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April 04, 2010


You guys are awesome people.every ( challenged ) animal should be lucky to be part of your life.
John Coker

Hi folks. I read about you on Jack Hanna' s website & read about your move. I live in the Pacific Northwest in S Oregon. Too bad you didn't look here. Places that large are still pretty reasonable. However, since I have lived in both CT & MA I definitely understand I loved it there. May all the blessings you deserve come your way. If we had the money we would do w hat you do for cats, we've already adopted several!! I will try to donate when I can. Take Care

What an amazing story! I am really impressed with the compassion you demonstrate & the organizational skills you used to make it all come true! You are in my thoughts & prayers . . . Mary Pasanen, Norfolk, VA

Saint Francis is sure watching over your animals..I am in Canada and can't vote for you. You are doing what all my life my vision was looking forward to. Anyhow..lovely story and always may your karma reach out far. Namasté

Hi Steve and Alayne,

I learned about your ranch from listening to Leila's song, "Listen Don't Listen", during the Summer of 2011, on WEIB FM in Northampton, Mass.

The lyrics of her song bring me to tears, as do the stories of your ranch. You are two wonderful people for what you have created and continue to contribute to the world. Thank you!

I learned about your organization by watching Jack Hanna's Into the Wild TV Program. My hat is off to you! What a great place for animals that have no other options. Good luck with your move. I will add a link to your web site on my informational web site and will be keeping up what is going on with your work.

God Bless you for taking care of God's creatures who are forgotten. They are, like children,the most special gift we have!

Montana has lost a precious resource. We wish you the very best and will always support the wonderful things that you do. As we continue to help our animal friends around Montana, you will be in our thoughts.

The new farm looks awesome - I really admire what you do for the animals without a voice. I hope to visit someday. Tim

Welcome to NH. Are children welcome as volunteers or to tour? My soon to be 7 year old wants to be a Vet.

can i work for you?

What a wonderful place, God Bless you

Incredible story on Jack Hanna's program about Rolling Dog Ranch. I'm glad you were able to move into a more accessible location and thank you for taking care of so many disabled animals. Your dedication is fantastic!

This whole organization is truly beautiful, and my admiration for you two cannot be overestimated.

As a young woman deeply invested in animal welfare, I must say, we'll be in touch about that future hand-off.

BEST OF LUCK! I'll be a lifetime supporter.

I saw your story on Evening Magazine the other day, or the last part of it. I have heard of you before and total admiration I have for you is great. I live in the Seattle area and am in my early 40's. I also think about my future and where I want to be, to live. I know 'my work', my passion are with animals. During the week, I work at a bank, on the weekend, I volunteer at an animal shelter, working with dogs. What I love about WHY you made the move, is that everything had great thought to it. Deep, sincere thoughtfulness.
As for now, I will save you as a Favorite and follow your Blog/Website. But I do day dream of where I want to be...for the rest of my life. The 'Farm' looks Heaven-sent! Congrats to you and your Family, all of them.
--Big Fan,

Erica Glass


Just saw your farm on tv today and have been reading about it. Beautiful!! Being a rescuer myself I know how much the animals appreciate your love:) They so deserve it! Happy New Year!!

In the last 24 hours I learned of your rescue, read about your place in Montana, and moved with you (via articles and blogs) to New Hampshire. Phew!

Thanks for doing what you do and being so conservative in your decisions. It was a very wise move. They will keep you young!

One question, though: how on earth will your disabled dogs get around on that big slippery floor? My arthritic old dog needed carpets or non-slip rugs to be able to navigate on hard wood floors as weakness and pain affected his legs and back.

Hi there! Congrats on the big move. Hope it's going well. Tried to vote for you guys tonight, but can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas?

I saw your rescue on television and would like to make a donation. Can you take a credit card over the telephone and what is your number?

What a beautiful place you have moved to in New Hampshire.....just gorgeous. We to moved with a lot of critters when we moved from northern Idaho to Northern Minnesota. Now we are ready to move one last time (we are mid-60's) and have even more animals to transport. Most are rescues and I will keep them all and move them all (18 of them). Was hoping for some moving tips however from you to help us in our move. Thanks and good luck and thank you so much for what you do for the animals.

hope your move goeswell. saw you on animal rescue and was deeply touched by what you do for the animals. wish you the BEST and will check your site often . thanks for your wonderful work. also your new place looks beautiful.

Thank you for all you're doing for these fine animals. You are an inspiration to all of us and we all wish you luck in your move to NH!

