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March 10, 2010


Great names! And, I'm so happy they have been adjusting so well. Spencer & Katie you are adorable!!!!

Great names, although you might be showing your age??? :)

Super cute.

Great names, I'm looking forward to hearing more about these two lovely dogs. And how fortunate they are to have found a home with you guys. As an asides, I loved the article and photos in Best Friends Magazine.

Love, love , love. So cute, they make an adorable pair!

That is a wonderful picture, Steve. They make a heart!

I'm not surprised that Spencer and Katie complete their potty duty tout suite - big difference between Louisiana and Montana in February/March.

Spencer and Katie
Absolutely PERFECT!!

Could they be happier anywhere else than on the ranch? Hard to imagine, but if anyone does want to adopt one, they've got to take both. Don't let anyone separate those two!

You gotta call him "Spence" though like she did! Maybe even "Katie" for her......

Love it! Excellent choices. Welcome Spencer and Katie!

Just adorable - love the names - and will enjoy following pictures and stories about these 2!! :)

Looks like a big dollop of cuteness and sweetness has been added to Rolling Dog Ranch.

Welcome home sweeties!!!

As a long-time fan of the human Spencer and Katharine, I applaud your choice of names.

Great names! Adorable picture.

Lovely names for very cute dogs, and now I just hope that somebody special does notice them here (because of course more interested people read your blog) and they will find a home for themselve!

Not that they not very happy here, that is for sure...

Wonderful names for 2 wonderful dogs! What a great picture of them together...they are so cute!

They are so cute together~! Great names for two great pups!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

that is the sweetest picture. You can just see how much they love each other. Fantastic choice of names! A couple of feisty but loveable characters.

I hope Helen continues to do well and have no issues with her kidneys. And what wonderful names for that cute twosome. They certainly seem to have adjusted quickly and seem to be well and happy. They are so cute together and I'm glad they have each other. I'm sure they'll spend more time outside once the weether gets warmer. That's a nice photo of them sleeping together.

Perfect names - perfect dogs : )

Are those the two most ADORABLE doggies. Very dignified with Spencer and Katie! Good choice!!

Enjoy your blog break!

Oh what fabulous names!! They just look so happy!

Welcome officially Spencer and Katie! What cute and smart little fuzzy kids you are!

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