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April 21, 2010


You must be busy. Best wishes

Congratulations!! It's due to your hard work and admirable results that all of those votes rolled in!!

All of the best on your move.

There is no one that deserves it more then you folks. Words cannot describe how wonderful you two are. You have truly been send from heaven to be there for the animals

Congratulations! You truly deserve every penny of whatever comes your way! Almost time to start voting again... I kept shooting emails to friends throughout the contest, asking and reminding them to vote. What was really good to do was forward one of Steve's posts when the pic or story was particularly cute or moving. Good responses. Don't be afraid to keep reminding folks!

You deserve it! And such an easy way to raise money for you!

It really is amazing to even rank; with so many groups entered.
Thank you for all your hard votes eveyone...let's keep up the great work for RDR!

High fives, paws & hoofs,

It's been a pleasure clicking for RDR everyday. The blessings you bestow on the pups, cats & horses are immeasurable...glad some of that is returned your way!

For the new challange lets get all our friends,coworkers and family to vote. Steve and Alayne give life to these animals, at least we can do is keep clicking. I am very happy for the RDR family.

I'm so relieved that the RDR got some money! I voted every day & the situation was looking rather dire. I love the photo of Gabe in the laundry basket. He's so precious. Please give him a big hug from me.
Welcome home, Steve! I'm sure that Alayne's not the only one glad to have you back in Mt!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations! I can't think of anyone more deserving than you two of this prize (or any prize, for that matter)...

Congrats, RDR on your $3,000 win! It sure will help with so many things. Let's all get ready to vote on May 17th and see if we can get the grand prize!

Yaaaaay! Congrats on the win for the animals! Every little bit helps!

Congratulations to you! I'm sure it will come in very handy.......and we will do what we can in between the wins! Hugs to all of you.

Whoo Hoo !!!

Rolling Dog Ranch--ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!

Congratulations Rolling Dog Ranch, and all who voted! May 17th starts a new Challenge! This $3,000 gift will certainly help with the move.

Congratulations! I know there are many deserving rescues and sanctuaries, but you guys touch my heart. Congratulations also on the beautiful article in Best Friends Mag. -- that sunset photo was too much!! And same on the move. You nad your animals deserve everything good that's happening to you.

Guess what - the next round starts May 17th. OK, "Click Team", let's do this again! Besides, it's strange not to go and click each day for something is missing, like you forgot to brush your teeth.....Go Team!!

Congratulations and well done!!!

I hope everyone gets a special treat tonite!!


Congratulations, I wish we could have clicked more...not just once a day.

Whoo-Hoo!! Every little bit helps, right? I couldn't believe when you said over 12,000 rescue groups participated--that makes any win a real victory in my eyes.


I'm so happy that you won this once again ! All rescues are deserving, but none quite like you !!!!!!!

Way to go Rolling Dog Ranch fans! It was close.........

It DOES all help, and I'm glad we've been voting. :-)

Congratulations! I was so happy to see you are able to add a little more to the money pot to help out with the furry kids & help in the move. I was kind of sad because for the first time the rescue place I adopted my sweet kitty Erin was on the list & they didn't get anything. I had to divide my votes between the 2 of you but I was so hoping they would get some much needed help too. It makes me sad because so many rescue places are out there & so many need help. In reality I just wish there didn't have to be so many & the whole world cared. And, this brings me to a huge thank you for what RDR represents & protecting & caring as much as you both do for these wonderful animals.

hurray! for the animals!

Yay!...Wait, what? I'm thrilled we won the money, but I thought we had to be in third place to get the $3,000 and we came in fourth so...? I guess I need to go back and look over the rules more carefully. And again, YAY!

Go Rolling Dog and all its supporters. I wish it were a hundred times this amount as the cost of the move must be astronomical!!!

I know it's not first prize again, but every little bit helps!! Congrats!

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