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February 28, 2010


Ella you are a very lucy little girl.I may take her awhile to earn your trust, but I have a feeling that you are 2 very special people who just don't give up.It will be a happy day when we all get to see the sparkle in her eyes again and then she will know how deeply she is loved by you 2 and by all of us.WELCOME Ella!

She's a beagle mix. She'll be just fine.

It is really amazing what other dogs can do for other dogs. We get our fair share of Ellas and they make remarkable progress in a short period of time when living with a socialized, easy going pack.

Oh I love that face! I just want to curl up with her and cuddle! =)

Love, & patience is something you two have an abundance of to give to this sweet angel. God bless you for taking in these 4 LA babies.

Welcome Ella! And, Ella listen to all the great stories your new roommates will tell you about the 2 humans & believe it when they say you have arrived at heaven on earth!

So happy to hear that Widget is back to RDR Boss duties!!!

My heart goes out to Ella. Thank you and Alayne for being there. I have a name for folks like you...Angel Dogs. I am so glad she is there and one day will realize she has a great furever home especially when she sees all the other happy faces. Ya'll are doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was a small child. Bless both of you and all those babies. Sheila

What a precious face! Ella, I know it won't take long for you to trust humans again because you will be showered with love and kindness at the's heaven on earth! Look forward to hearing updates on your progress.

Ella is beautiful,soon she will realize she has made it to her safe, forever home! Many thoughts and prayers as this journey to heal Ella begins!

Elle is a beauty & could be in no better hands. Looking forward to her transformation. She deserves all the time that she needs, but I know she'll recognize your kindness very quickly. :)

Oh my goodness. I have a 10 year old dog who looks amazingly like Ella. When I saw the first picture of Ella, I saw my Lucy! Lucy came to us when she was about 4-5 yrs old, and she was incredibly shy when we first met her. Strangely, she bonded with our 19 y/o cat Beast, who didn't ever like dogs, but somehow he accepted Lucy. Beast died a month later, but we knew Lucy would be a part of our family. Now, Lucy is a happy girl, and we think she is getting younger by the year!
Thank you for posting Ella's picture and her story, because when I look at her I see the Lucy puppy I never had a chance to know. If I could adopt Miss Ella, I would, because they are oh so much alike and her story resonates strongly with me. Maybe someday! I know you will take good care of her. Thank you.

Welcome Ella! Any updates on the 3rd LA dog "Timmy"?

You have made it to the right place for "The Cure" as Steve puts it. OH BTW that white stuff outside is called snow, it would behoove you to get close to the two legged folks who can open the doors into the warm inside.
BE safe and be Warm

I love Ella's beautiful and soulful expression. What a lovely gem. She has of course hit the jackpot for her rehab. I have noticed that when I sing in my car, my dogs seem to like it - and also read that Bach is favored by animals for listening! Perhaps little Ella would like some soothing music while she is in doggie rehab heaven.
At any rate, I know we'll see a smiley picture of her sooner rater than later. :) You guys are the BEST.

She is a beautiful dog, and my heart breaks for her that she had to lose her leg. Dogs depend on us as humans to take of them...and this is a prime example of what happens to a dog when the opposite of that happens. I know you and Alayne will provide the best possible experience for her until her time comes to "cross the rainbow." She will learn what her life was *supposed* to be like from the beginning: love, friends, food, shelter, playing, a mom and a dad. Keep up the good work, Steve! Thanks for the update on Widget.

Poor little Ella. Bless you both for taking on her challenges. We all know show is in the right place.
I am glad to read that Widget is her bossy self again. Good for her. You must be so relieved.

She has a very sweet face. I volunteer at a shelter that works with alot of feral strays and Im sure she will come around - it just takes time. I'm so glad she made it to the ranch!!

Thank you to Ella's rescuer. Without that person, Ella would never have gotten to RDR. I have so much respect and admiration for those who rescue dogs (and cats) from animal control/pounds.
I look forward to reading about Ella's transformation into a happy dog. It shouldn't take long with all her new canine friends to show her how things are at the ranch.

Welcome sweet Ella! You beautiful girl. I'm sure losing a leg and flying across country complicates your "issues" right now. I have no doubt that Steve, Alayne, and the other dogs will soon help you realize that you are safe and loved.

She's wearing her uncertainty on her face, sweet girl.
She's in the right home for patience and love and we're sure that with time we'll see her walking by your side and finding trust in humans again.
Thank you for taking her, she certainly deserved this opportunity!

Ahh Ella...I have fallen in love with you!!! And soon you will come to realize just how very lucky you are to be with your new family.

