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May 05, 2010


I am so happy for Herbie! Thank goodness she has now got a home and lots of new friends!:)

Greetings Steve. Now I know why I have not received any mail from you. I am sure your new place is a blessing for you, your staff and the Animals.

Elfriede Baker

this is great news! what a wonderful person to take this cat into her home and help him blend into the family! WAY TO GO ! ! !
and good luck herbie!

What a GREAT first picture; I'm so happy Herbie has playmates; dog, feline and slave (that would be cat talk for human, of course!)

Thanks, Angela, these photos and the thoughts of Happy Herbie will make this week shine for me!

Would someone please explain to me why/how is it that BLIND Herbie is looking out of the window with his new cat pal????!!! I've looked at that photo for two days. Is the window open and he's responding to something he hears or smells?? Is his pal "telling" him what's out there??
Great shot Angela! Thanks.

I'm thrilled for Herbie! It does the heart good to know he has moved from one loving home to his forever loving home. Thank you for the update & thank you, Angela for making this possible for Herbie! Love the pictures!!!

Happy, happy Herbie!

Looks like Herbie has ended up in feline heaven!:-)

I just love reading this kind of happy updates first thing in the morning...

Thank you Steve (and thank you, Angela, for giving Herbie such a great forever home).

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Thanks for updating us on Herbie in his new home. What a lucky boy he is!

Makes my heart sing! THANK YOU Angela! Another HAPPY ending!! The dog looks like a cousin to Barren who Wendy adopted! :)

It is so great to see Herbie fit right into a family with another cat and a dog. Love the first picture. Thanks to Angela for the updates and I hope she continues to send them periodically. It is great to see the little love bug in a home setting.

Happy News~ Way to go Herbie! The pictures are truly heartwarming!

I'm SO GLAD he's in such a great new home! I kept telling my husband I was going to bring him HERE, but he kept telling me the four we have are enough... so HE is very happy to see this as well!!

I hope Angela will keep sending - and you will keep sharing - updates on him!!

I love, love, love the adoption updates.

Rock on, Herbie!

We are so glad to know Herbie has such a loving home with great new friends to play with. Thank you Angela for your big heart. God bless you!

Delightful to see such a wonderful forever home filled with playmates & obviously a lot of love. Yay!

yay herbie! hes such a lover. so glad hes got animals friends and a family to share a new life with!!!

I agree with Linda - what a GREAT thing to read. I was so hoping we'd see some updates of Herbie. Hope to see more! Is he still cuddling and cuddling?

What a wonderful outcome. Herbie is such a lovely kitty. I am sure he is thankful to have his own forever home with such a lovely family.Angela, you are in fact Herbie's angel here on earth.

This is awesome! A great way to start the day - with such a fun story and glorious pictures to boot!!

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