Sorry to hear that you're leaving Montana but I understand your reasoning. When I moved here 40 years ago I asked myself many of the same questions. Ultimately I decided that I love it here more than I missed the things that available elsewhere. My wife and I take in homeless dogs and cats when we have the room and envy your scale of operation. Best of luck to you and all your critters in their new home.

Welcome to New Hampshire. We would like to post an article about your ranch on our blog. Our company provides relocation services to those moving to our beautiful state and we seek to promote all aspects of the exceptional quality of life. Thank you for bringing us another landmark to highlight in our articles.

It really makes me cry,to know that there still are people that will go the whole length in helping animals. But it's tears of joy. I'm also trying to start an animal sanctuary,but here in Bloemfontein in the Free State of South Africa. I'm not going to have such a beautiful place like yours,but I live on a small holding. Well I guess I've got to start some where and build my self up. I just want to say keep up the good work and please keep your fingers cross so that my sanctuary works out. Regards Dominique

The pictures above are beautiful. I am so happy the sanctuary has moved. I am going to be moving to New Hampshire next semester. I am going to be a full time student and also work full time. With the way the economy has been I have been so nervous about the expense of it all. I was fortunate enough to find a moving company that is going to lessen the expense for me. They have been absolutely wonderful. The name of the company is I ope if you find yourself in a jam and need a moving company you will consider them.

I commend and thank you for all of the work that you are doing with these beloved animals. My daughter has a deaf pit bull, and I was searching around the internet for info on deaf dogs when I ran across your site. It gives me hope that sweet Krymson can have a normal life. I have not yet convinced my daughter to keep her since she is a college student and has very little time for her. (she was a gift for Valentine's Day from her boyfriend). She dearly loves her, but feels that she just doesn't have the patience. I hope that we can find her a perfect home.
Again, thank you for saving these beautiful animals! They have a wonderful quality of life at your organization.

Just read about your sanctuary in the Best Friends magazine and wanted to say thank you! It's not everyone one who will give "disabled" animals a second chance and I think what you're doing is great! Congrats on the move and welcome to the east coast. Good luck to you and all your friends - hope everyone is settling/has settled in well!

Wow. What you do is beautiful. It breaks my heart to see animals in pain or mistreated. Thanks for sharing your journey, and we wish you the best of luck! Is there a way we could help support this ranch?

Hello, received newsletter on Saturday. Finally had time to read blog tonight regarding your move. Wow! Sounds like lots of thought, planning and activity this past year. I'm glad the move went well. I wish I was 15-20 years younger; I'd sign up to be the future for your pets.

Beautiful property --I hope it works out as planned.

Thank you for your mission.


Wonderful news. Success to you! We have given support for several years and will continue, with renewed conviction. We moved at age 65 from the East to California with 7 cats in a motorhome. Having never been in a motorhome before leaving Pennsylvania it was truly an experience. The cats all survived! Again, we are love the work you are doing. Jerry

Steve and Alayne,
I hope the move went well and everyone is settling in. The new place is beautiful and as always you have put so much love and thought into the needs of the animals! I am always so moved by what you do for these lovely animals and so glad that they are in a loving place after all of their hardships. Anyone who sees your photos or videos knows that the animals are so happy and in a truly loving home. Thank you for all you do!


Steve & Alayna:
So glad to hear of the successful move to N.H. Now that you are closer to me (Maine), I will be sure to visit once you've settled.!
I've spread the word to many to please direct funds to your most worthy cause,..hope they listened.!
I wear my t-shirt proudly and tell everyone (whether they ask or not!) about you guys and all the wonderful work you've done and continue to do...keep it up.!!
Best to you both (and the animals)

Jim Collins
Wiscasset, ME.

Steve and Alana,
Best of luck in your new home!
I've always wanted to visit you, but Montana is a long way from New Jersey. It looks like I might now get that chance!
May God bless you for all that you do for those poor creatures that no one else cares about.
All the best!
Don Vosseller

Hi you two. It has been awhile since I have checked in on everyone at rolling dog ranch .. Wow, you've moved NICE. I am so very happy for all of you! Steve, wish I could have sat with my glass of wine and read up but fighting a very bad cold so I am going to bed and will read up on the move at a later day. but before I do I just had to send you a "way to go" note and tell you again I think you both are angels from heaven ! Will check back in later (when I am over this darn cold). Congrats.
Hugs to you all,

Good luck on your move!

