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March 25, 2010


Great news; I'm sure Timmy feels a lot better now!!

All right!
Can't wait for him to come home and be completely comfortable in his body.

Thanks for the update about Timmy. What a relief it must
be for him. For you 2 also.
He is one lucky pup to have
you 2 as his guardian angels.
You are incredible.

So happy to hear Timmy's ssurgery went well, and he is finally on his way to a painfree wonderful life @ RDR!! Looking forward to more happy updates about Timmy!!

Yay for Timmy! So wonderful that the surgery is over and was successful and that he will be coming home soon to start the best life he's ever known!

So glad Timmy's surgery went well. You people do an amazing job..can't praise you enough. Wish I was rich...I'd send you millions. Get so much enjoyment out of your blogs and reading your sanctuary

Yay for Timmy. Thanks for taking him in.

Upon reflection, Widget DOES look like she's winking!

I'm glad he will be free of pain and healthy again very soon...can't wait to see his picture!

It's great to hear that Timmy's surgery went smoothly and that he'll soon be home again, ready to enjoy life to the fullest.:-)

Please give him a biiiiig hug from me.

I hope we see a picture of Timmy when you get to bring him home,I'll bet he will be so happy to be back and to be able to enjoy life once again! Go Timmy we are all pulling for you!!!

So glad Timmy's surgery went well & hope he is home soon!!!

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