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April 12, 2010


What delightful news. In addition I was thrilled to read of your move to New Hampshire! I hadn't read the blog for awhile and I read something about your move to Lancaster, and I thought, "oh no, they're getting a divorce and he's taking one dog with him to the East Coast." I guess it would have made sense to look back at older posts to find out what was really going on! It is such a sensible decision, and the property you found is extraordinary. May you be blessed for your continued good works (especially for the cats) and thank you for helping Herbie find a home...


They even match!

You will love Herbie. We have a blind cat, Punky. You would never know the difference if we didn't point it out. She runs up and down the halls (50,000 sq ft) and loves to go outside (supervised). But, so far, she has gotten into far LESS trouble than our sighted cats ; ).

We raised her from a kitten (dumped on our lawn) - and she is happy, healthy and very lovable - 6 years later! Enjoy your new furball'...

Mutual blessings. Endless smiles to come. The most wonderful news Herbie & Angela!

I am SOOO glad Herbie got adopted...he was always my favorite and I felt blessed to have been able to meet him! He is so lucky to have a home to call his own! Thank you Steve and Alyane for keeping him safe until he did!!

Seems like there has been lots of good news around the RDR lately....I am so happy for it all after all the tragic deaths earlier this year. I will miss RDR news on Mr. Herbie and hope we will get some updates down the road! : )

Oh dear sweet Herbie!!! Almost makes me cry to know he is going to his own forever home!! I love Herbie so much & when he was on the JH video I rewound it several times to watch him!!! Angela N. is one of the luckiest people in the world to get this once-in-a-lifetime little furry angel to live with. Hugs & kisses to Herbie you will be missed but it's always going to be with a smile on my face knowing you are in your own home. Angela, please keep us updated once in a while on how this little love bug is doing. And, thank you so much for giving this gift to Herbie!!! I know your life is even more blessed now that you have added him to your family!!!

How wonderful! God bless Angela for making such an effort to fly out and back to get him. I hope they have many, many wonderful years together! (Keep us posted, Angela, with pictures of Herbie)

WELCOME HERBIE TO YOUR NEW HOME. Angela, I am very happy for you and know ole Herbie will enrich your life for sure. Please keep us updated on how he adjusts to his and your new life.

Congrats! Take good care of our Herbie! and don't forget to send us all updates and pictures! As you can tell a lot of us love him! Good bless!

Oh Herbie - you so deserve this! As soon as I read the blog - I let out a huge Canadian Cheer! The Lovebug now has his loving Mom! So Awesome!

I'm so happy for both Herbie & Angela!! I look forward to reading an update on his new Midwestern life...:-)

Three cheers for Herbie & Angela!

Good luck love bug:)) Thank you Angela for giving him a loving home, a person he can call his own:)) Your name suits you purrfectly,Angela:)

What wonderful news! I'm so happy that Herbie has been adopted and is in a loving new home...he brings all the love he got at RDR to Michigan with him!

Glad that you and the crew have reached NH safely and that you are getting settled in nicely!

He IS the most affectionate and has the most upbeat and positive attitude of any cat- EVER!!! I'm pretty sure his middle name should be "Ever Ready". Herbie Ever Ready Love Bug. Having the same cat allergy as Alayne, I was so torn every time I was around him because I couldn't pet him! But, leave it to Herbie to take care of that small technical difficulty. He just petted me instead!! (rubbing his face and body all over the shoes, the jeans, the sleeves, the hat, the water bottles, the camera, the dangling lanyard cord on my cell phone, etc). CONGRATULATIONS Angela! You have just adopted the most loveable cat EVER!

Heather Montana & Timmy the Wonder Dog

Oh I am SO happy!!! I have loved Herbie since the day I first saw him on the Blog. I wanted to adopt him myself but I don't think you'd allow an international adoption!!

big thanks yous to Angela for adopting our special Herbie!

Congrats to Herbie!! He is truly a one-of-a-kind cat that will keep you guessing with his antics! I am going to miss seeing posts about him but know that he has found his forever person! Angela, welcome to a great "family" that Steve & Alayne created with the "kids" as well as all of their followers!

