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April 08, 2010


Oh heart goes pitter patter when I see updates on Timmy. Sigh. The Guppies would worship him.

I haven't had a chance to congratulate you guys on the big move! I cannot imagine the logistics involved but am in awe and sending non stop good thoughts! The new place is gorgeous and I totally understand the appeal of being closer to a town!

Looking forward to hearing more about the move itself and how the horses will go...will it be your regular hauler and are you reserving their entire fleet? Wow! What a feat!

Sending good thoughts and please give Timmy a special squish from me!
Sue & the gang

Run Timmy Run!!! (When you are 100% again) So happy to hear this & to know he is enjoying life so much more.

Timmy stole my heart the first time I seen and read about him. He sure looks like he feeks free now. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals.I was part of a transport team for 18 dogs that are going to rescue homes and to foster homes this past weekend and how GREAT it makes you feel to know that you can help them to a new and better life.

Hmmm, I thought I had posted, but I guess I didn't. I'm so happy to see Timmy doing so well...he is one handsome boy!

You go, Timmy! So glad to see the handsome boy run!

Thank you for the update on Timmy. He looks so happy now. If we didn't have so many animals already I would adopt him.


Way to go for Timmy! He will be so happy now, wonderful.

When our three-legged cat zooms by nobody notices his missing leg, and only when he walks back-back-front, back-back-front do people stop to look at him twice. Then they'll be surprised and tell me; he only has three! Uhm, yes, I know ;-).

You GO Timmy!!! I am so very happy for you.

YAY TIMMY! That's terrific news! He does look happier on the run.

Yeah! So glad the procedure went well. Go, Timmy!

Hey Steve....How is the road trip coming on long. That seems like quite and undertaking. Did you take any pics?

Congratulations. Timmy looks like a healthy typical dog now. Who knows...once his heartworm problem is taken care of...maybe he will be a candidate for adoption. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Way to go RDR team.

What a very handsome boy! And RUNNING!

The best of luck with your move and I know you will love New Hampshire.



How wonderful to see you looking so happy and healthy. And ready to run as soon as you got out of the car.

Now remember to rest up little one, you have a long trip coming up. Soon you'll be playing in the New Hampshire fields!

Nice to see Timmy happy and he looks like a great dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does seem much happier. Can't wait to meet him someday soon.


Now that was great to see. Way to go Timmy and RDR team. He looks like such a happy typical dog now. Who knows.............maybe ready for adoption soon! Wouldn't that be delightful.

Happy, happy day for Timmy! He looks very well-balanced in both photos. Hooray, Timmy.I am trying to let go of a few things that I think will help my lifestyle - perhaps I can use this post as inspiration.:) RDR rocks!

Timmy is such a sweetheart, wonderful to hear the surgery was a success and nice to see him zoom around!

Also congratulations to the entire RDR family, your new home truly looks like a slice of heaven, will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers during the big move. Just thinking of the grand new adventures awaiting you all puts a smile on my face!!!

That second photo makes my heart feel as though it's swelling inside my chest.

Timmy says, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

It is so great to see his new found freedom. His next real test will be how he does in serious Yankee country with that southern drawl bark he has from being a Louisana boy. Be Safe and Stay Warm

RDR gives these animals such wonderful gifts...the ability to enjoy life to the fullest and know what loves feels like.

So happy that Timmy is zooming around!

Timmy is ready to go!! He looks great and I know he will make a speedy recovery from the heartworm treatment and be running at full speed in no time at all. Thanks for the update on him!

I had a sweet pet rat, Merlin, once who developed a growth on the bone of her thigh. When I first discovered it, I knew immediately she would probably have to have that leg amputated. That notion didn't bother me a bit because I knew she would be fine without her leg and better off without it.

It was the vets who were a little uncomfortable and hesitant to suggest it because it's radical (medically) and serious. But probably more because they were worried about how I might react. But for me, it was a no-brainer and the right thing to do for her. It extended her life and she got around just fine. Her recovery was incredibly short and she would use her strong rat tail to prop herself up when she needed to use both her front feet to hold her food. (For me, rats just don't have paws.) She had no trouble figuring out how to compensate. Animals are very good at that.

So, Timmy, I'm not surprised that you're zooming around. That leg was just a burden. Get rid of those heartworms and by summer (in NH!) you'll be a zoomin' fool!!

So happy for him. What a handsome boy!

What an inspiring story to remind us all that dogs live in the moment, not in the past, and they move ahead adapting to change. In this case, losing a limb was a positive change and Timmy has been liberated. A lesson for us all not to let the past drag us down or hold us back. Live in the moment, live with passion, live for the future. May Timmy have many more good years ahead. Thank you for taking care of him.

Isn't he a cutie? I'm so glad to hear that he's feeling so much better now and look forward to the day when Timmy will be free to run like the wind to his heart's content!

A big hug from Italy, Carla

P.S.: My comment on your move to New Hampshire (your new home looks spectacular, btw) seems to have got lost in cyberspace.:-)

Could Travis and Tropper have some competition? Timmy looks like such a sweetie-pie!!

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