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February 24, 2010


I read this on Saturday but many prayers & thoughts for a quick & speedy recovery. And, many thanks to you for making the hard decision knowing her look would change & I know you know this but remember it is still your sweet loving Widget & nothing can change her heart or her personality!

Good thoughts and prayers coming to Miss W who will FLY through this surgery. She is not a beagle for nothing!

Oh Widget! My thoughts are deicated to her and I hope that she will recover quickly so that the pain will go away! It is so sad that sweet Widget has to go through so much..but at least she has you!

Widget is a tough, fussy little beagle and she'll be fine. She has so much fun running RDR she would never dream of leaving you without her leadership.

I totally agree with you! Widget with or without eyes is equally beautiful. Her soul is what is beautiful, not her eyes. Let her not have 1 second of unnecessary pain!

And we all know you two do not demand conventional beauty and perfection and that is why we admire you so.


Widget will now always be winking at you. It will be her way of saying, "Thanks for taking care of me."

She will still have that sweet bossy spirit - you are doing what is best and she will be better for it. I will thinking of all of you.

Not only are our thoughts with you, our prayers are too!

Widget is beautiful inside and out - with or without eyes!

Dear sweet Widget... I'm keeping you in my thought and prayers sweet girl. Your blog family loves you so very much and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Poor sweet Widget! We hope all goes well with her surgery and she makes a speedy recovery! She will always be a cutie, with our without her eyes.

Thank you for all that you do - and for your blog posts that allow everyone to see how sweet and precious these animals are!

I'm so sorry. Wishing you peace and comfort in knowing that you are doing what is best for Widget, and not what you guys would like better. Seeing her healed and pain-free will be so great, you'll be glad you took the hard road.

Good luck Widget! Our prayers and thoughts are with you, and you Steve! You are some guy!! May Spirit be with you always.

Widget girl, I am sending my strongest thoughts to you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Steve, thanks for the info. I learn so much from you guys, more than most vets! I *did* think that once an animal went blind the eye was dead and there was nothing more to worry about. This is such great info to know while my dogs are still young and healthy so I can prepare for the future.

Widget, we're with you in spirit, too, and love you for the fact that you are YOU.

Totally understand your dilemma Steve & Alayne, but so admire your thoughtful decisions for all your animals. This is hard stuff. Never 2nd guess yourself, :). You are awesome.

I cried for Widget and both of you, because Joey, my beagle/doxie has those bug eyes that make me melt. But, I would not want to go through any more pain than necessary, why would I want my buddy to.
I have you all in my prayers.

Steve and Alayne: I am constantly amazed at how brave you are by constantly putting your hearts on the line for the little ones in your care. The decisions are never easy and often second-guessed but you know it is the responsibility that comes with loving and caring for your charges. If it helps, everyones looks change over time whether two, three, or four legged. It's called aging and in my opinion, beats the alternative. Those that love see with the eyes of love and Widget is already fixed in our mind's eye. You all are beautiful!

The most important thing is that Widget gets well soon and with the least amount of pain adn complications. We will all love her the same and so will all her three and four legged friends at the Ranch. Her beauty comes from within and she will always be the same wonderful Widget she always was. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery.

God bless you guys and Widget!

I am thinking of you Widget. You are a beautiful girl and always will be no matter what happens.

I also teared up:( My thoughts & prayers are with Widget, and the two of you. May her recovery be swift and as pain free as possible. She will alway's be sweet little Widget, who brings out the smiles!

You said it yourself Steve, Widget doesn't care what she looks like. But surely she cares that she is in pain. And that is about to be over thanks to her family who loves her no matter what.

Widget will still have the same wonderful energy and love to share. I will be thinking of her and you all today.

I'm sorry this is such a painful decision and painful for Widget, but as you always are making the best decision for her.
Can't change that winning Widget personality though, thank goodness! We're keeping Widget in our thoughts today.

Sometimes it is so hard to make these decisions. Widget will still be her unique self, just feeling much better. I will keep her in my thoughts, and you too, Steve and Alayne.

Widget will be much happier after the surgery. I cried when my dog lost her eye to cancer years ago. I tried everything to postpone the surgery but finally realized there was no choice. Taking her for the surgery appointment was incredibly tough... I felt like I failed her. After the surgery, I couldn't believe how happy she was! I never realized the pain she suffered until the pain was gone. She was like a puppy again.