Over-the-Moon happy for Herbie and Angela! Wishes do come true!

Vote- Vote-Vote!!!!
Hope things are going smoothly for you, Alayne, and all of your Furkids!

Herbie! Congratulations, Mister. I hope you have a wonderful life in your new home. Don't forget to write!

I just yelled out loud to my husband: "Herbie GOT ADOPTED!!!!!" Angela N and Herbie the love-bug--a purrrfect match! Herbie is one fantastic cat!!!

Not sure who is luckier, Herbie or Angela! I have loved this boy from the first post - an absolute poster kitty for blind animals.

Angela - please keep us posted on Herbie. Thank you for opening your home and heart to him.

And a bonus - Herbie only has to move half way across the country!!!

Herbie was one of the very first animals I read about when I came across this blog last year. I'm so happy he got a new home! Now he can get all the snuggling his little cat heart desires!

Welcome to your new home!!! And Congrats to Herbie. And let's not forget about the rest at the ranch Alayne and Company! Hope they are doing ok too without Dad!!!

Oh Herbie! Congratulations on your new love match. She is one lucky lady to be your new mom.
Still Voting!!!!!
I hope the settling into the new place is going well Steve.

Steve, you can stop apologizing for your "erratic" posts. You're busy, you've got lots on your plate, and we all understand that. We're just all excited when the latest post goes up. So keep doin' that voodoo that you do so well!!

It sure looks like you've got a pile of volunteers ready and standing by when you get to NH.

Oh my gosh! Just last night I was telling a friend about Herbie and that he REALLY needed to get adopted because he was sooooo affectionate and needed a person of his own. Thank you so much to Angela for adopting him and to Steve and Alayne for taking care of him until his person finally showed up.

Herbie the Love Bug......hmmmm good title for a movie! And for a happy ending for a great cat! Good health and long life to Herbie and his new forever Mom.

Oh, Herbie, you love-bug. Got another one in your fan club. Only now you're going to go to Michigan to live with her! Angela, thanks for taking the Herb-meister into your life. He's one very special creature and I know you're going to have a great time together. Kisses on both your noses!

That is wonderful! It looks like Herbie and Angela are going to be a great family. The picture has enough love to make your heart smile.
Hugs for all the wonderful animals and those who truly love them unconditionally...actually even more; because they are special~

Hooray for Herbie! I have waited a long time to hear this news - I couldn't understand why he hadn't been adopted long ago. Thank you Angela for flying all the way from Michigan to give Herbie a new home.

YEAH....I'm doing back flips for Herbie!! He now has Angela to love all up every day. Congrats on getting this special boy!
PLEASE (soon) send us a picture and note on how he's doing in his new home and what you love best about him.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. My cats just looked at me when I said "Herbie got adopted!" Herbie has always been such a character and I have always enjoyed reading his antics on the blog. Thanks to Angela for giving the little guy a chance.

We adopted our own special needs boy this winter. A little guy who lost one of his front legs to an accident of some type at 4 months. He had to have additional surgery to remove what was left of his leg after we adopted him, but he gets around better without what was there and it does not slow him down in the slightest. Our big male cat thinks he is the best thing that has happened around here.

I'm so happy for Herbie. He really needed a real people-around-him-all-day home. Please keep us posted on the other cats during this move (though it's called Rolling DOG ranch, some of your supporters are cat people!). I wish we could take one before you leave Montana, but our house is currently at maximum capacity ... alas.

So happy for Herbie! But I'm smiling and crying at the same time. I was looking forward to some of that Herbie lovin' when I come to visit in NH. Hope all is going smoothly in the transition. I know you'll all be relieved when you're settled. Kisses & Hugs to all!

Hurray!!! I am so glad Herbie finally got adopted!! He really is a love-bug. Congrats Angela!! Herbie is one lucky boy, as are you! Keep us posted on how he is doing.

We'll miss you Herbie. I'm sure he'll get lots of love from Angela. I hope she'll send an update once in a while.

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