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April 07, 2010


So glad to hear that Dexter is okay, not just because he's a cutie, but because I have a senior Doxie (14) and as she has always maintained a good weight, she too is on the skinny, almost boney side. She eats like theres no tomorrow and gets around perfectly, but it has been a bit of a concern. Knowing Dexter is okay, just confirms what I believed about Lily. Cute thing is they look exactly alike...gotta love those white faces. Good luck with the move and I send you blessings for all you do!

I'm so glad that Dexter is doing good & nothing was wrong. His look in the pic during the ultra-sound is quite indignant with all the fuss. But, Dexter, to us humans it just makes us rest easier if we suspect something & get it checked out. So, Dex, you are a trooper for putting up w/ worrisome parents. Steve & Alayne this is one of the things I appreciate & love about you. Not only are you doing your daily functions to care for these furry friends but you all are so involved w/ each & every one of them to take notice of the small changes that can happen & stay on top of them to ensure the welfare & health of each one of your residents. God bless you for all you do each & every day. Also, Steve, please don't apologize for being late on postings during this move. We all understand this is quite an undertaking & we love reading the posts but 1st & foremost take care of you all & all the little critters.

Hi. I just read about Dexter. Did he get his heart checked out while at the vet's? If his right valve is affected he could have some fluid in his abdomen and the belly could be a result from that. My late dachshund had that problem.
If it's just age related muscle waste, a supplement (check with vet) like L Carnitine helps regain muscle. That, along with short walks and a bit of exercise can make dogs regain muscle within a month. It also helps with cardiac problems (the heart is muscle).

We can't believe that Dexter is a senior! He looks to be a pup,so you must tske awfully good care of him!
All the best on your latest adventure!

How old is our Dexter? I still would love to adopt him! Fat chance.....Over your dead bodies!.....Okay! I get it! Back to the question, about how old is Dex?

Dexter is such a cutie! Glad that all is well with him.

Enjoy the rest of your travels!

Hmmm...methinks that despite his blindness, Dexter can still sense that he's got a pink leash, and is rather miffed! But he's so darling, I just want to reach out and rub his cute little tummy!

Rest well, drive safe ... and enjoy all the little pit stops along the way. "Rolling Dog Ranch Road Trip, Part I." Oh yeah! Won't all the little noses (and big horsey ones, too!) be going wild once they all arrive at their new home? Oh my gosh! What adventures lie ahead! God bless you and keep you all safe.

I hope you went to the Spam museum. :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to blog as you travel. I hope you can't tell how many times someone checks your blog or you will surely think I'm a looney bird. It's just that reading about your sanctuary has made such an impact on my life.

Great news about little Dexter. He sure is a cutie!

Did you bring a traveling companion? perhaps Madison??

I've asked St Francis (my go to guy for all things animal related) to watch over you and Alayne as you transition to phase two of your mission.

Much respect and admiration sent to you from down south!

I think Dexter might be upset about the PINK leash. He needs something a little more masculine :-) I'm glad to hear he got a clean bill of health. Be safe on the road Steve, and Alayne - good luck holding down the fort!

So glad little Dexter is doing fine! I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight.

Safe travels! I still can't get over how beautiful your new place is and can't wait for everyone to get moved out there. Let the adventures begin!!!

Wow you sure are traveling fast. Hope all is well with you and all is well back at the ranch with Alayne and company. Rolling Dog Ranch is where the HEART is.


We wish you the best of luck on your move. If we ever get to New Hampshire we will stop for a visit. When you get time can you post how Timmy is doing?

Tammy and Jay

Hurry up and get to NH so I can meet Dexter (he reminds me of Oscar) And please give us a new address soon... you need a Red Sox hat and I would be more then happy to send it welcome to Red Sox Nation!!

Maybe little Dexter just looks too thin because you are comparing him to the other "more robust" doxies you have...robust, yeah that's it, not,no,
Seriously, it's always good to have medical validation of good health...maybe you will worry just a tiny bit less.
Can't wait for everyone to get settled in to their new home...I just know it is the right move!

Be safe...I image you will hate to lose all your wondeful vets! As I am quite sure they will miss you all as well!

Dex is a handsome little man! Glad all is okay with him.

I've had internet problems and heard about your move. Now I've seen your pictures and Wow! is all I can say.

Aw, Dexter's such a little cutie. Even with all the move-related things that you must be occupied with you're still keeping us updated on the animals.

I'm overwhelmed just thinking about what you and Alayne have accomplished and all the planning while still caring for all the animals.

I don't think Rolling Dog is just a place in Montana, it's where a lot of us want to be. An animal sanctuary is a fantasy that lots of us want to imagine ourselves running, but it's not all fun and play. Reading your posts about the actual day to day work involved lets us know all that you do.

I look forward to your posts to let us catch up with the animals after you all get settled at the Rolling Dog Ranch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a perfect move.

If home is where the heart is, then Rolling Dog is where the open arms are.

Don't worry about posting. Just make sure you have a safe trip. We're all praying for you out there and that this whole move turns into the true blessing we all hope for.

I waved when you went through Rapid City, did you see me? LOL

So glad that Dexter is fine. I know about your concern when a dog does things & his body doesn't reflect what he's doing. When I checked the blog before I went to bed around 0530, I figured you were on the road, having some sort of internet snafu. Be safe, Steve. We understand that your a man on a mission, so just do what you have to do. We know that you are doing a lot right now, and trust that no news is great.
Happy hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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