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March 24, 2010


It looks to me like she has even MORE personality with her winky-wink. Is that possible?!
Let's hope so!
She's beautiful.

Widget is such a cutie. Give her a big hug for me.

So many things in life are based on looks,it is really what is on the inside that's counts and I think Widget is beautiful winking or no winking.I'm glade she is pain free in her eye now.You take such wonderful care of all your critters.

Widget you are as adorable as ever & the permanent wink only adds that much more to your one-of-a-kind personality!!! Many kisses & hugs to the sweet Widget!!! Arrrrgh!!! You'll need to learn to growl/bark in pirate now....

First time I saw the picture I thought "hey, that's not bad!" I had worried about how she might look. Now when I look again, with her head cocked sideways like that, she looks like she's winking to make the point "see, I'm STILL the cutest one here!".

Widget is simply as beautiful as ever! I like Debbie's comment "Perpetual Wink" perfect for such a cutie! I just love the look......

Ahoy Me Hearties!! Widget you look as adorable as ever, maybe more so.. I hope you have put in an order for a selection of patches for your eye!!

Widget- you are even more adorable if that is possible!

We hope you are feeling great and excited about the warmer weather coming.

Much love to you little Twinkle!

She looks very flirty, winking at all of us that were so worried. If you do get her an eye patch, put bling on it as she is all girl!

She looks great. Perky as ever. Thank you for sharing a pic of her. I've been waiting. Lucky girl.

Sweet Widget! My blind mare just had her right eye removed due to glaucoma. It's still odd to see an eye from one side but not from the other...

Precious Widget, you look just as beautiful as you always have! Now it looks like you are just 'winking' at us! So happy your surgery went well, you are out of pain and the 'cone' is gone! Now you are back home with Mom and Dad and keeping everyone in line! Blessings,

CutER than ever, I think :)

Is anyone else having trouble opening the link to vote in the shelter challenge? I tried it in a bunch of different links and I keep opening to an error page.

BTW, Wid is the cutest! Maybe an eye patch for Halloween with her own little mini sword. :)

Widget's star quality will always be obvious! She is adorable as always.

ARGH! Widget me girl, shiver me timbers and all dachshunds must walk the plank! Argh!

psst. Steve has your rum. ;)

She looks great!! As you said, as cute as she ever was. I bet she feels soooo much better too.

This is so precious. She really is a beauty!

well, of course she's as cute as ever! From a furmommy of THREE beagles!

She is beautiful!!!!

She is still a love bug!!!

She is just as beautiful as ever. Thank you.

This is an adorable picture...Widget with a perpetual wink....

She's happy she will be comfortable now. :)

I don't know...she might be even cuter than she was before!!! "DARLING" is right!!!

She is still adorable... looks like she just winked at me.))

Looks like she's winking at us now!

WINK right back at you Widget!!!

She will always be an adorable Princess. I think Emmett has a bit of a crush on her.

Widget is an absolute doll with her permanent wink! I'm so very glad she's healing fast. That's good-looking wound, clean and not swollen or inflamed. Hugs to all at RDR!

I think she looks like she is winking at us. What a sweetheart. I have a border collie/beagle and she has a very similar attitude. We just call her HRH Miss Princess Libbey and let it go at that.

Of course she's as cute as ever. And that pose makes her look likes she's winking at us, like we're in on her secret. How irresistible! And the most important thing is that she's pain free and well. (and still cute!) Good to see she's still Widget!

Beautiful, beautiful girl!

I'm so glad she has healed so well from her surgery. Now she can carry on as her pirate self (bossy, but so cute that who cares) :) Widget, you are beautiful inside and out!

You're right Steve - she's still a cutie! I had a one-eyed dachshund several years ago and he was one of my favorites.

What a sweetie.

Thank you, thank you for posting a follow-up picture of Widget! She really is just as adorable as ever, and I'm so glad that she is healing well.

I think it gives her a certain come hither look. She looks very rakish. She is a sweetheart. Give her an extra rubbie from me and our beagles past and present. Beagles Rule!!

Yup, cute as ever. And I like the idea of an eye patch. Very fashion-forward!!

She IS just as cute as ever. And now she winks at you as she steals your lunch/chair/heart!

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