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May 06, 2010


I, too, had my eye on precious Moose....wanted to bring him home to Toronto, Canada! Looking forward to updates on how he is doing with his new family. What a happy ending for a handsome boy!

This is an awesome adoption story!

Thank you Rosemary and Ana for taking this Moose home! He is a sweet part of RDR and we're so happy for your whole family.

Keep us updated. : )

What a great thing to see this post! I am so happy for Moose and for Rosemary and her family. They sure got a wonderful, sweet boy! Hope we can see regular updates on Moose!

This is so great. Moose is such a lucky dog he has someone to take care of him forever!I have a 138lb. named Harley and having a big dogs gives your alot more to love. Good luck and I will keep track of him for sure on Dogster for sure!

Awwww.... those pictures really say it all, don't they???

I'm so happy for him!! Two of my faves - Herbie & Moose - in the same week! Yeah!!!

Yay Moose! Hope to see you around Missoula. We'll hafta set up a blind dog party! He looks so snuggly between Rosemary and her daughter! So glad Rosemary's got a Rolling Dog dog!!!

Okay, I was not having a good morning and now I am fighting back happy tears. First my favorite cat Herbie, and now one of my favorite gentle giants, Moose. It has been a good week after all. Congrats to everyone!!!

Ahhh Moose...Life is very, very good!!! Congratulations...

From Rocky and Molly, thanks for loving Moose. We do too.

Must be a little bittersweet to see RDR family members branch out but it is such a joy to see them adopt humans with loving hearts & good homes.
Thanks for sharing the news, it makes this dreary rainy day much brighter!
Moose is a good boy, I too hope they keep us all updated.

Congratulations Rosemary and Ana - the pictures of you two with your sweet new fur baby is just SO cute! And glad to see Mr. Beefy too (love the name). Am so happy that beautiful Moose found his extra-special and loving home.

Moose looks so happy !!!

I love happy endings!

Such a sweet boy. I'm happy for everyone!

We are sooooo happy for Moose! He has got the cutest and sweetest face ever. Such a lovable fellow he is!

Barbara & Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Tears came immediately after reading just the title. Thank goodness I have yet to put on my mascara cuz now I'm bawling! (What is it about this dog??) Oh what happy news!!!! Perfect. Just perfect. I'm so happy for Moose.

Thank you Rosemary and Ana (y'all look like sisters!) and please do send photos and updates every now and then. Ol' Moose has quite the fan club!

Speaking as one of Rosemary's co-workers, Moose could not be in a better home! Congratulations Rosemary and Moose....what a wonderful union!!

Dang it beat me to it! Although I don't think he has enough energy to keep up with Levi!! I am happy for you and Moose. See you soon.

Wow, this is great news! A happy ending for Moose, and a piece of the Ranch for Rosemary.

I hope you find such wonderful volunteers in NH!

Wow, so many great comments, and thank you all for the warm wishes!!

For those that would like to keep track on Mr. Moose, I belong to a site called Dogster where you can find his profile at

Thanks again everyone, and to Steve and Alayne for just being who you are and there for these animals! Miss you already ...

Moose has had an incredible journey. As it goes forward, the levels of improvement have been a joy to read about. From his being rescued, to his time at RDR, and now to his forever home. Best wishes to Moose, Rosemary, and Ana!

I think there will be more such stories (at least that's my hope) when RDR settles into its new home. The possibilty for potential adopters increases because of the larger population, so we're likely to have more happy reading in the future!

Moose is my favorite! What a character he is. I know his new family will treasure him. Congratulations Moose!

When I saw the pic of Rosemary and her daughter, I thought they were two teenage girls!! I was surprised when I started reading that one was THE MOM! She looks fantastic! Montana air must do great things!!! YAY for Moose!! Love to see pics of adoptees in their new homes. : )
Take care

How sweet!! Such a happy ending. Please keep us updated with photo's!!

Such wonderful news and great photos of Moose in his new home. I've had a soft spot for this boy and am so happy that he has found his adoptive family. I had to laugh at the comment about Mr. Beefy trying to play with Moose. Our blind dog remains a puzzle to our other two dogs who don't understand why he doesn't pick up on the cues to play. Instead, he stands and barks loudly with his tag wagging while they play!

Aw...bless you, Rosemary and Ana. That is wonderful! He looks quite happy and content.

And for Steve, Alayne and all the furbabies at the ranch, I know you will miss Moose. Even though this is what it is all about. Giving them love.
We still get to miss them.
Hugs and bless you-

That just made my day! :)

I am crying tears of joy this morning....thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with us!

What a happy way to start my morning. Moose is a handsome boy and will be so happy in his new home. It's great to have happy endings.

Rosemary couldn't have picked a sweeter memory!

I'm typing this with tears of joy in my eyes... God bless you, Rosemary!

Don't you just love happy endings, too?:-)

Thank you, Steve, for yet another heartwarming post.


What amazing pictures. Moose, I am so happy for you. You look very pleased with the situation as well. Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

Oh dear Mr. Moose. What a lucky boy you are. A heated bed in a dog house, at your friends Rosemary and Ana's house. You must have died and gone to heaven you lucky puppy dog you.
How sweet that Rosemary will have her reminder of RDR right there with her every day.
Congratulations Rosemary and Ana.
Great pictures

I love happy that is continuations. What a prize he is.

I was waiting one day to see this blog on Moose!!! I'M SO THRILLED! When I open the blogs and see one of the RDR residents have been adopted I literally scream out loud to my husband ' OH MY GOSH....MOOSE GOT ADOPTED...or "fill in the blank!!" Steve your last comment about a blind boy on a Montana Hwy in the middle of winter ending up with long time volunteer Rosemary and her daughter put a lump in my throat! VERY Happy ending indeed!!!!

Oh I am SO happy for Moose and his new family, but just a bit sad for me! Moose was my fave and I was going to throw my hat inthe ring to take him home with me to join my 2 other labs once he got to New Hampshire. Lucky Rosemary beat me to it and I am so happy for she and Moose. I hope we get updates LOTS cuz I'm sure going miss that handsome face.

Wow! Happy tears for Moose! What a truly wonderful update. Love all the pics! Looks like Moose has settled in with Rosemary and the other furbabies!! Smiles, Smiles, Smiles all the way around for Big Moose!

What a fabulous new beginning for Moose. Rosemary, I hope you will keep RDR posted (and all of Moose's fans, by extension!) on Moose's wonderful new life with your family, and thank you for all that you are able to offer him. His extra-big heart has melted many of ours, I can assure you!

You can't fool us, Steve. You just didn't want to wait for him to do his morning business any longer.

I'm so happy for Moose! And it isn't even like he's with strangers, and he's got the "right" kind of bed. What a deal!

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