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February 08, 2010


It makes me heart soar to see & read that sweet, little Callie is doing so well. She looks so sweet & cuddly I just want to reach through my computer & give her a kiss! xxoo little Callie. Erin & I love you!

Dear, sweet Callie. It's so good to see her looking so peaceful.

OK.....I will admit it....while I love all the RDR critters, I have a special place in my heart for Miss Callie so I am especially thrilled she is doing so well.

Don't forget to vote daily everyone!

Oh Callie, you are just the sweetest little one- Frankie and I wish we could hug you. Sweet dreams...

Barbara & Frankie

I just love little Callie girl!!!

Sleep well, sweet baby - am so glad Callie is making such good progress!! Love this picture.

Go Callie, Go Callie, Go Callie.....

Way to go, Callie! You've been through a lot and it just takes time to recover. I'm always amazed at the "rebound factor" dogs have.

Good for you Callie.

Go Callie! She looks like a little angel. I am thrilled to see that something that always gave her such enjoyment can now be achieved all on her own.

This is great progress for Callie!

It's such a simple thing that she enjoys doing, it's very heart warming. : )

Awwww... could she possibly be any more content?? What great news too!

What a sweet baby. Way to go Callie!

Nothing is better than a sleeping dachshund in cozy blankets! I am so glad to hear that Callie is doing well. We think about her all the time!
Mary and Marble
Portsmouth, NH

Congrats what a cutie!!!

Maybe radiation affected her balance a little and she was afraid to make the climb? At any rate, it's great news about that sweet little survivor !

Glad she's getting there. Thanks for letting us know.

The OCD post was hilarious. I, too, like symmetry and am put off when something is "off." So glad your camera was at the ready and you could snap that most perfect picture.

I'm so very happy for Callie! It's heartwarming to see her so peaceful & content, blissfully asleep in one of her favourite places...

Please give her a big hug for me.

Be well sweet Callie! Very precious!

Yay! That's wonderful news about Callie. So glad she's coming around to being her old self again! And she's cute as a bug!

It's good to see Callie on a blog post; I have worried about her since her radiation; somehow, I felt she wasn't getting any better or wasn't her old self anymore. Please let us know more about her. Thank you.

Horray Callie! Glad to see you're getting to be more like your noraml self all the time. Sure looks like she's a happy girl. Hope all the others who are recovering are doing well, too.

Sweet, sweet little girl! I just want to snuggle her and shower her with love! Of course, I tend to feel that way about all the RDR dogs...

Bless her heart ~~ she looks so happy and content. It's great she has made so much progress.

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