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March 03, 2010


Ummmmm.....almost sounds like you are unhappy about the warm weather Steve......bite your tongue sir! Here is KC, there are usually a few days per winter I can put the top down on my car but this winter has been hideous. We will take the sun whenever we can get it!

Oh, little Baily you sure do make a gorgeous beach it's time to get Steve to get those beach umbrellas out there along with the "dog-aritas"!!!

I understand the sun worshipping. My cat moves from room to room as the sun moves!!!

The snow looks like a foamy wave coming on shore! Watch out Bailey!!

Bailey is practicing to be a Cabana Boy... or Dog. "Oh, excuse me cute little Cabana dog Bailey, may I please have some more kibble?"

What a darling picture! Our min pin Katie loved sun soaking!

No beach umbrellas yet??? Get on the ball, Steve!!.....and remember to pick up your twine!

OK for all you guys do there for your furry family, I will know you have gone to far when I see a post with a picture of Steve in shorty shorts and a white Shirt being a Cabana boy serveing fruity drinks with little umbrella's and Doggie treats to the critters on the beach while sunning themselves on recliner chairs. There is a line.
LOL Be Safe and be Warm

Hey, I wanna come hang on the beach with Bailey too!! Just like Bailey, I love it hot, hot, hot, too! Sometimes my papa jokes as I lay in the sun and he says, "Do I smell bacon cooking?" Very funny, papa. No, it's just me, you silly! Geesh, I don't think I smell like bacon, but sure love to eat bacon. yum!

Do you surf Bailey? Let's catch a wave sometime!

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

What a great picture of Bailey enjoying the sun. Soon you're going to have a bunch of the dogs out there soaking it in. Time to put out the cabanas and lounge chairs!

Okay, was just on the Best Friends website ( and there's a story in the right-hand column under "News and Features" entitled 'Enabled by love' about RDR!!! It's the slide show that Steve gave us a preview of last week. Go check it out!

"Be careful, you may have to leave your heart there."

Wow! Cute pic, and will definitely trade you the warm temps for the cold ones in DC. We've had record snowfall and an unusually cold winter. Ugh! Spent half the winter shoveling not our driveways, but our back yard so the dogs could take care of business! Glad to see Bailey is enjoying the sun!

Ah, yes, the seduction of "almost" Spring. And then you get walloped with another blizzard . . .

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