Hang in there Steve, Alayne, and Widget! I will keep her in my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Thanks you both for making the best choice for Widget. Here's to an easy and speedy recovery!!!!

Widget lovie ~

My goodness, you really cause our hearts to break open deeper and deeper don't you? What a gift you give us.

You and Steve and Alayne will be in out thoughts for a smooth surgery and pain free recovery.

You are deeply loved and I know that you feel that.

So heart wrenching. You all are in my prayers. May you have peace in all of this, and may Widget have a speedy and full recovery. She's going to be just as darling as ever! All of us out here adore her,too! God bless.

You'll still have that great personality!!! Good luck

I'll be praying for her and the two of you. God bless you all.

Best Wishes Widget!

My blind mare just had her right eye enucleated due longtime uveitis that turned into bad glaucoma. She is so much brighter now that the pain is gone. I think I'll get her an eye patch like a pirate wears and have a little fun with it!

She is in the very best of hands for this procedure...and we all will be thinking and praying for a swift, uneventful recovery.

Widget will always be beautiful. Good Luck tomorrow sweet Widget

I'm so sorry to hear that Widget has been having trouble. When our golden suffered a detached retina and then painful glaucoma, my search for solutions pulled up your site and Widget's story. It was because of Widget's then successful experience with the prosthesis that we decided to go that route with our golden--not because of his looks but because goldens use their eyebrows to express themselves. Right or wrong, we thought the sewn-together eyelids might change his experience. Our dog has had a great experience and we thank you and Widget for that. We always knew that we would have made a different decision if it had been our other rescued dog whose experience in a shelter meant he feared hospitalization and procedures. He would have needed the simplest and fastest treatment. You always make the best decision you can for your animals, too, as you're doing once again for Widget.

I teared up, too, as I read it. I wasn't exactly sure which little one has the big bug eyes. I recall the picture of her watching you eat dinner. Of course, now you know she will be focused on you with one eye and will still not miss a thing!

Someone else said, and they are right, that she will never know she doesn't have the eye. She'll be more comfortable. It hurts you because you see her lose something important and visible. But they'll be laughs to have again once she recovers and is pain free. I am sorry though, and will be thinking of her and you guys today.

Widget will look different, certainly, but she will also be relieved of pain and suffering. She will be free to continue a wonderful life filled with love and care.
An that's the whole point of Rolling Dog Ranch, isn't it? My thoughts are with you all today.

Sending prayers out to Widget that all will go well with her surgery. She's still beauiful no matter what!

I quite agree with Cora: Widget will always be her beautiful and adorable self, no matter what.

I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers today and in the coming weeks. I wish her a speedy & uneventful recovery from her surgery.

God bless you all.

that's she will BE larger-than-life beautiful.

As long as Widget has those ears, she will larger-than-life beautiful.

Widget - may you be bathed in enormous love, grace and healing on are so beautiful!

I teared up reading this too and still have a HUGE lump in my throat. Widget will always be Widget--it is sad but you are doing what is best for her--as always! My prayers and thoughts are with her. YES, her new look will be different but as the blog reader states: "just as endearing."

Widget will still be Widget, with or without her eye. Steve and Alayne are doing the right thing; putting Widget's comfort and well being ahead of appearance.

Good luck Widget, a thousand prayers and good wishes are coming your way.

Prayers and blessings from here as well. Sounds to me like Widget is loved for her personality and heart, who she is - not necessarily her looks.. isn't that what all girls want?
Losing an eye won't change who she is, in fact, getting rid of the pain might make her more spunky!!
Good luck to all of you, stay strong. I believe it will go well.

Even without her beautiful bug-eyed look, Widget will still be the adorable, bossy little Napoleon in a Beagle uniform trapped in a dachshund body. I'm sure she won't miss a beat!

Lots of love and light from us down under.

Widget will never know that her eye is missing. She'll just know that you love her. I'm sending good thoughts her way.

Emmett, Moxie and I wish you a speedy recovery, Widget. I know this is hard on your Humans, its just another sign of how much you are loved. Steve: Will she be keeping the prosthetic in her left eye?

Aww... I'm sorry the time has come. She'll still have a perfectly lovely face though!! Many good thoughts and prayers for a quick, successful surgery - and even quicker recovery!!

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