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March 23, 2010


That is really amazing!
These three are going to have a great time together.
Oh, and hopefully Kate and Wendy too. Barrooo!!!

Gayle: Yes they do. Baron will "hear" something and will race out the dog door, run around the yard and bark. Who knows what prompts it!

What a wonderful thing for people & doggies. Need to put Baron in the middle & you will get the perfect "Oreo".

Many more blessings to them all!!!

Luke and Stoney look like twins! Let's just hope they don't decide to tag-team wrestle the much smaller Baron!

Ok I posted my comment earlier but I have a really dumb question... do blind and deaf dogs ever bark..great to see Baron again.

Those are two of the most beautiful, shiny, black labs I've ever seen (except mine of course!!). And that Baron has got to be one of the cutest dogs in the world. Lucky dogs, lucky ladies. Best wishes to all and thanks for sharing your story.

Too funny, Three blind dogs, Three blind dogs (think three blind mice......)

Luke and Stoney were at the Ranch at the same time and even in the same dog yard I think, but I dont think Baron had arrived until after I had adopted Luke. Luke is really enjoying all the new and old friends he is living with now. In fact I slept in until 11am the other morning with all 4 dogs in bed with me! (daisy is not pictured in the photo above, shes a sweet little dog with no "disability")

What a beautiful threesome!

What a darling picture - Baron is such a little munchkin - would love to see a picture with Kate and Wendy in it too. :) I love happy endings - don't we all.

Remember the TV show "That's Incredible"? Seems this story would fit right in!

And I thought Nevada was a small town! This is a case of kismet to be sure... the planets aligned in just the right way. I just love it when that happens.

The photo is awesome and I look forward to updates from this trio!

LOVE this story...LOVE these dogs...LOVE RDR!!!

How amazing!

How Sweet

Some things are destined to be! How wonderful that everyone was able to get together and have RDR in common!

Birds of a feather flock together!! Great story for everybody!!! Love the pictures!!

This is just too cool!

These guys are going to have a lot to talk about and a lot of catching up to do.

Wow - how I hope this works out for all of the household. As a proud, native Montanan, I believe this small town story.

Luke is one cool dude to adapt to the new home and K9 roomies.

With all due respect to my own pack and favorite dogs - Baron is about the cutest dog I have ever seen. Stoney and Luke are lab ("schmab") cool and gorgeous!

Enjoy your time together. RDR Alumni are the best!!

What a small world - and a great photo! I know all the names but don't know if the doggies were all at the Ranch at the same time before being adopted. My guess is no because I don't recall hearing much about Luke. I was wondering if they were and if they remembered one another. Hey, it's possible. But they are happy together now and that's what matters.

The odds are better than you might think at first. The longer I live, the more times I see and hear of these miraculous matchups. There really are no coincidences in this universe. So happy for the dogs and the people roomies.

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