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April 04, 2010


Hi Steve A(and Alayne)
I am so happy for you both and for all the furry friends. Hope to see you sometime in NH as I may be heading to Vt for the last chapter...Ellie

WOW!!! Im truly impressed. HOW cool is that!!! The new digs are fantastic. I identify with your method behind the madness of moving. As we age we gotta think about that stuff. And the animals got to go on a ROAD TRIP!!!...To bad The Northwest wasnt in the running but DANG!!! What a deal..the critters will certainly be happy there. as you guys will be to.
Keep up the awesome work you do for our furry friends. God Bless you Both!!!

Just got the email about the move....Good Choice! The property is beautiful and I'm so glad you guys are still hanging in there and doing such great work. I adopted a blind Labrador Retriever some time ago and one day will tell you his story. It seems as though you have created a real "family" on line. It's amazing how many people support you guys.
So, good luck with getting settled and I know you did the right thing.(even though it's probably been a real pain)
Keep in touch,
Kimi and Jake

Fantabulosity! You two impress me no end! Wise, thoughtful, rockin' folks. You deserve the best. Thanks for your inspiration!

San Francisco

How wonderful. Many congrats to you and all of your fury friends. I know they will be sooooo happy there. It was great reading your newsletter and blog. It left me all warm and fuzzy inside. Best of Luck and take good care of each other.

I was amazed to read this. You people have been an inspiration to me and it was in following your story that we have been setting up our own sanctuary, which is going to specialize in handicapped animals and is also located in New Hampshire!

Congratulations!!!!and best of luck on your move! I was quite surprised to hear that you are leaving your BEAUTIFUL!!!! place in Montana, but completely understand the reasons why.
Best Regards to you and all the Beautiful Animals,
Jeanne Evensen

I am so excited to hear this news....the new sanctuary looks perfect. I am happy for you both and the animals! And selfishly you are closer to us! Congratulations again!It's going to be great!

What very wise, thoughtful and organized people you both are. Thanks so much for the detailed explanations of your decision. May you all continue to have wonderful and successful lives in your new home. What a beautiful decision to have a home-like atmosphere for everyone.
I'll be voting again today and continuing my monthly donation for sure. Best wishes to all. We are proud of you both for the life you have chosen. Judith

I was just thinking last night that I hadn't seen a newsletter in a long time.

Congratulations. Everyone appreciates the work you do.

Mary Dreiling

I can see that this was the best move for the animals and you. We in Montana will always miss you though. Thank you for the gift of a beautiful example of humans giving to animals that we have ever known.
Your new home is just beautiful and amazing looking. May God continue to bless you.
-J. Travis

I would love to come up from Asheville NC to volunteer sometime. I wish you both a safe, easy transition into this huge move.

Take care-Camilla

Congratulations!!! I just read about this for the first time in your newsletter. I've been wanting to visit you folks since I first found out about you, and now that you're in NH I just might be able to (I am from Seacoast NH originally)! I am so excited for you all. The new ranch looks beautiful!!!

Thank you for all that you do for the animals. You are incredible people!

Dog Bless!

Hello Steve and Alayne,
What a brave and wonderful move you have made. You have made the greatest decision in your life. The animals are so fortunate to have you two ANGELS from Heaven taking care of them. NH is a beautiful state. Your place is gorgeous!! I wish you the Best Of Luck in all that you do! Donna

Wishing you "all" a peaceful life up here in the Northlands!
Living here in CT, Im hoping to visit your sanctuary in the future now that we are almost "neighbors".

Much love and happiness for everyone and all the "kids".

Wow - that makes our planned move to the Pacific NW look like a cakewalk now - I'll never complain again!! Congrats on your sensible decision - you both deserve halos for being the most devoted and dedicated (not to mention superbly organized) animal advocates and care takers on this planet! Best of luck - and I'm sure one of these days we'll be able to visit your new digs(Montana was not much of a possibility...)
Gitta Brown, California

Well I must admit I am happy to hear of your move to NH. It is much closer to my Ontario Canada home (we have a house in ME as well) so maybe I will be able to meet you both and have a volunteer visit! All of your reasoning makes perfect sense and as you would do with human kids, you have to plan for their future. Rolling Dog Ranch and all it's inhabitants are your children, and what wonderful parents you are!

Dear Steve & Alayne,
This is such bittersweet news!! I have some friends from Florida who I am meeting in MT this July & for yrs they have heard me speak of your beloved sanctuary. I had just logged onto your sight to see if there was an open date to visit the ranch & also do some volunteer work while we were there. While I'm disappointed that I won't get to visit this yr, I am also elated for you guys & your furry family. I do think the Good Lord has directed you to this beautiful piece of heaven where life will be a little kinder & so deserving to all of you. Many "Blessings" for all you do for these loving animals & I will think of you as "Noah's Ark" as you transport them to your new home.

