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February 04, 2010


Our boy must have been an inside dog in his early life. Kinda makes the fact he was found alone, at night, at a snowy interstate rest area even more sad. :-(

Thanks for the update on Moose; he's one of my favorites too!

That's so cute! I can relate...I live in the south and when it gets down to 50 degrees I turn my heat on. Keep warm, Moose!

Poor Moose!!! I can't remember - is there a reason why he doesn't have "house privileges"?! There couldn't be a cuter (or colder) pup out there, begging for a nap in front of the fireplace!!!

I'm with ya Moose

Smart dog! Let's hear it for Weather Wusses !!! WHOO HOOOO! :)

Well, I live in Southern California and when it is 60 degrees, it IS frightfully cold! I can relate to Moose!

I don't blame Moose. What a smart boy! I knew he was my favorite for a reason.

Too funny! I was just thinking I had not heard anything about Moose lately - thanks for the hilarious update - I love that dog!

Poor baby!He must be a southern gentleman...notoriously thin blooded!

Hilarious! Moose is such a sweetie and he sounds like a real cuddle bug!

Can some one please find Moose a a retirement home in FL or AZ for the winter.

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