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April 29, 2010


I just LOVE that dog. I see his face and just have an overwhelming desire to hug his handsome self! When you move to NH I'm going to have to come and see Mr. Moose...but I guess I should wait until late morning. :-)

Love the post...Moose is sure one loveable boy!

well,heck. who can "go" when it's cold out?

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!

My Nana used to say she always needed a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning to get things moving in the right direction. Perhaps Moose needs a......... nah.....

He just likes having a clean bathroom to use! LOL

Steve, consider yourself manipulated!!! :-)

Those animals have your number, that's for sure.... and that always puts a smile on my face. They live the good life at RDR....

Dog trainers say that you can train your dog to go on command. This is true, but not always as quick or simple as it sounds. Our neighbors probably think we're crazy, since we're always standing around in the yard saying "Go! Go! Go!" in a loud, encouraging voice. We have no fence, so we take the dog out on a leash every time. In inclement weather, speed is of the essence, at least in our opinion, but our dog (dachshund-terrier mix) is so nose-oriented that he gets fixated on the many fascinating smells and forgets what he is supposed to be doing.

Sorry about your snow! You'll probably have less of that in your new home.

My dogs do this too (sort of) It's called " Stages of Waking Up". It is a fine art you see. Stage one is waking up from the bed. Stage two is going from the human bed in the bedroom to the dog begs in the front room. Stage three is FINALLY going outside. This may take as long as 30 minutes or so depending on the weather, the colder the outside the longer it takes. Welcome to the Committee of Dog Servitude...good grief! ;)

Steve, I'll bet you have a weather widget thingy that reminds you of the temps in New Hampshire, don't you? I've got mine set to Burlington, Vermont and the high today is supposed to be 67. Ahhhhh, yes!

Well obviously he prefers to conduct his business in a clean yard. LOL

Thanks for the laugh this morning. I love me a happy blog post :-)

Yes, Moose, for some it does take some time in the morning to get moving...(no pun intended)! And, as far as Priscilla & Molly, a girl, just has to look good before venturing out for the day!!!

To Glenn: That was great!!!

Steve, there are certain things in life that can't be rushed and don't adhere to a schedule. Moose is clearly a guy who marches to his own drummer and refuses to rush nature. Celebrate his individuality.

BTW, looks like you're getting that storm that finally left us here in the Reno/Tahoe area. 3 days of WIND (over 100 mph in the mountains), temps in the 30s or 40s, and SNOW. They said this morning Squaw Valley got over 2 feet of fresh snow this week...

The "attitude" of Moose's body tells me that he feels it was "a job well done". Go Moose! (No pun intended).

LOL....I have a cat (just one of many) that stands and waits for me to scoop the litter box just so HE can use it...yeah, I feel your pain!

Oh Moose the big lug! Gotta love him despite the drawn out morning potty habits!

There once was a doggy named moose

Whose movements were not very loose

"Why pause in the elements

When the heat is quite elegant"

mused moose the warm furry caboose

Atta boy Moose. No one is going to tell you when to go............At least you are predictable!

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