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March 28, 2010


What a fantastic testimony - showing yet another wonderful achievement at RDR. I am very happy for Ella that with time she is learning to trust humans.

Oh my - I am going to go through RDR blog withdrawl! While I completely understand, selfishly I will miss the daily blogs. I feel somehow "connected" to the ranch through the blogs.

Thanks for all that you do for these wonderful animals!!

It is great to see Ella making such progress. It must make you and Alayne feel great to know you're earning her trust. You both do such great work! I can only wonder what Madison must have thought though when you'd send her outside only to call her right back in...

Patience and a little love go a long way,bless you Ella and all at the RDR that have helped her come so far.

I've recently had the exact same experience with my foster dog who was timid and skittish when he first came to me - now of all my dogs he is the most demanding of my attention and affection! It's a great feeling when they start trusting you and enjoying life...

Reading this update on Ella made me cry. It just does the heart good when "the disability" in their head can slowly be cured with love & trust. Madison is a wonderful ambassador to Ella & I'm so glad Ella has sweet Madison to learn the ropes from. Seeing her relaxing on the couch just makes my heart swell.

I will miss the blog on Tues & Thurs. I read your blog every day & even when you take a week off for vacation/holiday or the weekend I miss you. But, the whole point of RDR is to give time, attention, love & caring to those furry friends we all enjoy reading so much about. So, if us missing a blog 2 days a week means more time for their care then that is all that matters to me.

Congratulations on all the blogs that have been posted & I am so happy I discovered you all a few years ago. RDR changed my life in so many ways. And, I have said it before but visiting one day is a dream of mine.

What a great story! Ella knows she has a wonderful home and nothing but good things lie ahead for her!

You are supported and watched; I can only stay in the background because what you do for the fur-kids makes my chest tight each time I visit. This time I had to write for I am working with a 17 year old Sheltie/long haired Dachshund mix that has taken 5 years to become social. Sometimes it takes longer to overcome a history of pain and mistreatment but it seems always possible with patience and love. What is most astounding is the ability of these creatures to always eventually forgive and learn to trust again. How lucky are we who see it and are privy to such special reaction when it happens. Thank you both for all you do.

Bravo Ella and Madison!! Such a wonderful update. Ella is home and part of the family!!

Look forward to M-W-F........

So happy to hear Ella has begun to put her past behind her and trust in people again. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about her and the experiences she had that made her fearful.
I too will miss the daily blog but understand the value of your time. I'm sure all the citizens of RDR will appreciate receiving more of your care and attention.

What a great friend and teacher Madison is. Maybe sometime Ella will be that role model for another shy and traumatized dog.

Major breakthroughs in such a relatively small span of time too.

This entry will now have to last until Steve writes the next one. I'll probably re-read older entries on the "off" days.

I understand the need to cut back.
Hooray for Ella! She is making great strides. the buddy system does work! LOL! Or is that monkey see, monkey do?

When you post such lovely stories like these, I don't care how often you post!! It's always so nice to hear how they are coming along!

Madison sounds like a wonderful teacher - Ella is lucky to have her!!

The buddy system works! Hurrah for Ella and Madison!

Happy for Ella, sad for us. We read your blogs first thing each day, how are we going to survive without our daily updates, tears and joys?! We KNOW you need time and the only way to create some is cut something else out and we surely understand it. But it doesn't mean we have to like it; we'll miss you two days a week!! :-(

I've been hoping for an update on Ella. I just knew she'd come around. It still makes me get teary eyed thinking of how frightened and hurt she's been in the past.
I wonder if Madison knew she was teaching and helping Ella??
On previous blog holidays I've enjoyed randomly clicking on past entries in your archives. I guess that's what I'll do on Tues and Thurs. :-)

What a little doll Ella is - I am so happy she is relaxing more and more. I would have a hard time not petting her all the time! And hugs to Madison, the helper. Will miss your daily inspiring stories but have no doubt you have MUCH to do every day - thank you for your loving and hard work.

Great job with Ella. Madison is a great teacher and you 2 are wonderfully patient and kind. While I will miss your daily blogs...I can only imagine how busy you are with all of your charges and your property. You are exceptional people doing an exceptional job. My hat is off to you both.

What you do day in and day out is hard work but the dogs like Ella hold a special reward. Nothing else makes the heart soar like trust regained. Dogs are not only here to teach us unconditional love but they also carry a powerful lesson in leaving the past in the past.

Congratulations in showing that once again, love conquers all.

As others have said, I will miss your daily postings, but that you keep this up the way you do is miraculous. Just goes along with all the rest you guys do! God bless you and your work and your every breath.

Oh - so bummed about not getting to read a blog story EVERY day! But this happy story about little Ella will hopefully hold me over till Wednesday morning. Thank you for loving God's creatures so much!!

This is wonderful Steve. The first thing I do every morning when I get to work is check the RDR blog. So, by my way of thinking I only have to come to work three days a week. Excellent. (at least that is what i am telling my boss.) I honestly cann't think of anything more rewarding then earning the trust of an abused or scaried animal. Good work you guys.

Hooray for Ella! So glad she has Madison to show her the ropes. Every kid needs a good mentor.

We enjoy your blogs, Steve, but I certainly appreciate the time involved and I'd rather have you devote your time to the business of running the ranch. 3 blogs a week will be tough for us but somehow we'll manage and adjust. Besides, you need more time for all of that Ella-petting!

Awww, that made me tear up! I'm so happy for Ella.

That's great news on Ella ~ great role modeling, Madison!

We'll miss your postings Tues & Thurs., but we know you have much to do on the ranch and we DO appreciate all the updates, animal love shares and photos you post.

Just shows what happens when humans betray a trust and also what a little bit of love can help return it. Thank you for all you do!!

Darn...what in the world will I do? Your blog is the very first thing I do when I get to the computer every day...I will miss it on the days you are "off"...yeah, like you ever get that kind of break.

Perhaps Alayne can post on Tuesdays & Thursdays? I know there are many like me who look forward to reading your blog each day. LOVE the RDR!!!

What wonderful news about Ella. It's so great to know that she's been watching Madison and taking her clues from her. The blind leading the sighted in this case, but whatever works. She's so beautiful and peaceful looking in that photo.
I totally understand why you are scaling back on your posting. I don't have a clue how you do all that you accomplish! By all means, the animals come first, but take some time for yourselves as well.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations Steve! That is an enormous amount of love and information poured in words, for us readers to enjoy and learn from. Thank you for all that effort!

(And I still keep my fingers crossed that you will find a publisher one day!!)

What a wonderful, wonderful way to start my week!! I've been thinking a lot about Ella lately and I'm soooo happy to read that she's feeling more confident and relaxed with each passing day. Ah, the power of love...:-)

Thanks a lot, Steve & Alayne, for giving her so much loving. And congratulations to Maddy for being such a good teacher.;-)

To see an animal start to trust is a beautiful thing! Good for you to take the blogs down to 3 days a week but sad for us who need our RDR fix on a daily basis! I'll look forward to the days you do blog!

Well done Ella!! And big ups to Madison for showing her the ropes!!

Those breakthrough moments with dogs who have been traumatized by people make it all worth it! You guys are wonderful! and Im so happy for Ella that shes finally experiencing the love and affection she has always deserved.

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