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March 09, 2010


Helen I'm happy you are getting back your strength & for a good report. Keep up the good fight, sweetheart & sending lots of prayers & love your way for continued good reports. And, love the message you sent...

I think of Helen almost every day so I am thrilled with an update. I had to laugh at that first pic. With her "colic" standing straight up, she looked like she had just rolled out of bed, and a candid pic was taken before she could "comb" her hair. I think I have a few pictures of myself with the very same look on my face! She's a doll!!!

The first picture of Helen looks like she just ordered a beer...and the second picture looks like she just finihsed it off... Cheers to Helen! LB:)

Thanks for updating on sweet Helen. So happy the news is good. Keep on keepin' on Helen!

I'm not sure how old Helen is but if she is older and this chemo will only give her a few more months, shouldn't those months be spent without the chemo enduced illness that she is now enduring?

Helen - take care! Thanks for the kiss - right back at you sweetie~~

Stay strong, Helen. We are all rooting for ya, baby girl.

Yay Helen!!!! She really is a fighter, isn't she?

She will tell you when it is her time. In the bottom picture, i think she is saying decisively that she is still alive and kicking (licking)!!

If I was to have a 'favorite', it would be Helen. Such a kind face and an awesome spirit. Sending warm, healthy thoughts from Texas, sweet girl....

HA - Love this picture and the wonderful news! You go Helen!! - would you please show that face to my boss.

She is so lovely :) I am glad to hear that her treatment has been so effective! I hope she continues to do well and wait to hear what the next steps are for her.

Ah, sweet Helen. You hang in there sweetheart.

Hang in there Helen! My dog, Jack, is going through chemo and fully appreciates how much it can mess you up inside. For him, it's anemia.

Thank goodness there's no sign of any more tumors!

What really strikes me about this post is that it is really excellent that when you choose such a beautiful place to start the ranch. There are so many good Vets close. Helen continue to be better and big hugs to you

Helen, have been through such a battle...we are all praying you are on the road to a complete recovery...I just wish I could hug the stuffin out of you! Keep up the good work!!

So glad Helen is doing better. I've been wondering about her.
I hope you get the kidney issue resolved quickly.

What a brave girl! It's great to hear that no other tumor was found.

As always, thank you SO much for taking such good care of your furkids.

Keep up the good fight, Helen!

The love and care you give her are the best cure there is. ... medicines don't hurt either:)

I don't blame you, Helen, not one little bit! :) Glad for the good news and hope it just keeps coming!

hi Helen,

It is so nice to see you....seems like such a long time since we heard news about you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you sweet girl! Congrats on all the good news with those tests.

Thank you for an update on Helen. If she's acting like she's feeling good then I'd bet she is feeling good. And that's good enough for me. Thank you for giving her the best care she could get anywhere!

We love you Helen. You are one fantastic Rottie girl!!!

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