This morning I watched a Jack Hanna show in which your sanctuary was showcased. I was so impressed - rescuing disabled animals! I had never heard of a sanctuary dedicated to such a wonderful cause. I have a big heart for "special needs" animals and, aside from all the "healthy" but unwanted animals that have found a home with me and my husband over the last 35 years, have adopted-rescued a number myself: pregnant dog (kept the mom and one pup) and a tiny sweet guy with non-functioning back legs (both miniature poodles) rescued from a group of 110 kept by a hoarder; blind doxie from Mexico; one-eyed cat; three-legged cat ("Tripod" naturally ;-); and most recently a very old, sweet deaf stray dog from our local shelter whom, sadly, we had to put down only a couple of weeks ago.

I was involved with shelters and other rescue groups for many years and, as a result, a number of horrific animal seizures from this area. I still foster motherless kittens for our local shelter.

Although my funds are limited (current pet count is 10 cats and 2 dogs) and I usually donate locally, I was so overwhelmed by your compassion and motivation to provide a loving sanctuary for disabled animals, I am compelled to help. It's not much, but it will help.

I also have a K-9 cart specially made for a now-deceased border collie that I would happily donate if you could use it. I saw a number of dogs on the show who could benefit from it I think.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I just watched a story about RDR on TV with Jack Hanna.I had never heard about you until today. The both of you are truly an inspiration. Good luck in New Hampshire.

For the Shelter Challenge starting September 20th...will you be considered VT or MT? runs through the holidays and I want to be able to make my vote count...thanks!

Hi guys,

I'm sure hoping buy now the nightmare of moving is over. The property and buildings look wonderful and I am so happy for you to find something the meets so many more needs and will help with succession planning as well. I've been to Ovando and the isolation, especially in the LONG winters, would grow tiresome. Not to mention, if I may say so, the Lincoln/Ovando ethos is a little scary at times. Best to you both and update us on how everyone is settling in.

I have not kept up with your move. Or your former ranch here in Montana. I for one, would have been glad to come and work there, as well as relocated to join the staff. I would love to find a place for my non-profit, and have been trying for donation of land for a while now. At any rate, I'm hoping your contacts here in Montana can help me, or if you would want this little girl, let me know. I have 2 double merles, one boy, one girl ... both fixed, UTD on shots, and about 6 months old. they can see fine, but are deaf. Actually the little girl can hear just a little bit. Whistles, pans banging, etc. I need an active home for her because she is so smart. the little boy is so laid back, he gets along with the pack here, and helps with the aggressive ones that I help. The little girl is really submissive to all other dogs, and very kind to everyone but her brother, who she really attacks in play. They are coming into their own, and know basic signs ... their names, come, sit, stay, wait, watch me, and down. I would like to have her go to an active home, and let her develop her personality. He, too, needs to develop what I'm seeing to be a totally different personality when separated from her for training. Please let me know what you could do to help.

Anything I can do to help, let me know....I am in MA and willing to volunteer some time..

How wonderful for you, and what a beautiful place! I am, however, sorry for the animals of Montana who are losing your wonderful care. Good luck and God Bless.

You are amazing and I am sad to see you leave Montana but I do understand your reasons for doing so. Best of Luck to you and all the wonderful animals in your new home! You will be missed!

Wow! I thought moving my crew 10 hours away was a big deal...
Have fun in your new home! Inge

Wow, the new place is just dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My very best wishes and though I am in New York, would love to someday visit..

This is SOOOO exciting and looks so wonderful!! CONGRATS!

I am going through some self-introspection as to where to spend my 60's etc. and totally understand your making this wonderful decision - on so many levels - it is PERFECT!!!! The location and all the buildings couldn't have been better and the scenery and pond are magical - reminds me of Waldon's Pond!!! Bailey's Tree is special too - this place will be a forever sanctuary for the animals that have for so long been the main theme in your lives - I commend you and wish you all that you would wish for this new place and your new lives. Your future planning is also wonderful and please let us know whether you form some kind of foundation for people to name in their wills so the sanctuary can continue long into the future in this new Garden of Eden!!!

Hi Steve & Alayne. I am looking for a place to work, in your field. I have already been out to Best friends Animal Sanctuary, in Utah. A friend told me about you, and I hope I can come visit you too,sometime soon. I am a certified dog trainer, and have worked with horses and marine animals. I fly for the airlines now, so I can go anywhere, to find my perfect fit. Eventually, my life will only be about the animals. That is my passion! Looking forward to talking with you and meeting you. Thank You, Sincerely, Tina Bentzer ph.(773)866-1973.

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