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March 08, 2010


Thanks for the laugh with the outtakes. Madison & you all look great in every picture. Madison is such a sweet dog & she just enjoyed being alone with you all & getting all the attention.

A couple of years ago my niece wanted to get a professional picture of her kids w/ their great-grandmother. Her littlest one would not stop crying so they gave her pretzels which was her favorite treat. So, all the pictures have her brother & her great-grandmother both very poised along with little Gabi shoving the pretzel at the camera or happily munching. Hilarious & very memorable pictures as are all of these outtakes. Those kinds of pics are to be treasured because they all tell a story!!!

Love the pictures. I have the same problem trying to take pictures of my 3 dogs together at one time. I think I've gotten one good picture out of who knows how many I took! Madison is such a cutie!

Obviously one on one time is extremely exciting for Miss Madison.
She obviously liked being Queen Dog for the Day. What a sweet heart.

Years ago, my friends' kids were toddlers. They were trying to get "the" picture for a Christmas card, and it wasn't working. To bribe them, they gave the kids candy. Well, you can guess which photo ended up on the card-two kids happily munching candy! I love that photo because it's so real. So thanks for the treat of showing us the "real" photos behind the newsletter. :)

Steve, I'm glad you posted the "out takes" I was laughing as I was reading the blog. I was getting as frustated as you were during the "photoshoot". Alayne your smile was great!! HA.. :)

LOL. That's pretty typical. You're sure they're going to be so photogenic but they ignore that camera like the plague. Madison is more of a candid camera girl. She likes the pictures taken when she doesn't have to pose for them. :) Can't wait to receive my newsletter!

Love these! Reminds me of trying to control my dog at the vet's. They call him "wiggleworm" in our hearing; I'm sure they have another word for it in his case file... Looks like you have her pretty well subdued in that final photo!

Sometimes you just have to throw in the doggie towel after 75 tries; it's a great shot of you three!
Thanks for the photo shoot Laura. : )

What fun seeing all that you & Alayne go through just to get a photo for the Newsletter! Now we have more of an idea what a labor of love those photos really are! I must say, Alayne, you look great, no matter what Madison was doing. I wish I were as photogenic as you. Maybe Madison just wanted everyone to see all the great things that she can do. Thanks for all that you go through to get us just the right shot!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

You all look so cute, in each of the photos:)) Madison was obviously too excited about the photo-shoot.

Hahaha, all this and NO other animal near to help you two and Madison out? Oh dear...

Cute pictures, all of them!

Every picture is a WINNER in my book. Madison is truly a love bug!!!

Madison is so cute in all of the photos! Maybe Hollywood will come calling....!!

I'm so glad to hear some news about Madison, she's such a sweet girl.

What's that blue thing on the hay in the first few photos... on the right side?

A ball of blue BALING TWINE?!!!!!

LOL - couldn't resist, sorry...

Madison is a cutie patootie! I bet she couldn't settle down because of the twine laying around... :-)

It may be apocryphal, but wasn't it W.C. Fields who said, "Never work with children or animals."!

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