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February 09, 2010


We want photos ASAP Steve! Go Montana Saints!

Welcome Timmy and the three others..boy is Widget going to be mad at you two more of"those small dogs" lol

It seems likely that all four will be getting their first experience of snow. Should make for lots of good photos and stories!

Who Dat say they gonna rescue dogs?? Once these four lucky LA dogs who are finding their way to heaven on earth at RDR get settled Trooper can host a WHO DAT party & they can celebrate the Saints win!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving these 4 dogs & opening your home & heart to them. Godspeed!

Thank you for saving four of our animals. There are so many....

Now Trooper will have some fellow who dats to help him celebrate!!!

For those of us who like to click through the blog to The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge, the link is

Add one more, no four more good reasons to keep voting in the shelter challenge!
Safe travels and can't wait to welcome the newest members of the RDR family!

How wonderful for everyone! I can't wait for the stories and pix.

"Head west, young dog!" The new mantra for these southern canines!
I'm sure they'll stake a claim in all our hearts!

Can't wait to meet the new additions!
ravel safely! : )

No probably not the New Orleans Saints;the Montana Saints ! :)

Can't wait to meet Timmy and the other cuties !

nothing better than adding some more doxies to the mix! and go saints!

God Speed Steve!

Of course it did!!! Who dat??? I will always put my $$$ on RDR because you guys are absolutely THE BEST!!! Lucky critters, they are, coming your way from the bayou!

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