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May 16, 2010


Thanks for the update on the shelter challenge. I was splitting my votes between RDR & the Animal Defense League - San Antonio TX in the last challenge so this will free me up to vote every day for ADL - San Antonio, TX. They came very close to winning last challenge. I'm sure others have one they want to help but If anyone wants to vote for them please do. I adopted my sweet kitty from them & try to do anything I can to support them. I wish all of the shelters could win.

Oh yes I forgot to mention one more thing, thank you for the update on the shelter challenge. This will give us all the opportunity to help another shelter. If only everyone could be a winner ...

Wow Steve, Will looks more like you now that he shaved his Grizzly Adams thing off ;) Welcome home Cash! Well, for a few days at least until you get to your new home with lush green grass waiting!

Cash has truly grown into a trusting, loving horse, It is evident in the pictures! I was just curious if he still does the "zipper thing"
Continued best wishes on the move to New Hampshire!

Wow, I love this example of how you have vetted your participation in online contests. Very timely. We just posted a case study on this topic

It would be fantastic if you could share your wisdom with the world over at the Case Foundation Blog


When I imagine galloping off to somewhere I could not see... wow. Cash has an amazing trust in his rider(s) and Will must be a very gentle and good trainer! As soon as you have time Steve ;-), would you post a video of Alayne doing the spin??

And for the contest, I'm going to find another deserving shelter (don't they all) and see what I can do....

Congratulations Cash! I'm so proud of you & it's amazing to me how wonderful of a student you are. I'm so glad that you were given this opportunity!! Thank you RDR for giving him this to Cash & to the trainer who gave him so much time to achieve this goal.

What a wonderful boy Cash can tell he just is loving life and all it has to offer. He is definitely an ambassador for not only blind horses, but all animals with disabilites. Cash just proves what you and Alayne have been saying all along...they don't know they are disabled! Thanks for the update and wonderful pictures.

I agree with Ginger.

Cash is comfortable waiting and listening for more instructions because he feels safe and can trust the people with him.

I wish you great happiness in New Hampshire Cash!!!

He is wonderful! I hope you are able to ride him often - I'm sure he enjoys it!

Will must be one patient and perceptive fellow! Great success story on Cash! I hope Cash's story gets out there to let scores of folks know that a blind horse can still live a rich, useful, happy life!

I'm just curious...because Alayne is so busy with the ranch on chores etc. how much riding time with Cash will she get in NH? Would it be in Cash's best interest to let him stay on with the trainer (if he wants him) where he could be ridden more and someone who can use Cash a lot more? Seems that Cash's life would be enriched being ridden by and living with the trainer. Just a thought.

It is obvious to me that Cash is a confident young horse because he has always been treated well at home with you all at RDR. No wonder he is such a willing learner. Alayne, you 2 look great together. What a wonderful reward for all of your loving hard work to be riding such a lovely horse. Enjoy you 2.

Beautiful pictures of Cash, Alayne, Will and of course the wonderful scenery - great story of Cash being so confident and so happy. Congratulations on your work with him,all!

I bet Will is going to miss Cash. Thank you Will for your work. And good job Cash, I'm so proud of you!!!

I was thinking that it would be kind to let someone else have a shot at winning the money in the contest. There are so many organizations out there that do wonderful work and while I surely love and will always support RDR, it would be nice to see a struggling "pound" win, don't you think???

Cash is awesome!! Hard to believe that's the same LITTLE colt you had not so long ago - what a great guy!

With all you do for the animals, the very least I can do is click in my votes... so sitting out or not, I'm still voting.

Cash is an amazing horse and his training is incredible. I hope he'll continue to use what he has learned when he reaches New Hampshire, and I hope he can show how much blind horses are capable of doing when given a chance.

I'll bet Will is going to miss him!

Cash has grown up to be a beautiful, smart horse. If only others would give "handicapped" horses a chance!

Really enjoyed this update on Cash, what a handsome and amazing horse he is. The last picture is simply timeless!

You know we'd vote every day of the year if possible for the shelter but understand your thoughts on this and wish RDR a safe transition to your new gorgeous home.

What a gorgeous horse and a true testament the disabilities should not hold anyone back!

Cash has certainly grown into an amazing could have imagined this when he was so tiny? Props to Will for such an incredible transformation.....Cash will be a fantastic ambassador for bling horses everywhere.

It's amazing how animals "blindly" trust the humans!

About the challenge: will it help you in any way if we do vote or would those votes just go in vain?


Smart move to sit out this next round of Shelter Challenge. Take the summer off and come back STRONG with our votes in the Fall.

I think the true basis of what Cash is able to do is all the love & great care that he has gotten at the RDR. I attribute his ease of training & ability to learn to his great home life. You & Alayne have done such a wonderful job with Cash & all in your care. He's a great testimony to what can be done with love and proper care. The photos are wonderful! It's so great to see Cash be a "normal" horse!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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