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February 22, 2010


Really cute! I'll say Spin and Martie.

Just thought I'd throw Kurt and Courtney (Cobain and Love) in as possible names. You two are former Seattleites, aren't you? :)

OMG, how cute can you get. I love the description of the 2 of them & how bonded they are & I'm so happy they were able to come to RDR & Phyllis contacted you all. I just adore the 2 of them. I can't wait to hear the new names. There have been so many good ones submitted. I still think Who & Dat is hilarious because whoever is calling them to come inside would just crack up laughing every time! But, I hope you go on the theme of some names that will go along w/ where they are from.

I love the pic of them napping together. Oh how I wish I could just drive over there & get them.

My goodness, each of these last four additions to RDR has been cuter than the one before! I wish I lived closer than three states away so I could offer a home to a pair of these dogs.

Cuteness factor is off the scale..............
So happy they will be together and happy at RDR!

How about Fred and Ethel - Many years ago, my sister and I adopted 2 dogs - a sister and brother - that's what we named them.

The girl, Mardi
The male, Louie
After all it's that time of the year, Mardigras! Louie Armstrong! The other male name, Dr. John. He's another New Orleans musician as I'm sure you probably know. I'm just getting in on the last of this, & maybe too late. Magnolia is also a great southern Belle name, you could call her you have a Maggie? I can't keep up! Enought already!
Warm hugs to the new two,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What an absolute sweetheart!

Sorry, of course I meant Trixie and Bullet - duh.

In honor of the "fine" establishment in Ovando, I suggest Dixie and Bullet!

They are truly precious. How about one of these pair of names:
Fred & Ginger
Bobby & Sissy (dance duo from Lawrence Welk fame)
Sonny & Cher
Desi & Lucy
Napoleon (Leon) & Josephine (Josie)
I'd better stop, this could get silly.
Whatever you choose to name them - they are lovely little dogs. Thank you for all you do for ALL the animals.

Oh what a darling wee girl!!

And now she and her brother are in heaven on earth!!

OH look at my Hellie Bellie....the name my girls called Helen because she ADORES a belly rub. Thanks guys for taking these two together. When I pulled them from the shelter I didn't know what their future would be....and then I saw what you have seen....Happyness, Joy and Love for each other and us (Phyllis, Sophia age 12 and Olivia age 11). I had dreamed that they could remain together because they are so bonded. Play time with them was always so exciting. I'm sure you've seen them play, get lost from one another, jump around, tamp their front feet on the floor and then pounce on each other when they find one another again. They are indeed a happy pair and that's why I couldn't let them be euthanized at the shelter. With all of the interrest you have in them maybe they can get adopted together one day. What a lovely gift they are to us all!!!!

How about calling them: Spaten (good German beer!) and Spaetzel (equally good German noodles!)...or Struedel (hmmm, good german dessert....)

Or Georgie and Gracie (as in George Burns?)

they are so sweet. they are lucky to have RDR. and I think RDR is lucky to have them too!

How about Trilby and Tess? They are so beautiful! I wish I lived nearby so you'd let me adopt them. They'd fit right in with my "furry" family!

Here's another reason to have a Dachshund named Dixie - ignore the video, just listen to the song:

Sounds like they're young. I'm so glad they have found a home together. That has surely helped them adjust. I would love to see or read about how you and Alayne go about introducing new pack members to the home and to each other. Thank you so much for all you do.

or Pebbles and BamBam!

Too cute for words!!!!

How about Barry and Belle?

Way too cute!
How about:
They look like a Barney/Betty to me!

although I really love the Drew/Brees names that other people suggested!

I'm just spechless.... sooooo cute!! And in that last picture she seems to be smiling.. she knows she is in RDR!!!!!!

Thanks for your great work and BIGGGG hearts!!!

Can't wait to know the new names!!

Why not name them what they are?

Adora and Able to make up Adorable!!


Stevie & Helen
WELCOME HOME. Your adventures are just beginning.
Be safe & be Warm

They are SO cute!

Oh, no! Heart failing from CUTE attack! Two more of the luckiest little dogs in the world.

You may have to change the name, though, to Rolling Dachshund Ranch or Roving Dachshund Ranch or Rockin' Dachshund Ranch, all things considered! (That way your acronym can stay the same.)

I can't wait for an update on sweet Ella and Timmy's leg.

Oh my goodness. Adorable. I want them to come live with me!!! So, so cute.

How absolutely sweet they look. What a great gift to be able to stay together in their own special home.

What a pair of cuties! They look so hugable.

Just looking at them sleeping together makes me smile....they sound delightful. I'm so glad they have always had one another.

I'll add my exclamations of cuteness. Those two are adorable! I wonder what Widget thinks of it all.

I have a dachshund-chi mix and he is deaf. I wonder why so many in this breed go deaf.

I like Ying and Yang!

She is precious. They both are. What great pics.

They are so cute!
These are my name suggestion.
Jack & Jill/Jenny(I think both would be cute with Jack.) - Cocoa & Chip - Sunny & Delilah.

Thanks for taking care of them, they look very sweet. :)

Oh my, they are adorable!!

What an adorable pair of sweethearts! Their pictures brought a HUGE smile to my face.:-)

Please give them a very big hug for me.

O my poor heart...
Sometimes technology makes us think the world is really small (and it is in a way). But then I see these pictures and I want so much to hug these two adorable little ones, and I realise they are so very far away. If only I could fly....
I like Louie and Dixie for names, very cute.
Thank you for taking them in, I know they will give you lots of happiness - if they stay, which somehow I don't think will be for very long...

My, they are both so sweet and adorable. I second Nick and Nora. I know it would be nice to come up with names to honor Louisana, but these two seem like they could have come from the Thin Man era, don't they? I think the Charles' had a terrier or something, didn't they? But these two definitely look like a Nick and Nora. And they certainly look happy. I'm so glad they are safe and happy.

Oh my goodness, she's beautiful! The first thing I thought was "she's such a little Peanut". Maybe not the greatest name, but that's what I thought of. But I think there were other really great names given and I know you and Alayne will pick out names that fit both of them. So glad they are happy and already having fun!

They are adorable.
How about:
Vysa and Versa (not sure about the spelling)
Ying and Yang
Hot and Dog
Weiner and Schnitzel
Oh sorry about the last 2.
I couldn't help myself.

They are absolutely adorable. How about Nick and Nora?

They are SO adorable!! I just want to scoop them up and hug the stuffing out of them!!! They are so blessed to have a brand new and huge family to love them. Thanks for taking them in.

oh! oh! oh! . They are SO DARLING! Why, oh why would people not see how wonderful they are? Thank goodness for RDR!

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