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May 20, 2010


Tears of joy for this lucky boy.Thank you Paul and Jenny for giving him the forever home that he truely deserves. Your kindness to him I'm will come back in abundance for sure. Blessings to all!

Gabe - I know your new "MOM" and my brother knows your new "DAD" and you are in the "bestest" place possible. Jenny and Paul are very good people and true animal lovers and will give you all the love and respect and attention you so deserve! Congrats on your new home! Leslie

I am literally speechless for how Gabe's life has turned out for the best! First Rolling Dog Ranch and now a life time with Jenny and Paul. This is exactly what Gabe needs after what he has been through. Once again, love, kindness, generousity, and support prevail!

Congratulations Jenny and Paul and a BIG thank you for your persisted interest in Gabe! What a difference you have made :)

So many people have worked together to heal and improve Gabe's life; now another step up to add more love and care to Gabe' life! How amazing is this story!?! Paul and Jenny...we humbly thank you for taking this melt your heart boy home. PLEASE keep us updated.

What wonderful news! Gabe truly deserves his forever home.

I was out of town and only heard this wonderful news today! Gabe is a very lucky boy, and how ironic that he's back in CA. Isn't that where his journey began?

Both of my dogs have been "guests" at UC Davis vet school, one for radiation and the other for chemotherapy. UCD is our home away from home!! We happily drive 3 hours to get there for treatment, and we've made friends with the staff. If Gabe needs them, they will take incredible care of him.

Cheers to all of you!

Good news just keeps coming! Happy homes to all the recent lucky sweethearts...

And an update already, that made me really smile!!

That sweet boy has always been in my prayers - looks like they've been answered! Congrats to the new family!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! this story.

And the good news keeps rolling in! Sweet Gabe, enjoy your new life in your forever home with loving people!

Great, great news about Gabe; He is one lucky dog to be moving to Napa!
Hurry & get the RDR moved out to New England before you run out of dogs! =-}

I posted about you guys.

Well, I am all choked up.
Thanks for this.
Congrats to the new family! And thanks for your BIG part in all this.
So happy for Gabe!

YAY Gabe!

I was wondering why you hadn't asked for name suggestions for the cocker spaniel Gabe waiting for you in NH. How cool is it that things worked out this way. :)

He's smiling in that first picture. So great! I know you miss the ones that get adopted but I also know you are so happy they have their own homes - and it makes more room to save more little lives.

Good luck on the move!

You go Gabe!!! I too want plenty of updates of him and all the other RDR residents with happy new forever homes. I still get a joy from seeing new photos of Baron and he was adopted quite a while back. I will be in NH in July and was hoping to meet some of the residents then but they may all be adopted by the time I get there!

Congratulations Paul, Jenny, Kaylee, Winnie, Raggs, etc. on the new addition to your family. Gabe is very lucky to have been adopted into such a wonderful, loving family. Enjoye each other!

You go Gabe!!! Enjoy that California sun!!

Vaya con Dios, Gabe! Woo-hoo!

Wonderful. What great news. Thank you to all that have been adopting lately. With the big move coming up it has to be such a wonderful feeling that a few more of the "family" have gotten forever homes. Bless you.

That is great! I hope we continue to hear about how he is doing via the blog!

Bless all of you at Rolling Dog Animal Sanctuary, the vet team who helped save his life and now Paul and Jenny.

I love, love, love this story and beautiful pictures. Gabe will bask in the comfort, care and love he so deserves - thanks Jenny and Paul - thanks Steve and Alayne - RDR and all its supporters rock! Gabe, that SUV was MADE FOR YOU!

Your news couldn't be better! Gabe has been one of my "favorites" and reallly tugs on the heart strings. Napa Valley is a lovely area, and the new adoptive Mom and Dad sound terrific! Hurray!!! PTL!

That is just awesome! I'm so happy for Gabe to get such a great new home! I love happy endings!

I should know better than to read the blog at work, it is hard to explain the tears, happy ones for sure!! It seems time to update the "happy endings" page, YEAH!! I love it when that page needs updating. So many wonderful little (and big) furries. Have a good and safe move.

What a beautiful family. I can "feel" the love in the first photo. Best wishes to everyone!

So many beautiful people in the world who love these special critters- so very heart warming to see. It always brings tears to my eyes and such joy to my heart.

God Bless!
Barbara & Frankie (the Walk 'N Roll Dog)

Happy trails to you Gabe, so richly deserved after overcoming so much!
What a way to start the day...a grin from ear to ear :)

God bless you all! This is such a wonderful adoption...thanks so much for all you do!!