Years ago our little Misty had to have her front leg amputated. She spent the rest of her life sailing. She instinctively knew that sitting by the mast down in the salon was the most stable place on the boat. And-as she lived with three other dogs-knew that if she was to get a potential crumb that just might fall to the floor while we cooked she had to stand with her eyes looking down while the others stared up at us. 99% of the time she was the winner of the crumb hunt!!! Three legs didn't hinder her at all! She didn't have the distrust issue to deal with but Ella's heart is in perfect hands now!!!

I love reading about your stories with rescuing dogs. So much hope and love - so nice to read stories with happy endings for a change!

PLEASE keep us up to date on Ella's progress. What a way to start my Monday crying over Ella. She doesn't know it yet but she's going to get so much loving she won't know what to do with it all. I hope to have a big cry when I read that Ella melted into you and wagged her tail.

Sweet Ella! I can't wait to hear about her progress. I'm sure she'll be a rolling dog - rub my tummy - before you know it!

Oh, those sad eyes will start to sparkle soon !

How wonderful that she will be nurtured by you and Alayne

If anyone can turn her around, you guys can.Ella is a beauty.

Joined Best Friends this weekend. I wanted the magazine but also want to join since they know what other groups are worth mentioning!

Have been thinking about Widget!

I have no doubt that Ella will become a full fledged happy RDR pup. The love that you and Alayne have is so vast that it can't possibly be contained in just two peopleā€”it spills over into the joyful faces of all the animals there.
Love is very patient and kind. That you are.

Dear Ella, you have been landed into the heaven on earth and it sounds like it's not a moment too soon for you, sweet girl. You've been through things that I don't even want to imagine. Please just try to relax & trust that you are now in a place that you are loved and will get nothing but the very best of care and love. Angels are watching over you, so you can let your guard down now.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Welcome back home, Widget!

I can't wait to see that sad, scared look in Ella's eyes replaced by joy and contentment!

She looks just like our Camilla, who was also abused before we adopted her: same colouring, same sweet, soft brown eyes,

Please give Ella a HUGE hug for me (when she'll allow you to hug her, of course. That's going to be one very happy day!:-)).

Oh, Ella is beautiful! She's going to come around soon enough as she's in a place where all she is going to get is love and affection. She'll never be hurt again. So glad Widget is doing well!

Look at that face! Undescribably (sp?) stunning!

Ella you will get all the love and trustworthy attention needed to help you feel secure! Can't wait to receive my Best Friends Magazine. I too loved the picture of Steve at sunset with the dogs. I love each of those residents! RDR you are amazing--I continue to be amazed with each story! Thank you for your tireless and endless work to save these PRECIOUS animals.

My heart goes out to her....and I am confident it won't be long before she will trust and give back the love she is receiving and more.


Oh wow you guys are awesome..poor baby.. let me share a non abuse story ..I also have tortoises which people run over or abuse ..this yr for the first time in 3 yrs we had a a baby tortoise ..hatched in the wild ..for three yrs I have run eggs to the vet...I will upload the video - he is smaller than a qtr and yes I have a blind dog too..u guys are the best and a inspiration to the ones that cannot talk .. bless u keep up this challenge

I wanted to mention that I received my Best Friends magazine over the weekend with the article about the Ranch. It's a wonderful article and I'm hoping it will introduce the Ranch to Best Friends supporters who haven't yet checked you out from seeing your name in the Shelter Challenge voting. My favorite photo in both the article and the video is the one with Steve going back to the cottage at dusk with all the happy dogs following him. That photo is totally awesome; especially if you stop to think that a lot of those dogs may be blind. Another wonderful piece on the Ranch.

I'm so glad Ella healed well enough to make the trip to the Ranch. Once she sees all the love that the other animals get she will catch on that it's a good and safe place to be. It's good to know she's someplace where she'll be treated with kindness and patience. And I'm so glad Widget is doing fine.

Oh, sweet Ella. I can't imagine what a horrible life you must have had. It probably had something to do with your traumatized leg, too. But fear not, little girl, the good times truly are yours now. You will never be hurt again, only loved. Take my word, sweetie, you can trust Steve and Alayne. Let the other dogs show you the way! Kisses on your your beautiful face.

I have my fingers crossed for Ella and you humans. Ella has landed in the right place to learn to trust human beings. Such a sweet little face!

Oh dear Ella...I look forward to the day when I can see the happiness in your eyes. I'm so glad you are finally in a place that will give you a look at the other side of humans, the good side. It will feel so good when you can look at humans and know something good is coming your way!

Oh dear little Ella. You are in the best place for any dog to be. Soon I hope you understand that people aren't all bad. And that you and your heart find out how wonderful it is to be loved and treasured. Welcome home Ella!

What a pretty girl! And her surgery site looks very clean - almost as if that leg had never been there.

She'll come around. She's been through a lot that we know about, and who can even guess at what is not known about her background?

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