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February 17, 2010


Cash is so beautiful & I love the expression. How exciting for him to be going to school. He'll be the most popular boy in school!!!

Good Luck Cash! We know you are a champion!We love you!

Cash is so handsome! Love the tilt of his head and his expression. Have fun at school, Cash!

I cant help but say what a handsome pair they make!

So horses are trained not just to do whatever it is they're trained to do but also to be a "better" horse?? Or are your horses ridden by visitors?? Gosh, I learn so much reading this blog.

Cash is so adorable with that head tilt of his. The trainer is kinda cute too! ;-)

A+ to both of you for your trust in each other and patience with each other. Have fun Cash.

What a great idea! I imagine horses can get tired of the same old routine so he's out and about, meeting new people, and learning new things. Dogs enjoy training, especially the really smart ones because they get bored. So I think he's going to benefit in many ways.

Most horse who go up and hit their heads loading, then shoot back and it really puts them off loading. My bet is because Cash couldnt see what he hit, he thought YOU had disciplined him for his transgression and he thought he`d better shape right up and behave! Very very interesting to try to think like a blind horse. Go Cash! I can`t wait for his training updates!

Good boy, Cash! Sounds like you are a fast learner. Enjoy your time away at school and do your best! We'll all be eager to hear how you are doing. :-)

Well done, Cash....a young man always needs some schooling. Think of how much he could teach people about blind horses....he could be an ambassador! He has always been a "looker"....and just gets even more handsome as he grows up.

Cash is sure one beautiful boy! I hope he is a star pupil!

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