I am hitting the road this September, 2010 from Langley, CANADA and had planned on visiting/volunteering (and reside in my RV) at your Sanctuary (had planned this since first learning of your site, 8 years back :).
I am very disappointed to learn of your moving from Montana but, certainly love the more space and lovely set-up you will head to in New Hampshire!
Best wishes to you and I look forward to visiting/volunteering in New Hampshire on the 'eastern side' of my travels in the next several years!
I would very much appreciate a reply from you (when possible), letting me know if I could be of use to the Ranch in 2011 and, I can plan my travels around attending to your new location for awhile. I type (90 wpm), I love animals and am not afraid of hard work.
Take good care and, thank you for doing this wonderful work! Best wishes to you in settling everyone into their new home! Congratulations!
Janice Y
Langley, BC CANADA

I had a business meeting with my long-time vet (20+ years) in Laconia, NH and asked if she had heard of you. I couldn't recall your business name, only that you care for those animals that might never find a home and you were moving to NH (somewhere to my north if I recalled correctly). Not much to go on but thanfully a Google search eventually got me back to the blog I read a month ago. I am sharing the link with her as well as the NH Humane Society with whom I am also well connected. Everyone that loves animals needs to know about your wonderful ranch and the work you do. Welcome to NH!!!!

Thank you thank you and I am sure that is what the animals will be saying. If we had more people like you .. just WOW.. Animals are not disposable because they have a disability and they are not the perfect animal that people want as a pet (that's the truth) but you want them and for that I say thank you. I believe that dogs and cats have feelings and I know that they will feel so loved and wanted. Please e-mail if and when you have a fund raiser.
I will definately vote for you.

As a long-time friend and supporter of the Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary in NM, I've dreamed of having a haven such as theirs and yours here in NH. This is an answer to prayer, and you will be welcome with open arms by the entire rescue community!! Look forward to meeting you all!


My name is Andrea Anzivino and I am the New England Coordinator for Friends Of Rescued Mastiffs, Inc.(FORM) I happened to stumble on a You Tube video of your place and I was so moved and impressed with you & your wife and the work you do! Then I learned today you were coming to NH, my own State and was so pleased! Your place in Lancaster is lovely and I am sure you and the animals will love it as much as we do although we're in Southern NH. We would love to be able to visit the ranch and animals sometime when you're settled and of course if I can ever be of help with a English Mastiff up in your area, I am glad to! You can find me and my info at if I can ever be of assistance. Take care & Welcome, Andrea :)

Steve and Alayne, Montana's loss is New Hampshire's gain. Thank you for the time you spent with us here in Montana, and as always for taking Smilin' Sam. So glad we got to meet and visit. You will be deeply missed but I know you will continue your great work in the North Country. Love, Kirsten Holland, former director, Flathead County Animal Shelter.

Welcome to the East Coast.Our rescue group in neighboring Vermont has been assisting homeless/needy pets since 1995.We look forward to "working" with you.Thanks for caring & please get in touch!...SAVE OUR STRAYS

I am so excited that you are coming are way. You have all of our support.

Just curious, what will happen with the "old" place? hope it can be used for good purposes! do you know?

What a wonderful organization you have and I just want to welcome you to our great state of New Hampshire! You're really going to love it here, it's gorgeous and we LOVE our animals so you'll fit right in. Lancaster is a beautiful place, you'll really enjoy it. I hope you'll be very happy here and thank you for doing the most precious and needed work in the world! I wish there were more people like you. Keep up the good work and can I just say WOW about your new home? it's beautiful!


I am from Berlin,NH just 30 miles away. I think this is great you are coming here. There will be alot of people who will want to help. WELCOME to the Great Northwoods!

I am from Lancaster NH and I am thrilled to learn of your move here. I can't wait. I will vote each day. Your work with disabled animals is amazing and I will be here to help with whatever you need. Thank you.

At first, like everyone else, I was shocked! But then when I read all the reasons for your moving and saw the photos of the home, buildings, greenery, I realized that this is the best place for you all, the ideal place. I am so, so happy for you! I am so thrilled, and I know this is a positive move for you and the animals. It is such a beautiful, green location. (Although, I think you'll get lots of snow there!) It's as if this place was just waiting for you. I am so thrilled and excited for you. I can't wait to hear all about it, and, even though I'm sad you are leaving Montana, I am thrilled for your new adventure

It is sad to hear that the RDR will be leaving Montana, but you have the animals' best interests in mind and that will make it OK. What you've done here over the past years has been miraculous. You have dedicated yourselves to animals that other people find undesirable. This move will only enhance what you already do. Continued good luck and good wishes to the animals and their people of the Ranch. The new place looks wonderful and love that there is plenty of grass to roll in (and greener for a lot longer!). Hopefully you will always have plenty of Montana visitors in the future. Good luck during the transition.

Wow, the property looks lovely and you've definitely done your homework. Congratulations, you must be SO excited!!! Though I'm sorry Montana will be losing such wonderful people, it's great that you've found such a perfect new home.

How exciting for you! I continue to be amazed at your dedication and love for what you do.

The new place is absolutely beautiful and will offer you and the animals so much more. It's like it was made for you, just waiting for the right moment.

I had hoped to make it over some day to visit all of you in Montana, the distance will just be a little longer..