Love, love, love all the adoptions taking place. Gabe deserves the best and was able to get that at RDR and now will have the best with his new family. Congrats to everyone...especially GABE!

What can I say but.........
Woot-Woot-Woot! Gabe deserves this newest chapter with Jenny & Paul. My heart is smiling today, again! Best wishes to all.

Gabe, I'll miss you so! But I know your new mom and dad will keep us posted on your new life in CA!

And it's such a win-win for everyone. Every time one of RDR's animals gets adopted they make room for others who desperately need help.

Kisses on your nose, Gabe!


Gabe is doing great, and showing no signs that he is bored with all the attention!!! He really is a sweet boy and we are very fortunate that we were able to adopt him!! Last night I laid on the floor, and Gabe straddled over the top of me, as if to say, "Here I am, now pet me!!" Just adorable!

Steve and are both incredible people and we support all that you do with these animals!! If Petsmart had a large enough crate, we would have come back with Cash, Ella and Austin to!!

We promise to update often on Gabe, and thanks to all for the support and well wishes!!

Our Best,
Paul and Jenny

Do you have any animals left to take to New Hampshire? Kidding. Like others, I'm sitting here with tears of joy. Blessings to all.

Yes... thank you Paul and Jenny! And also a BIG thank you to Steve and Alayne for all of the amazing work you do - you are both inspirational and truly amazing!

Enjoy the Cali lifestyle Gabe!

Gabe has always had a special place in my heart, so I'm thrilled to know that he has a new forever home with Jenny and Paul in CA! I love the pic of the three of them together. I hope you three have a wonderful life together with no more complications in sweet Gabe's life. Thank you both so much for adopting him!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Here I sit at my desk at work with tears in my eyes for that sweet boy Gabe. Congrats to his new mom and dad! Please keep us posted! He is such a beautiful boy and the picture of the three of them is awesome!

Another wonderful new beginning for a RDR resident. I am thrilled. Gabe is one lucky pup...........his luck obviously continues. He, Paul and Jenny are lucky to have found each other. Congratulations you three. Steve and Alayne you 2 do such wonderful work. You amaze me.

Oh that is so exciting! Gabe is very blessed and such a sweetheart!

Congrats to Jenny and Craig from one of Gabe's big fans in SF. You are lucky new parents!

Oh my goodness!! I am shedding tears of joy. So many animals need the loving forever home of their own to have loving ppl dote on them but at this moment I cannot think of any sweetheart more deserving than Gabe!!! God bless you at RDR for giving him that 2nd chance to get his home & God bless Paul & Jenny!!! Many hugs & kisses to Gabe! Please keep us posted on your new life!!! I love both pics & I swear that is a smile on Gabe's face in the 2nd pic. :)

O my gosh first Moose,Then Herbie and Timmy and now that sweetheat of a boy Gabe. What wonderful and special things are happening at the RDR. Congratulations to all these wonderful people and their special Rolling Dogs and oh yes Rolling cat too. I'm soooo happy for all of them. Thanks again Steve and Alyane for making this kind of happy possible.

Tears of pure joy!!! Thank you Steve, Alayne, Suppporters, and now Paul/Jenny! I believe in miracles!!

Wonderful!!! Gabe surely will have the best of the rest of his life. I hope and pray that his days are long and happy with great smells and lots of tummy rubs.

All creatures deserve this - Gabe most especially. Thank you to all who have helped him along this journey to health and happiness.

Oh that just warms my heart on a cold wintering day in New Zealand..

Way to go Gabe!!

Oh - this is such great news! Gabe is just a precious, precious soul and I'm so grateful that he now has a home of his very own. Thank you Paul and Jenny! You'll HAVE to keep us blog watchers updated!!!

And Steve (and Alayne) - I don't know how you're able to give up these adorable guys. But it's such good news...they're getting forever homes and you're able to open your hearts, and home, to new ones that need you. Thank you again for ALL you do.

Oh my gosh!!!

Jenny and must keep us updated and send lots of pictures. Continually.

I have loved Gabe since the moment I first read about him. Blessings to you all!!!

Another match made in Heaven.

And I forgot about Moose! Four adoptions in a very short time. I think that has to be a record in the years I have been reading the blog.

What happy news! First Timmy and now Gabe. Rolling Dog Ranch got them healthy. It's so lovely seeing such deserving little creatures get the forever homes they deserve. I love happy endings!

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