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April 25, 2010


You both are amazing at what you do. Thank goodness for individuals such as yourself. What a beautiful girl! I look forward to learning more of your NH location. I am a vet technician in Asheville, NC and you both are mentors to me. Take care-

I have a 3 legged dog who still doesn't trust other humans-I've had him for over 10 years. He is wonderful and I "honor" the way he is. I have learned so much from him as have so many other people who come in contact with

She is so beautiful, She now looks like she has a little more trust in her eyes. Hope your move is going well and thank-your for still taking time to keep all of us informed!

Wow, what a precious girl! Sooo glad to hear she is making great strides in learning to trust....the ranch with the two of you is the place where she will shine!!

She's been with you such a short time for such progress. It's a testament to the love and patience she finds with you.

Oh, and we have a set of blinds like that. :)

Ella is truly a beautiful dog. I love her markings! My beagle Ginny was rescued and was incredibly shaky and shy for the first few months. After lots of love, patience and time she's become and almost normal dog. She's still shy around new people and it takes her a while to warm up to even those that she's known for a while. But she's whole-heartedly devoted to my family and is the sweetest dog we've ever had.
P.S. And do I spy a Widget in the background? I'm surprised she's not up there with Ella begging for food. I'm guessing her mindset is that she doesn't go to the food; the food goes to her. Lol.

Too cute!

Oh...Ella is so gorgeous! I am so happy that she's progressing so well. She knows that she's loved and now can show all her love for you and Alayne! Please keep us updated with her progress.

She is one beautiful girl. I love her markings. I am thrilled to hear she is getting more trusting & she is learning from a couple of the best people in the world to trust humans again. That is hilarious about her monitoring of the wait staff!! (not funny about the blinds though) I had that problem for a while & now I just raise them to a level that Erin can sit on the windowsill & look outside.

My pup was like Ella when I got her - I had to wait for her to come back into her kennel at the shelter because she bolted out the dogdoor as soon as she saw me! But I sat down and patiently waited, eyes averted, until she came back in to size me up. I visited a few times, fostered her, and then adopted. My friends thought I was crazy, because she was barely even a dog, just a ball of fear. It's 6 years later and she's almost (but not quite!) normal. She's the best dog I've ever had! I love Ella and if I were ready for a new pup, I'd be hounding you with phone calls.

Wow, what a difference in a short time, Bella Ella looks like a different dog!

Told my brother who lives in Boothbay, Maine about your move to Lancaster. They want to come visit and help, he's got lots of animal lovin kids who are hard workers...looks like a gorgeous place, so well done on finding it!! A new adventure for you and your big family!!

She has such an angelic sweet face. What a beauty!

What a sweet baby. hugs to her!

She is such a cutie!!!

Well, looks like you"ve done it again....the "magic touch" of the Rolling Dog Ranch.
Its easy to see 9Physically) how she has changed and all for the good....good food, good snoogles, good people. Its so cool to see these beautiful creatures change with trust. You two certain have the "magic", and I love reading about it!

I love the fact she woofs at you, even a muffled one. That feels as if she's gaining confidence and doesn't think she'll get in trouble for raising her voice or even having a voice. Next time you love on her, give her an extra kiss from us out here.
By the way, I have a cat who bends blinds too. If she wants to see who is eating on the patio, she just sticks her paw through the blinds on the back door and pulls them down so she can watch. On the window she does the say thing then climbs through so she can sit on the window sill!

Beautiful is right! - especially her eyes. I hope she becomes more and more serene with time. I am so glad she has the steady nurturing she needs from you two and the surrounding love of the animals at RDR.

She is Bella Ella! I couldn't help but laugh over the blinds. I had a Doxie that used to have regular show downs with the blinds but he dealt with them by bending individual slats in half and breaking them. Eventually, the blinds looked like a bad tooth extraction!......Bruiser and Ella 1, blinds 0!!!

LOL --- Two words for your new house:


They get to swinging sometimes but the dogs and cats can't "bend them" - we know from personal experiece!

I had a cat once that thought the horizontal blinds were better that a cat toy... sigh.......

Bella Ella is beautiful. I'm glad she is settling in well.

What a perfect name for her, Bella Ella has such a gorgeous coat.

I pray & anticipate with all of you the day she forgoes the crouching. I know it's a long process and a difficult path for her but if anyone can give a scarred creature confidence, support & love, it's you & Alayne.
(((( )))) hugs for all of you.

She is quite beautiful! Her features have even changed and to me, her "feed me" look only means she's comfortable with you and Alayne and certainly more trusting. Keep up the great progress with her!!

What a sweat heart!!


What a gorgeous face she has....If I weren't so far away, I would come steal her for myself!!!! Thanks for your patience in helping her learn that all humans aren't evil....she is such a precious little girl.

Bella Ella is truly "bellissima"!:-) She has such a sweet look in her eyes... It just melts my heart (not to mention she's practically identical to our own darling Camilla, who was also abused before we adopted her back in 1996).

It's wonderful to hear she's becoming less fearful and more trusting every day.

Please give her a HUGE hug from me.

What a cutie pie. She sure is in the right home with the right people. You folks are incredible.

Oh what a gorgeous photo of sweet Ella!! You can just see how much she has blossomed under your love and attention!!

Heartwarming & adorable picture of Ella. She looks so happy and content! Just as we knew she would. Great job as always.

Oh my godness--what a sweet, sweet face!!!

Your are right Steve, she is beautiful!! She has come along way. Before you know it, you won't even see that tussle of emotions. Just goes to show how far patience and a whole lot of love will do.

She is SO sweet. It was a good day indeed when she found herself a home at the Rolling Dog.

What a precious cutie!

thank you.........

BTW......I call my own Elle Mae "Ella Bella" sometimes so it is uncanny that you mentioned a very similar nickname for your girl.

You can just see how much more relaxed Ella is in this photo plus she has enough moxie now to even monitor the food service! Bet she can't wait to get to N.H. to run and play. She is gorgeous for sure!

My goodness, what a beautiful sweet dog Ella is! And brave too!

Is that Madison in the background? She looks happy to be home.

Brings a tear to my eye to hear about Ella's progress! Im so happy for her that shes realizing people can be good and good things do happen! Her sugery site looks great too!

What an absolutely beautiful dog... and I'm so glad she's warming up to you guys.

What a beautiful dog -- that face is one to simply fall in love with. She couldn't be in a better place. Thanks for all you do!

Dear Ella, she truly is "Bella".

Bella Ella, what a sweet name. I'm not at all surprised that she's made so much progress in trusting you in such a short time. And, with time, she will probably stop crouching, too. Animals just get it when they know they're in the presence of people they can trust. There's nothing like a little food, associated constantly with good things, that helps a dog like Ella relax.

I just know she's gonna loooove New Hamster. She is looking so beautiful and relaxed.

She is a beautiful glad she is making such good progress..once again thank you both for all you do

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