I look forward to watching for your posts and send hugs and blessings your way.

You warm my heart.


So very sorry to see you go. NH is very lucky, indeed, to have you both as residents. But MT is losing two very fine people who do wonderful things for society's cast-offs. Wishing you nothing but the best. May God bless you all.

You will be missed. We thank you for your service.

OMG-What an undertaking! Best of luck and happiness to you all. (I wish you were moving to NC - I'd love to be one of your volunteers.)

My goodness, I've been offline for a couple of months (moved from Placerville, CA to Port Townsend, WA with my fur babies) and was looking forward to visiting your furbabies this summer in MT. Looks like I'll have to plan on a longer vacation next year instead.

Kudos to you both for doing this now and planning on the future. As a 55+ rescue person myself, I'm attempting to do the same research as you for the future.

Many hugs for the entire family!

Let me offer both of you and all of the animals a HUGE welcome to New England! I am so delighted that you'll be joining us in this lovely part of the country! I live in Massachusetts and I've been following you for years and donating when I can afford to (yes, you do have fans on the East Coast already, and will soon have many more!). I can't wait to visit you and give you a donation in person!

You'll have so much to discover and enjoy about life "back east." In New England, everything is smaller and closer together. If what you need isn't in your own town, it will be in a nearby neighboring town a short drive away. Communities are interconnected and plentiful, yet it can still *feel* rural.

You'll never have to experience 22-below-zero again! Right now as I type this (April 9), in New Hampshire there are crocuses and Spring grass up from the ground. Winters are postcard beautiful with blankets of snow, but not nearly so cold. And just wait until you take in the bright Fall foliage in September and October!

You'll have so many animal lovers to choose from as your workers and volunteers. I bet your Lancaster neighbors are delighted that you're coming. I know I am!

I'll be following the blog and voting every day as you make your transition. See you in New Hampshire!

Welcome to the East Coast! Having lived in Idaho for a time, I'm familiar with the wild beauty of the West, but your reasoning behind the move is sound. The travel time and expense you will save will benefit the sanctuary, not to mention the wear and tear on both of you. The new property looks as though it will suit your needs and then some. Personally, I'm thrilled because this puts a visit to RDR within the realm of possibility for me now! Wishing you and the animals safe travel and all the best in your new home.

Congrats Steve & Alayne!!! Your rational is on-point (I shouldn't be suprised!!)& I give you props for thinking ahead like you have. Your new estate looks WONDERFUL & I'm sure EVERYONE will be so happy there. It is bittersweet though- Montana is a beautiful state & RDR really was one of the highlights of the summer that I lived in Missoula. Thank you, both, for all that you do. You two truly are angels. And trust me...I will have to visit this new ranch as well!! Good luck & if you're on your way through the Southern Wisconsin're more than welcome to stop by for a rest! (We're right off of I-90/94!!)

What a BEAUTIFUL new Rolling Dog Ranch! Congratulations on finding such a beautiful property. Best wishes for a smooth transition to the new place!

I am in Illinois, not far from St. Louis. On the back and forth between the two places if you are in the St. Louis area for any reason and need a place to rest, stop by. We have a farm with 2.5 blind horses of our own and plenty of room for people or critters to stretch their legs.

What a beautiful place and to have all the dogs under 1 roof is wonderful! God bless you all!!!

Well as one who has lived in Montana for 50+ years I can certainly relate to wanting to get as far away from our winters as you can, but we will miss you so much! I agree with another poster who said they were proud to say the finest animal shelter in the United States was in Montana. I did brag you up a lot.
Good luck on the move to your beautiful new home, it looks like a wonderful spot. How nice for you to be but 3 miles from a vet. You may actually get an evening free to go to dinner together now!
Thank you for the time you spent in Montana, you put our state on the animal lovers map for sure. We will now have to brag that the finest animal shelter ever USED to be in Montana!
Good luck with the move, I wish you happy trails.

PLEASE VOTE. All of these things take money. RDR can use this win to keep going with the great things they do.PLEASE VOTE DAILY.

To plan ahead as you both have done, and not only find what is good for all but implement such bespeaks forward planning at its finest. My small monthly contribution is but a drop in your bucket, but I pray that many others will join in addressing the needs of this wonderful organization of yours for many years to come. You both have earned the angel wings that come by your positive actions and caring. May everything fall in place for you and the animals you love and care for.

THE PLACE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you! We'll be praying that the transisition is as easy as possible for you!

Steve and Alayne,
Thanks so much for the thorough post explaining your rationale for moving and showing us the great space that awaits you all. From all the past posts you've written, it seems you will be leaving a wonderful group of doctors, volunteers, and friends in Montana. We here in the northeast will do our best to rise to that level of support for the ranch.
I hope you will post a request or somehow let us know how/when we can be of help as you make your way to NH. I would love to assist you in any way I can -

While I wish we could have enticed you to Texas--where we also have no state income tax and low real estate costs-- but that place is gorgeous. And I do have to admit that, in some parts, we exchange brutal winters for brutal summers. Congratulations! How lucky the animals are to have people who think so far ahead.

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