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May 31, 2010


Wow, what a great glad they arrived safe and sound. And they were so well behaved! Proud parents you are! The ranch looks beautiful...I know you have many Montana folks that will sure miss you and Alyne and the ranch...hope they can come do I. Almost moved eh!!

That blind appy looks like a twin to mine! I am bringing him from Florida to Georgia in a week and I was researching Bob Hubbard because I'm worried about the trip. I'm glad to hear the good reports about them, and thrilled to see that they know how to deal with blind horses.

Thank you for the opportunity to ship your horses. We were delighted to be of assistance and provide safe transportation for the gang. What a kind sweet group they are - the drivers said they were perfect. Great pics of our equipment. The entire office had a lot of fun looking at them and reading your blog and all the wonderful comments. Best to you and continued success with the wonderful work that you do.
Judy Baumann
Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation

I know you will be so happy to have everyone all there & Alayne by your side. I love that everyone made the trip so well & the horses are doing so well on their trip. Praise God you were able to find the right people to help w/ the transport of all the animals. That is a blessing. And, Praise God for James & Shirley to help Alayne w/ the final packing. Everyone looks like they are doing so well & the living conditions are absolutely beautiful!!! (And, the animals are taking over the human area because I believe there is a plan in the works for them to take over the world)

I cant wait till EVERYONE is all back together again. Yeah to the small pet carrier and Yeah to the horse carrier and Yeah to everyone who helped, big or small all along the way. Can we get a run down on who all was on that great big truck (we saw Hawk being loaded)?
God bless ALL of you for all you do.

So wonderful to see how well the horses are doing along their journey to N.H. Many thanks to all involved in bringing them to their new home!

Such wonderful people to help with the move. Three cheers to all!

Yes....there is a lump in my throat, too, as I read about how trusting the horses are as Bob et al. load them onto the trailer.

Steve, thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date with the move. Be sure to also post a photo of Margaret as she checks out the new ranch!

Sending you prayers for the rest of the gang to arrive safely.

What people may not realize is that travelling in a moving vehicle is quite tiring for an animal. Even with air-suspension, they are constantly having to balance and re-balance themselves as the truck moves, using their muscles in ways they normally wouldn't. That's why regular breaks and an overnight stop to stretch and lie down helps make the journey less exhausting.

I can't wait for the next installment.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the horses. Got teary hearing how calm and quiet they all were.

I am so excited for you both and
that is so like a blind horse, no panic just go with the flow. Can't wait to see them arrive safe and sound. It will take some adjusting but they will be fine. Thanks for keeping us up dated. Where you find the time I will never know.

Isn't that something about the horses being so calm on the trip? Did they sneak a Horse Whisperer on board?
I'm just so thrilled that it's been going so well for the animals. God bless you and Alayne ... and all your helpers, too!

I agree with everyone else so far..big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...Starting to hit home knowing they are heading to you and I won't see them every month anymore!! The horses may not know where they are going but they know they are in good hands. Safe travels and can't wait to read the blog they have arrived safely! Sorry I missed you Shirley and James. Thanks for helping this weekend.

"they didn't know where they were going, so they just trusted us to lead them in."
This is because their calm & steady trust has been built under Steve & Alayne's care and nurture.

I was moved by the pics of Hawk. Thank you for the wonderful updates.

Great comment from the drivers and a great trip for the horses. A 'horse hotel'?

How many horses are in that lump of a trailer? It already looks big in the picture but I imagine it's even larger than I think it is...

Good changes for all, a house and a barn full for Steve after the travellers arrive, new clover for the horses and a final walk around for Alayne somewhere in the near future!

The bottom picture, with the dark clouds and the van in the distance, has made me a little sad, but I'm sure the horses are going to love the NH clover!:-)

Three cheers for Shirley & James for helping Alayne!

Can't wait to hear that everybody is happily reunited in NH...

Oh my goodness, 25 horses plus the goats all on one truck? That's some serious spacial relations skills! Glad to see such caring and conscientious people in the animal hauling business. But no matter how well cared for they are on the road, I am sure it will be a relief to have them all together again in NH! Thoughts and prayers again for a safe and uneventful trip!

PS: Where in Wisconsin? Just curious, I am in Wisconsin now.

Once again we are all trying to be calm while we await their arrival at their new home. Hopefully the dogs and cats are getting acclimated to the NH life. And what help do you have on the NH end, Steve? Surely you can't be doing everything alone. and most importantly, did Margaret and her sister go in the trailer with the horses? We want to see that sweet face of hers.

Thank You James & Shirley!
Steve~ Thank You for taking the time to share this move with us, my heart was again in my throat with the pictures of the horses leaving! So Very Close to everyone being Home!!!! Keeping all of you in my thoughts & prayers.

I agree with an earlier commenter that the comfort, respect and love you show your animals everyday has enabled them to handle this move with apparent ease. Name tags and specifics on a tag on their halter speaks volumes for the kind of care you provide. Thank you.

Good for Jack Hanna! He would certainly know heroes for animals, and you guys fully deserve the title.

I almost teared up, again, at the last shot of the vans pulling away from the ranch. Out here in 'Netland, we'll all cheer when everyone is at home in NH!

Once again, tears in my eyes and prayers on my lips for a safe and uneventful journey.

Karma being what it is, your 4-legged family will arrive with bells on, ready to roll around in that wonderful NH clover....

Can you imagine their joy when they "smell you" and hear your voice?!!! I have a vision of a large horse in your lap :-)

For all that you two do, Karma will bless you and yours!

That being a given, take a moment Steve, to relax on that porch and enjoy the new home. The next few weeks will be hectic indeed!

When will Alayne arrive with the final family members?

And finally THANK YOU for taking the time to post!

Lump #2 in my throat to see the horse trailer leave. What an incredible set-up, and I'm so excited to think they are on the way! Boy, will they be happy when they "see" all that lush grash in NH.

Lump #3 when Alayne and the final dogs leave...

Thank you to Shirley and James for helping out these last few days. I wondered how Alayne was going to do it all alone!

Gotta love Bob Hubbard - I've used them in the past as well. Can't wait to see the "they've arrived" pics!

Wow. I'll bet you'll be glad to see Alayne. I assume she'll be there by the end of the week...

Thank you James and Shirley for helping Alayne. This has to be so exhausting, both physically and mentally for her. All of us out here in internet land continue to follow your every step, cheering you on and praying for a safe trip for everyone. A rainbow awaits you in New Hampshire. XOXO

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