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February 24, 2010


Thank you, Steve, for your honesty about Widget's surgery and your sadness. Thank you also for the reminder that our blind dogs' eyes need regular monitoring. Our hope is that Widget's pain will soon end and I am confident that her new look will be as endearing as her old one, just different.

Widget will always be beautiful. Just like humans, beauty is within the heart and soul...traits that Widget definitely has.... for which she has indeed affected many in the most positive way!

Widget is in my thoughts and my prayer, and so are you guys for having to make such a hard decision. I hope all goes well tomorrow for that sweet little dog.

Best wishes for a painless recovery Sweet Widget. You are a cutie pie with or without those big eyes.
Hugs to you and your mom and dad. I think they will need it more than you will.

Good luck tomorrow, dear Widge.

Oh Widget. I teared up reading this. Luke and I are hoping for her speedy recovery. We'll all love Widget even if she only has one bug eye!

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