravan of animals made to the new digs safely. Hoping for the same for the rest of the move. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Hello Everyone,
I want to thank you all for your prayers. This was quite an undertaking, to say the least. But I have a great bunch of guys that gave their all to this project. Who, by the way, are, Tom, my husband standing on my right. Our life long friend Doug, standing on my left. And also a friend, Rick, who is brother to my main driver that was off in other parts of the country. I wanted to acknowledge them. Because this could not have been done without them.
It was quite an emotional trip. Because all of us bonded with these dogs (and cats). When you spend 4 days and 3 nights in their constant presence, you cannot help but form a bond.
Steve and Alayne are wonderful people with hearts of gold. It was a privilege to meet them. And a privilege to be part of this move.
So thank you all once again for all of your prayers and encouragement. It meant a lot to all of us.
Gale Lang
TLC Pet Transport, Inc.

i want to come live there!!!!!

That's a relief! Everyone is safe and sound in NH. Dear, beautiful Spinner - she must be so relieved to be with her person again.

Wonderful! I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

Steve & Alayne,

You two are so incredibly amazing!!! Every single one of 'your people' wait on tenterhooks for the next update on your move. How the animals are faring and adjusting throughout all this change is a testiment to the love and care you give to them and the trust they have in you. During ALL if this, just think about the night when you and Alayne will finally be able to sit quietly on your new porch and look out on all that you have successfully accomplished!

Thank you for taking time in your extremely busy schedule to share your thoughts and pics with those of us who love RDR.
You must be exhausted. Did you hire a ranch hand or find a ranch volunteer to help you out. I can't imagine doing all of this on your own.
Best wishes to Alyne on wrapping things up in MT. Things must be a bit quiet in RDR MT.


I know your lives are going through a HUGE transition right now and I just want to thank you for continuing to take the time to update us all out here. I know it takes TIME to sit down and do it and it is greatly appreciated. I love hearing what's going on and it warms my heart.

Boy that was fast! Kudos to Gale & her team for moving the animals so swiftly and safely. And Dusty knows, dogs & porches just GO together -- like PB&J, Fred & Ginger, etc. I have no doubt your posse will keep varmints (skunk, possum, etc) from nesting underneath.

So glad everyone made it safe and sound- and what an amazing view!! And we love Bailey in the clover!

Barbara & Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Great post! Your animals all love you! They are taking over your house! Life is good. And the view is spectacular! So glad they arrived safely :)

Oh, what a magnificent view! You are in heaven. The dogs of course are in heaven just being with you. Montana of course was beautiful but in a much different way. I will be enjoying the photos in the blog so much, scenery and animals alike.

Congratulations!!!!! Nancy

The looks of approval from those guys is enough. What an incredible adventure for all of you. Kudos to you and Alayne for your mad organizational skills, brave and kind hearts and wonderful foresight....the pictues of that grass make ME want to roll around!


Wonderful post - as usual! Thanks to Gale and her team for the top-notch transition. And I loved reading about Spinner's joy - we all love you and Alayne, not just Spinner. This places looks like heaven again - can't wait to see and hear more.
Bravo to call!!!!!

What an absolutely beautiful place - and I lknow that the dogs can sense it!
Wishing you, Alayne and your furry crew all the best and many happy years in your new home.

Molly and Priscilla look so peaceful. And Bailey just so adorable!

What a smooth transition the dogs seem to be making. Thank you for the update in the midst of this big move. You are always sweetly in our attention.

Glad to see that everyone made it safe and sound and everyone looks so happy - whether lying on the grass or on a comfy bed inside. I hope you all we be reuinted soon!

What a gorgeous location and beautiful new ranch. Everyone looks so happy.

What a lovely post - congratulations on having most of your family home again - they sure seem to love it there, and who wouldn't, it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the final pics of Alayne and the rest of the dogs and horses, what a bunch of party animals you'll have then!


Very Interested in a report on the Barn Cats. Have they given you a stamp of approval on their new barns?.

Yippee for Spinner she found you again. Even if they all aren't in their forever zones they're back with you and get wonderful new smells and areas to explore. Glad to hear everyone arrived safely.

WOO-HOO!!!! Joyous reunion for everyone. The image of your greeting from Spinner is just awesome, bless her heart.

Everyone looks very happy and settled. Honestly, I see those pictures of the deep, lush grass...and I think "flea and tick prevention!"

I've got to tell you, Steve, that we're in the process of trying to sell our house and move only about an hour away. But my dog, Jack, is in remission from lymphoma and finished chemo... and he's an older guy... and I worried about the impact of moving on him. To see your pack settling in so nicely in their new home gives me hope that Jack can handle a move, too... as long as we're together, he'll be happy no matter where we are!

Look at all the lush green grass for happy rolling dogs! If the cats have outdoor access in their enclosure, they'll enjoy salking through it as well (and eating it!). You even have a pond! I'm so happy for you! I wonder how quickly the dogs will start barking in a New Hampshah accent. :-)

Oh Steve, Thank you so much for this posting. Tears of joy for all of us following your move. What a relief. Thank you Gale and your helpers. What an absolutely beautiful place. P.S. Sleep is overrated! :)

Home Sweet Home

Oh Spinner how loved you are. In your dark world your nose knew who was there for you, your very own Steve. I am sure he was as happy to see you as you were to smell him. Welcome home to the dogs and cats of Rolling Dog NH. Now to get Alayne, her dog contingent and the "farm animals" safely home (yes Margaret and Lena, you are classified as farm animals to some!!). Travel safe and we look forward to you all being together again as one big happy family. God Bless each and every one of you.

Sweet Spinner! Glad to hear all arrived safely and are settling in.

What a lovely sight to see, all those happy faces in that lush grass. And what a view! The Netherlands are flat, flat, flattest (our only "mountain", yes, is 300 meters high...) and your beautiful horizon is amazing...

I can't wait for the pix when everybody is together again, people and all others!

What a thrilling post! The best will be when everyone is in NH, but this one is pretty darn happy! Looks like all the dogs are smiling and it's wonderful that Spinner recognized you & was overjoyed to be reunited with you. I know you're super busy, but thank you so much for taking time to post. Also, thanks to Gail & her crew for the great delivery of all the special charges from MT to NH. Way to go!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Steve, it's such an enormous relief to know that your furkids have made it to NH safely!!

They all look so happy (who wouldn't be happy in such a gorgeous place?:-)).

I wish I had been there to see Spinner jump up in your arms and slobber you with his kisses...

Welcome to your new and fabulous home, guys!

Awesome work Gale and team!! I can't get over how GORGEOUS it is in your new forever home.. I sooo want to move there myself!

Looking forward to when Alayne and the rest of the gang arrive..

F A B U L O U S!!!!!!!

Thank You for the update Steve!
Everyone looks totally content and happy! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Alayne,the remaining five and the horses to get to NH!
Go RDR!!!

One big, ginormous "YEA" that all are there safe and sound!

Thanks for posting Steve, you must be exhausted! There must have been a thousand clicks checking for updates. I had a dozen of my own today.

NH looks good on y'all.

Having a blind girl of my own, I can imagine the acclimation that will take place. These animals are amazing with their ability to adjust.

Spinner loves you, what a gift for both of you.

Yahooooo, the caravan of precious critters made it to Lancaster! What a long haul across the country!
Was especially touched by Spinner's response to you, Steve....yes, all will be even better in her world at new Rolling Dog Ranch when Alayne and the rest of the animals arrive.

Everyone looks so happy and right at home!

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