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May 11, 2010


Chennell is my daughter and thus Twitch is our grandson. Chennell married this summer. She and Twitch moved to a ranch about 30 miles from our ranch. Twitch has quite a large fan base on both ranches. He loves to go with the men (and Chennell) to do ranch chores.
Twitch has participates in weiner dog races which are held at some barrel races. Yes, he's also a rodeo dog. Twitch is unmatched in his running ability and always wins his races!
Twitch has brought so much love and joy to our family and many others. Thanks for rescuing him for us!

so adorable !! love the last pic, especially :). Daschunds are sooo much fun to know and have around. Twitch/Twist , you made my day ! Thanks !

Wow this was a WONDERFUL story. Made my day.

Wow, did that make my day! I don't know if it was the rolling or the ride in the bin on the trike!

Ditto to all the above comments about Twitch and Chennell! They're the dynamic Duo! Just looking at that last photo warms the cockles of my heart!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Love it!! Especially that last picture - his face just says he's really home!!

What a wonderful match!! Does he ever have a wonderful life!! Congratulations to you all.

A match made in heaven! What a lucky boy Twitch is!!!!

What a wonderful life Twitch now has! Definitely can see the love & happiness thru these pics. Thanks so much for making it possible for him to live life so fully!!! Thanks for the update!!!

What a wonderful life Twitch now has! Definitely can see the love & happiness thru these pics. Thanks so much for making it possible for him to live life so fully!!! Thanks for the update!!!

What a rockin' and rollin' story and adorable pictures! - had a whole bunch of big laughs while drinking my coffee and checking my favorite site. Bless that rollin' little boy and his beautiful Mom - and, as always, go RDR!.

Dachshunds make the best ranch hounds.... okay so I am biased. ;p

He looks awesome! What a happy update.

Chennell and Twitch - what a lucky pair!! Twitch really DOES go everywhere with his Mom. If you look at the first adoption picture and the final picture of Twitch and Chennell; you can see how his eyes have changed and he feels very much a part of his Mom's heart. What an AWESOME match this was!
LOVE the update, Chennell...keep 'em coming!
Wishing you both continued friendship and bliss....

You can just see the happiness and delight flowing in those eyes. What a beautiful boy!!

We love you Twitch!! Roll on.....

Thank you for sending the photo's I think of him often. He is one lucky dog!! I love the photo of him on the ATV that was great.

If you have the car add too, 'the most important person is in the back', I think Twitch would definately agree!

What cute pictures, thank you for sending them and making us readers happy :-)).

Lovely, lovely pictures! Looks like Twist/Twitch is living the life of Riley at Chennell's ranch..:-)

Way to go, little guy!

Thank you, Steve, for making my day with these adorable photos and great news about Twist/Twitch.

very cute pictures, I also loved the one of him in the ATV. By the way, how is Oliver?

When you think life couldn't get any better, you get to read a post like this:) Thank you Chennell and thank you RDR!

If these pictures don't make your heart melt, nothing will. Go Twitch - and thank you, Chennell!! He looks happy and loved - and looks like a PERFECT ranch "hound".

The picture of twitch in the atv is hilarious! I bet he loves his little compartment!! So glad to see how loved that little guy is!

What a great's so wonderful to see the animals that have gotten adopted in their new homes and lives. Twitch is so adorable!!

Love it, love it, love it

I'm mostly a lurker here, but that picture of Twist in his "special compartment" on the ATV made me laugh out loud! Love it.

Twitch, You are absolutely adorable! I especially love the ATV picture. What a hoot. I so much enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the wonderful stories of RDR rescues. Thank you for sharing.

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