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February 10, 2010


And here's to all those kind, caring workers at the airlines who take care of animals flying through. It just makes me smile when I hear about people make that extra effort for an animal in transit. {}

I am already in love with this boy Timmy. Welcome to your new life...sending him hugs and kisses via e-mail..

Welcome Home Timmy!
We know you'll have the best of everthing at the ranch ~ you're going to have a lot of fun too!!

Glad to hear all your airline experiences have been great, that's comforting for all of us to know.

As for transporting animals, we ship birds on continental quite a bit - they have been great. Like you, have also had good luck with Delta. We try to avoid USAir.

Welcome, Timmy! You're gonna love your new home!!! I think you have the cutest markings. Hope all goes well with figuring out the leg problem.

Wonderful to hear the airlines do such a good job making sure the furry passengers are safe too!

Thank you for rescuing Timmy!!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You two are certainly Angels on earth.

What a sweetheart- he found the best home ever!!!!

Barbara & Frankie

Welcome Timmy--you're a cutie pie and I love your markings. Good information to know about the airlines because you do only hear the horror stories.

Oops, the page I should have linked is

They're our state dog!

Timmy looks so cute. I hope the solution to his leg problem ends up being a simple one. Thanks for saying something about your airline experiences. I've been wanting to fly and see family for an extended visit but don't want to leave my dog behind. Maybe I don't need to be as afraid of the planes as I have been.

Steve, "U" and Alayne are such neat folk! and Timmy you are now safe for life!Kudos to the airline people who love and take care of these precious brings as they travel.
Blessings for all!!

J & M from Knoxville

Hello Timmy! You're still in the trying to figure out what- awfulness-life-will-hand-me-next mode but soon you're going to realize you've hit the doggy lottery. If there's such a thing as paradise this side of heaven, you just landed in it. Soak up the love from near and far; we're sending it in from the field. XOXO

Sweet picture! - cute lookin' little dog - good lookin' big guy - another happy solution - can't wait to hear more about little Timmy :)

He's adorable.

I think I see some Catahoula in Timmy. I have a Catahoula mix. Real thin coat and very high energy. Are he's feet webbed? They're a really unique breed; check out

It seems as though Timmy is one of the youngest newcomers to arrive in awhile. What fun to have a puppy to get to know!! I can't wait to hear how he adjusts, who he makes friends with, what the Vets say after their evals, etc. etc.

I wonder if Dusty and he could be friends.

Oh, and I talked to the hubby last night and he agreed that it would be an honor to participate in a leg of a car transport. I'm an hour northwest of New Orleans.

Timmy - you are darling! And good things are in store for you, just like they were for "Tiny Tim!" And hurray for the airline employees who have shown kindness and care for these pups! Hurray!

Welcome Timmy!! You have truly come home to the a wonderful life. Thank you Steve & Alayne for opening your hearts yet again. 4 more lucky, lucky souls.

Timmy looks like a real sweetheart. It's so great to hear your stories about the nice people at the airlines that go the extra mile to make these dogs comfortable. We usually only hear the horror stories. God bless them!

Welcome Timmy and thank you so much for giving him a loving home!
Sandra, all the way from Slovenia

Timmy looks like he may have Australian shepherd in his DNA which means he'll try to "herd" everyone including people...That is once he settles in. He sure is a cutie! Welcome, Timbo! You have just landed in a pot of jam or Alpo, whatever your preference!

Welcome HOME

Timmy! You are precious, adorable, and one very lucky boy. Don't be dismayed by the snow and cold temperatures. You'll be loving it and rolling in it in no time!

What a handsome guy you are! Yes, Steve... you too. :o)

Thanks again to Steve and Alayne for bringing this boy to the Ranch. If anyone will do the right thing for him, it will be you. And I'll just bet he gets adopted before too long!

Kudos to the airline employees who take such good care of the pets.

Howllo Timmy! (awww those ears)

You are in good hands :)

Looking forward to hearing about his progress and meeting the other Saints.
Wonderful to see a few examples of "Minnesota nice" connected with RDR transport.
You all stay warm and we will keep busy voting!

Welcome Timmy! You sure are cute. You look like you might have a little bit of Cattle Dog in you. Welcome to your new home, you definitely are with amazing people who will take really good care of you!

Well Timmy you'll have a great life now!

Timmy may have some Australian cattle dog in him. My sister has an Aussie girl. They are, as the vet says, "too damn smart for their own good." These dogs are very high energy and are like border collies in that they need a job and lots of stimulation. My sister's dog is also a rescue and was born with only three feet; her one rear leg has a pad but no foot. She is still active and happy. Timmy is one lucky boy. Thank you for bringing him home.

Welcome Tim to the fantastic RDR! You have landed in heaven on earth! (better than winning the lottery!)
Steve, I really want to thank you for the kind words about the good experience you've had with transporting animals with commercial airlines. Having been an employee of one for over 20yrs. we often hear the horrible, but seldom the possitive. It means a lot hearing the upside from you, who care so much. Thank you very much for your kind words for the industry & it's handling of animals.
Personally, I don't understand why they still allow a major dog show to happen in Houston, TX during a very hot time of the year, every year. It has boggled my mind why the people in that business don't wake up & realize what they are subjecting their "prized possessions" to. I think just being a regular dog is much better than being a "show dog" anyday.
Warm hugs to all & a welcome hug to Tim,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Another chapter of "It's a wonderful life" is about to begin !!

Welcome, Tiny Tim !

God bless us, every one!:-)

Welcome home, Timmy!

A big hug from Italy to RDR's "new kid in town".:-)

Timmy looks like he might have a little cattle dog in him. Certainly he looks like a great addition to your already awesome pack!

I wonder if Timmy has any idea how much his life is about to change for the better! he is absolutely ADORABLE too, I might add!!

I can see you look a little perplexed right now, but don't worry. You will settle in very quickly. It is so wonderful to know that you are in your forever home and will never have to worry about anything again.
We are so happy to meet you.

Good to hear the folks here in Minneapolis are so caring with their pet cargo! Also I want to say again that should you ever encounter an issue with a pet going through Minneapolis, please feel free to contact me and I will help however I can. I am only 10 minutes away from the airport!

Welcome home, sweet Timmy. Your worries are over!

Awwwwwwww; absolutely spell binding!

Congrats and welcome to the ranch!

Awww...what a handsome boy Timmy is! He looks like a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Let us know what the vets decide about his leg.

There is also another site that I found for animal transport, maybe it can be an alternative...they seem to go greater distances.

Thanks for all you do for the wonderful animals in your care!

Timmy, you are one cute pooch!! Welcome to the's heaven on earth!

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