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May 23, 2010


Blessings to you all in your new home.

Wow! You amaze me with your tremendous organizational skills! Your new place is gorgeous and Daisy agrees!

HA HA HA Rosemary. You helped with that squeeze chute too!!

Oh my! I had NO idea you were moving to New Hampshire! Where?? This is so exciting. We live in Unity, NH. Love it here.
Do tell!

If only I had the funds to fly me and the other RDR volunteers over to help you put the pieces back together; hang in there!

With all that eh hem, 'spare time', please keep us posted on the other's arrival.

Wishing you the best!

P.S., I have the utmost faith that you will seamlessly put that squeeze chute back together ;) If a bolt is missing, it was Laura's fault ... remember she did break your leatherman, LOL!

I feel like I have been away to the war and missed a century. How can so much happen between early March when I last read the blog, and late May? When I started to read the blog today, it felt as if I had fallen into a different world. I have spent the entire morning, 3 or more hours, reading and catching up on what happened and to whom.
Your new home looks fabulous, My only regret is that I am more likely to travel west than north. However, my new hope is that I will someday get to visit. I was thrilled about all the good news about adoptions and medical news.
Looking forward to more news about your adventures in your new home. You never said what you did with the painting I sent. Maybe now it will serve as a fond reminder of your beginnings.
If time would permit, this would be a great time to write a book about the first half of your life in Montana. You are a wonderful writer.

Whoo-hoo!! Great shot of your new home; it's a lot of work settling in but you've been blessed with such big hearts and hands of help from Montana. I do hope you find community embracement, love and volunteerism in NH. Really...what's not to love about RDR? : )

Thanks for a wonderful update on the move to N.H. I just marvel at the way you and Alayne have taken care of the many details involved in a move like this. So glad that things are going so well (except the gates, which I hope will be done soon) and you and the furkids are getting settled in!

Thanks for updating! Good luck to all with the remaining phases of the move!
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling DOG! Ranch..........

Good grief! Organization is the key here, and obviously you two have that in abundance. I'm sure everyone following your blog is looking forward to a night in the near future when you all can lay your heads under the same you are too!

Wow, what an amazing thing you are doing to make this move. I got tired reading it all. I wish I lived close by to come & help. My prayers are with you all that it continues to go as smooth as possible & all the animals fare the change in environment & food well. What a really wonderful pic of Daisy!! Yea, I believe she has given her seal of approval. God's blessings to all of you!

Who wouldn't like to roll in that green grass? It looks like such a wonderful place for you all.

Wow, I can imagine how disheartening it was to arrive and find that the gates weren't hung. I hope it didn't take too long to set up the temporary gates.

Your move is a logistical nightmare, but it sounds like you are super-organized and things are working out pretty well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly.

Thanks for the photo of Daisy; obviously the new place meets with her approval! So glad to hear about the latest adoptions. I'm especially happy for Gabe.

You two must be the most organized people on earth. I can't even begin to imagine what must have gone into planning the move. Your lists must have had lists. Your new home looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope you can sandwich some time in to hire a helper because I think you two are going to need a whole lot of recuperation time when the move is over! Many blessing for a problem free move.

Welcome to NH! :)

LOVE the pic of Daisy... such a happy girl!

Thank you to everyone helping with the big move. And thanks Daisy for the big roll of approval.

We are all wishing you a smooth couple of weeks until the whole family is together again.

Well, it sounds like you and Alayne and your helpers have a smoothly-running organized plan! I think it's all falling into place well. Don't forget "one day at a time" does the trick. Got me through evacuating New Orleans after Katrina on the turn of a dime. And last but not least, I hope you can stretch out in the grass for a quick sunshine break with Daisy to rest your busy self. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for the update and wonderful pictures.

What an extraordinarily magical place for an extraordinarily magical couple and animals! Bless you all.

Best of luck to all of you (2 and more legged) in this big moving adventure! Fingers crossed until everyone is there and settled... and the gates are hung!

With Daisy's stamp of approval, I know everyone will like it there.

Yeah Daisy - you are a true rolling dog - I bet they are all loving that great yard. Best of wishes on your move, I will miss you dearly.

Hi Alayne and Steve! Sounds like the move is going well (except for the fence--but construction projects and NEVER done on time!)
What an undertaking!!! We'll all be glad when the move is complete and everyone is settled in their beautiful new home!
Thinking of you!
Nancy and Buddy in South Carolina

So glad to read the move is going well. You people amaze me...the thought, planning and all things involved with this vast undertaking is over-whelming, but you're handling it like the pro's you are. "Congratulations"!
Welcome to one of the New England

Thanks for taking the time to update & let us all know the latest news on the move. It's amazing this moving feat & all the planning that has gone into it. You've done an amazing job and I applaud all the helpers and people that have stepped up to lend a hand whenever needed. Wish I were nearby so I could be of some help. Thanks for all that you are doing to make sure that the animals are not going to have tummy upsets, and the like by switching over to NH hay, etc. You've really thought this all thru.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh my, I've just been away and off-line for a week and this morning I've found all these glorious news about Timmy, and Gabe and Cash!!!

Welcome to New Hampshire, Steve! Thank you for finding the time to update us on the BIG move.

Daisy, unlike the horses, doesn't seem to have any problems at all with the new grass...;-))

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

When I first discovered Rolling Dog Ranch on the web I thought it was heaven on earth, but seeing this new place.. well.. it's Heaven's Heaven on earth!!

Glad to hear the move is going well.

Thanks for keeping us updated during what is a VERY busy time! Keep up the great work you are doing!

Awww.... the first residents are already rolling! What a wonderful sight. :-)

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Alayne, all the haulers, and the animals themselves over the next few weeks. May all your journeys be safe and trouble free!

Wow the grass looks lush and green. No wonder your dogs love it. I guess that means you will be doing a lot of mowing for the next 4 months or so.
Good luck getting your check list completed. I am sure you will.
I admire your organizational skills.

Wow, I'm amazed at the thought that went into the logistics of this move. Y'all are amazing. Good luck with the rest of it!

Oh, so happy for you to start settling in!

One of my first thoughts after you told us a transport company would be moving the animals was Travis and his special diet. I should have known he'd travel with you! But, where is Madison? I'm so curious how you and Alayne decided who would travel with whom.

The picture of Daisy rolling in the beautiful green grass says it all! A picture IS worth a 1000 words.

Even not being particularly religious my first thought was "god bless you", and those hauler helpers.

OF COURSE they love the grass. I wait to see how long the grass holds out with their love.

Be well and much happiness.

The dogs seem to love the grass at RDR New Hampshire! One day soon the whole family will be together and life will have some sense of "normalcy” whatever that means! GREAT to read an update and see pictures!! You and Alayne continue to amaze us!!!

I hope you have a nice time in New Hampshire.Take care of your self.
LOVE Alexandra pohl Wethersfield, Connecticut

I am SO "waiting to exhale" once everyone is safe and sound at the new RDR! But in terms of rollability, the new place is THE BEST!

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