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March 02, 2010


Timmy I hope the time flies by & you will be racing as fast as you can around RDR....many hugs & prayers for a speedy recovery & for the pain you might experience now to be little or none!

Thank you for caring for Timmy & making it possible for him to have a healthy life.

Thank you for taking care of Timmy.


Timmy, I'm sending you huge hugs and positive vibes for your upcoming treatments. I'm sorry that whomever had you before was such a nasty, careless person to not make sure that you got Heartworm preventative treatment! That always makes me so mad. Ignorance is not always bliss when it comes to things like that. I'm so sorry that you're going to have to go through all that, but I know you are going to get the best possible care. You're in the finest place right now, so try to relax, sweet boy. Your life has just become better than your finest dream!
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Please keep us updated on the progress of all the new dogs at RDR. It absolutely makes my day. And thank you both for all you do for these animals!

Is it true that the heartworm test can't determine the level of infestation (larvae or worms)? Our chocolate lab/something mix showed up heartworm positive and went through the treatment. We never did crate him, just didn't allow him to run or over exert. He sailed through just fine.

RDR is on the main homepage of Best Friends website today!!

Thoughts and prayers for Timmy!

Thankfully Timmy is now in your - and your wonderful vet's - good hands!

Bless all the humans who worked to save Timmy so he could live out the rest of his life at RDR...from now on he will be loved and cared for in a wonderful home!!!

Hope Timmy's feeling well soon. Thanks for what you guys do. Every day is like a miracle.

Thanks for the update, Steve.

Poor Timmy, he's not going to have much fun in the next few weeks...:-/

But once he's heartworm free and recovered from his amputation, he'll be a rolling dog in no time, that's for sure!:-)

I'll be keeping Timmy, too, in my thoughts and prayers.

Bless his little heart, he has so much to deal with. But with all the wonderful medical care, love and affection, he'll be bouncing around soon! Sending good vibes for a successful heartworm treatment and surgery.

He has the sweetest, calmest, most adorable face!!! I'm so glad he's found Rolling Dog!

How does one make sure an active young dog gets bedrest? That sounds like a tall order, but I am sure that you 2 are well versed and practiced on how to do that. Poor Timmy sitting in a crate for months. Surely the outcome will be positive.
Has Ella warmed up to her new human family members yet? How is her mobility?
Have you chosen new names for Stevie and Helen yet? How are they doing?
How is Miss Widget? Somehow I am certain that she has adjusted very well. Thank you very much.
I hope the twine issue is behind you now. You have too many other things to focus on, I am sure.
Best wishes.

Heartworm positive. I might have guessed. Just like Ella.
I'm sending a small donation towards their treatment. Thank you again for all you do.

Timmy (I love the name Timmy), you will be all right with three legs. It doesn't seem to slow anyone down and it sure sounds like a good idea to get rid of that bad one that you have. Then you'll really be able to run like the wind and enjoy yourself. Which you're going to do for the rest of your life anyway.

I know the confinement for heartworm will be tough, but you'll look back on it and won't even remember it. Get well soon, sweet boy. I want to see some Timmy action shots real soon.

Oh, poor Timmy! Trauma and a bum leg that has to come off are quite enough, I think; the heartworm truly adds insult to injury! I hope he will tolerate the cage rest for so long, although he may actually welcome it. Hang in there, Timmy, ol' boy!

Thank you Steve.....I have been waiting for a Timmy update. That is too bad he has many dogs do not seem to get the preventative measures to stop this plague. Poor babies like him have to suffer the results. I am so looking forward to the day his leg is out of the way and he can run like the wind.

Sweet little boy! We'll be praying for his quick recovery and then his surgery.

What???? No words about twine today?? You are a good sport! We just love ribbing you, cause we love your posts that keep us chuckling and bring joy to our day!

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