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March 30, 2010


Another laugh out loud moment....Goldie's hard to get attitude is what makes the little ones love her so much. But, I can see why....she is so sweet & such cuddly gal!!! This also made me miss sweet, sweet Oscar!

Just adorable...unconditional love at its best!

How adorable. And funny!

I loved the story of Goldie and Bailey but I had never read your post about the death of Oscar.
I too am sitting in my office tearing up and hoping no one comes in until I can compose myself. If there are angels on earth then surely Oscar was one. His spirit is still at RDR, snuggling with Goldie and Bailey.

Steve - you are the most creative writer and just bring these precious stories to life! Thank you for all you do.

These postings make my day!

May I say I think this is an excellent post. I just love when you reference previous blog stories. I found myself clicking backwards from Oscar's story. Oddly, somehow I ended up reading your July 5, 2006 post which is the story of how you got Goldie.

Why have you removed the Gone But Not Forgotten section?

What a sweet boy! I got choked up reading of Baily's devotion to Goldie. And then when clicked on the link for a previous story about Oscar, I cried again. (I hope no one walks in my office until I've composed myself again.) Thank you for sharing your stories about your wonderful creatures (especially those doxies!).

No conditions with this love...beautiful!

Goldie must taste more delicious than other dogs! =-}

Absolutely Precious! Love the narration to go with this picture!
Sweet Oscar was "One Of A Kind."

Too funny and oh so sweet.

We females rarely go for the guy who worships the ground we walk on.....we prefer the ones who are a bit harder to get.....

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