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March 21, 2010


Awww...little Timmy.
I can see him holding is paw up to you, showing you his "owie".
Bless his heart.
I know surgery will be soon for him, it will also bring relief.

Poor little Timmy! I'm glad you are getting your surgery sooner than expected so you can get on with your new life at RDR!!! And, in the words of Tiny Tim from Christmas Carol...God Bless Us Everyone! I'll be praying the surgery goes good & whatever it is that is bugging you will soon be gone!

Timmy is just so adorable...look at that sweet face! So glad that he'll be getting that leg taken care of soon and he'll be well on his way to running and romping with the best of them!

Timmy- you wear it all with style, :). Hoping this is all behind you as soon and as well as possible! No shame; hugs!

They "talk" to us in so many ways... but sometimes not in the way you'd like. Hang in there boy!

Perhaps boredom is partly to blame. I can't imagine how difficult it is for both the dog (and the person) to NOT play/run/jump and all that other fun stuff while undergoing heartworm treatment.

One of the many reasons I really admire you guys is how you've learned medical skills, including stocking basic meds, so that all the animals can receive care and comfort immediately. Thank you Steve and Alayne. Please give Timmy a kiss for me.

Oh Dude, not the Cone of Shame!

Hang in there buddy!

Our animal friends are much more intelligent than we give them credit. Timmy knew that treatment for Heartworms was priority one. Now that the treatment was successful and he's been given the green light, he's ready to face the next phase of getting the party started. I think he's just giving you a friendly reminder, "Excuse me, but this foot, uh, it's a problem and I really think I need to have someone take care of this."
Hang in there Timmy, no one has forgotten. We're just all sending you lots of love and hugs to prepare you for the next treatment.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Hang in there will be are all in our thoughts and prayers...what a sweetie!

Dear Timmy, always bear in mind that three-legged creatures are the best!:-)

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, wishing you a speedy recovery after your surgery is done, little guy.

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Oh Timmy.. you poor poppet.. let's get that leg of ASAP!

Oh Timmy you look so young and full of life! Sorry for your discomfort but not that much longer!! You are in GREAT hands Timmy!!

Poor sweet little guy.....I'm praying for him!

Every since we heard the story of Timmy, I have wanted that leg off but then it got postponed due to the heartworms and I was bummed. I am so excited that he will be FREE of his bum paw and able to run full-speed sooner! Hang in there Timmy boy.....we are all rooting for you!

So sorry to hear that your paw is causing you so much discomfort Timmy.

Just hang in there. Soon you will be feeling better and better. And thank you for posing for the sweet picture for us.

Poor little guy told you that it is time for that worthless paw(and attached leg)to go. I believe you read from his actions what he needs. He may not be able to tell you if it itches, tingles or hurts but he sure told you what needs to happen next. Good for you. Good for him. What an awesome team you all are. Best of luck to Mr. Timmy.

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