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March 22, 2010


What a thing of beauty!

Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

All I can say is WOW!! This is awesome...Go Cash!

WOW!! Way to go Cash! What a great job Will has done..

Way to go Cash!!

This is truly a "melt your heart" clip! What an example of trust!

Way to go Cash,he is looking good.

He looks great!! Boy, he sure has come a long long way - all thanks to the RDR!!

Three cheers for the scholar of RDR! Well done, Cash!

Very Impressive! He is going to make you a nice riding horse. Your trainer deserves a huge pat on the back!

INCREDIBLE!!! What a fantastic video - and even more fantastic horse AND rider.

You have said many times that the blind animals are just as talented as the seeing. This is a perfect example. Cash ranks right up there with the high flying Herbie. NO Fear, no problem.

Of course he is in "boarding school". MT has many. Cash looks great. What a great fit for such a robust and smart teenager.

Great little horse and great trainer. Love it!

Atta boy, Cash! More people need to see this video. Truly amazing.

Wow - that's amazing. Good work Cash!!

Amazing horse and trainer, Cash will turn out to be a wonderful riding horse. He reminds me of my Lad, Quarter horse, same color and blaze.

I had a blind horse and you could trail ride him anywhere, he always trusted his rider not to get him into a situation he could not handle.

What's even more amazing than Cash cantering, is Cash stepping up and down. It took me another moment to realize--again--that he's blind and doesn't know where the end of the walkway is. It's all about trust and positive training. Fear never taught anyone anything, except more fear.

It's taken both the horse community and the dog community a long, long time to realize that, but I think it's sinking in.

He sure makes a mom and dad proud, doesn't he? Remember when he was just a little niblet eating grass while lying on his side? They grow up so fast!!!!!! :-)


what a lovely video to see...
makes my day and warms my heart.

Here is proof that blindness should not equal euthanasia. That's so incredible. Oh, and A VIDEO!!!

Cash, you're such a good boy!:-)

Thank you, Barbara & Steve, for this great video.

I've been following Cash's progress since he arrived at RDR.To see him all grown up and doing so well brought tears to my eyes.Good boy Cash. We are all so very, very proud of you!!

I think there must be an enormous amount of trust between Cash and his rider.

Heart warming beyond description. Cash looks wonderful!!!

I hope Cash is as proud of himself as we all are. Good boy indeed !!! Thank you Will !!

What an amazing video - especially the "obstacle"! Cash is going to turn into a great riding horse!

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