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March 15, 2010


Ah, only you could pull this off, Widget! What a great picture. So glad you are doing well!

You are so funny! I'm sure she is dreaming of cookies from heaven now that you mention it. I'm glad she is doing well, she sure looks relaxed in the picture.

Anyone remember the first season of Saturday Night Live.... "Hmmm, Coneheads... yes, we are the coneheads...we come from France.... yeah, that's it, France."

Widget, keep your head up.... Your mom and dad will be tossing some tasty treats your way.

"A girl is never to young to start getting little nips and tucks to improve her appearance! Once my bonnet is removed, I'll be ready for my close-ups, Mr. DeMille."

Oh, NO. We slipped into 4th place in the shelter challenge?! How the heck did that happen?? Time to regroup, people!

Thanks for the update on Widget. I don't know a dog alive who doesn't hate those hard plastic cones. I'm sure you've all heard of soft cones. Most vets have them now but you have to specifically ask for them. If you want to order your own, Dr. Fosters and Smith (It's a Web site! You can Google it) carries them too. BTW, not to name drop them too much, but they have the absolute cheapest prices anywhere for flea and tick meds with no sales tax and free shipping. Just an FYI to all you pet owners out there. :)

I reread this blog entry this morning and have another comment if I may.

It occurs to me that it really takes some confidence and guts to be bossy with a goofy looking cone on your head. Widget must get away with it because most of her subordinates are blind! LOL

HAHAHA - this story and pic cracked me up. Adversity breeds ingenuity! I don't see any fidget in Widget here - she looks very comfy.

Great picture & love the thoughts she is more than likely having!!! So glad to hear she is doing so well!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Atta girl, Widget!

Very few could pull this off; Widget certainly can!
We can't wait to see her sweet face ~ we're thrilled she's doing well and thinking about food and napping, as usual. ; )

Widget, doing her impersonation of a Venus Fly Trap.

Widget look comfortable. What a cute picture.

So glad to hear! She has commandeered the chair, I see.

What an adorable snapshot! So glad to hear that Widget's doing fine.:-)

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Thank you so much for the laugh out loud. I've been working on my taxes for the last several hours and finally took a long overdue break. This photo of Widget was just what I needed! Thank you sooooo much! Now please give everyone big warm hugs for me.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Looks like Widget's cup is half full - of widget. Get well soon!

Nothing like a belly laugh right before shutting down the computer for the day. Thanks Steve (and you too, Widget!)

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