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April 01, 2010


Congratulations on your new adventure! Your home in NH looks beautiful, and I have no doubt all the animals will settle in nicely and enjoy their new east coast home.

Keep the stories and pictures coming. It's great fun to watch!

We'll miss you in the West!


I would also like to encourage everyone to vote, vote, vote in the Shelter Challenge. RDR is falling behind! I've got two laptops (work and home) each with two web browsers, so I can vote four times every day. I bet a lot of other people have either multiple computers or multiple browsers, too! And tell all your friends!

Everyone keep voting!!!! vote vote vote!

I have a new post on my blog that is a tribute to your work (which I so appreciate) and an invite to vote for your sanctuary in the Shelter Chalenge. I don't have many readers but I hope it helps.
Clicking every day...

So, do you have volunteers with vehicles and horse trailers ready to come assist in evacuating should a wildfire threaten the ranch? I'm betting you do and that you have written procedures and have conducted at least one mock evacuation.

The El Nino is something though. We had three measurable snowfalls in 13 months which is really, really weird. Yet you're warmer than usual.

Thank God it's Friday and we get another blog! I used to hate weekends because they were "blogless" and now this new schedule!! It's a credit to your story telling abilities that you leave us wanting more and sorrowful when there isn't any "more". The pictures are fantastic and definitely enhance the stories. It all shows the care with which you do everything regarding RDR. Lucky animals! Lucky readers!

I wish I could send you some of the water we've been having here in the East. We're up to our noses, almost literally, in it.

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