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February 25, 2010


We're so happy she's home safely and woo-wooing it up!
I'm sure it's a good feeling to have her back as well.

It takes a great love to do what is best for the animal even if it is hard for the human to do so. Thank you for being brave enough to do what was best for Widget. She sounds like a loving and forgiving girl - a blessing with four paws. :)
Thank you Steve and Alayne for making this world a better place.

I'm so happy that Widget is home & was able to come home so quickly after her eye surgery. It's good to be home in her normal surroundings with her human & animal family feeling the love!!! That picture of Widget is amazing knowing she did all that arranging by herself. I thought at first someone had tucked all the blankets around her. She is definitely resourceful & knows the meaning of COMFORT!!!

Oh sweet Widget. It's good to be home with your people...and your favorite blankies, right? Everything in the world seems so crazy nowadays.... I think we all good use a favorite blankie!!!

Oh, Widgie I was thinking of you all day, girl! So glad your surgery went well and you sound like you're recovering nicely. :)

Love the picture. I thought maybe someone tucked the blanket around her after she fell asleep, so funny that she did it herself.

Looks like a dog who knows how deeply loved she is.

Welcome home Widget you brave sweet girl!!

I smiled and giggled when I saw this picture of Widget. I have a beagle, Buster, and as I sit here writing this I can hear him outside woo-woo-wooing at our rottie and pit bull (both rescues) and our English Mastiff. Beagles just crack me up-they have no idea they're little dogs!

I know Widget will do great with her eye surgery...tough little dogs! All of the animals are so fortunate to have you guys. Thank you for what you do for them. And thank you for writing your daily blogs. I can't wait to check my email each morning to read the latest Rolling Dog Ranch news...that and my cup of coffee get my day started right!


There goes your symetrical pattern !
Dogs will do it to you every time.

Glad she is home and safe.

Widgett is so cute and apparently very smart to be able to figure out the blanket. I am so glad that she is home and recovering. It would be fun to meet her as I suspect she is very loveable.

So glad to hear Widget is doing well!

Welcome home, Widget! So glad the surgery is over and she can get back to being her crazy self. Wonderful's amazing what the blind animals do. I love reading about all of them and seeing the pictures. It's wonderful.

What a brave, resilient little girl, Widget is!

Thank you, Steve, for the reassuring update and sweet picture.

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Atta girl Widget! What were those humans so worried about anyway?

Happy News! Widget is home and resting comfortably. The photo above, Our little Widget "Snug as a Bug in a Rug" comes to mind!

Welcome home Widget!

Go Widget! I wish I could have heard you woo-wooing! Get well fast, dear.

I am so happy to hear Widget is home and back to her old self! What a relief!! I know I felt the same as you when I had to have Levi's eyes removed, but oh what a happy boy he was afterwards..even though he had to have been in pain from the surgery, you could tell he felt sooo much better. Someone mentioned on the blog yesterday they didn't think with the eyelids being sewn shut that they wouldn't be able to move their true..well at least not with Levi, he moves his all the time

Yeah Widget! xoxoxoxox

I'm glad to hear Widget's doing well, post-surgery. But I'd check again for thumbs!

(I have pet rats and *they* don't have thumbs either, but if they did, they would have taken over the world long ago.)

I had a Boston Terrier that used to twirl blankets so that they looked like a bee hive with a very unusual bee inside.

So happy to hear that Widget came through her surgery with flying colors and it back at the ranch.

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