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February 21, 2010


just want to let you know that i vote for you guy`s everyday! and that i wish i lived near you so i could help out! may god bless you both, he has a special place for you! hey just a suggestion for the names OZZIE & HARRIET ?

I continue to be amazed at what you do for these animals. Thank you.

Radar and Sonar??

How about Bonny and Clyde?
Though Helen looks like a Lily to me.

To commenter David: from reading this blog for a few years now I can tell you that dogs with unknown histories and health status are in fact quarantined. Since Helen and Stevie came from foster care they probably were accompanied by Vet records assuring Steve and Alayne that all is well. :-)

Welcome little Stevie and very soon, his sister Helen. I'm embarrased to make a suggestion for new names based on the others. However, I'll just throw in, "Sugar and Spice" for the littermates new names. Sharon, Chicago,IL

Cute little guy! What about Titan and Tabitha? Or perhaps Martin and Harriet?

I second Louie and Dixie - gotta honor their Louisiana heritage! Welcome, sweet babies, what a miracle that you arrived at RDR instead of death row! Enjoy your new lives to the fullest!

Since they are from New Orleans & they just won the Superbowl for the 1st time in franchise history & the team became a National Cinderella team I think the name of Drew & Bree(s) would be very cute. I would leave the "S" off cuz it sounds more girly to be Bree. But even better in my humble opinion you could name them Who & Dat! hahaha, I'm just kidding, of course, but I got really tickled imagining you or Alayne out in the yard calling them!!! WHO! DAT! But I also like the name for the woman who rescued them, "Phyllis", (it's an honor in the south to name a dog after a special human)& "Louie" (Armstrong).

Wendy, good luck resisting.
1st thing I thought of is that he looks like a miniature Baron.

I believe that you will use the best safeguard possible to be safe on the tractor. And, I am glad you would not disable the mechanism to keep anyone who drives it safe. But, still think a riding dog & you steering would be a great idea. Again, just kidding.

Cannot wait to meet Helen. Love seeing Spinner looking so content & relaxed. Such a sweetie.

Thanks for the update on Ella. Can't wait to meet her.
So glad that Timmy is adjusting.

I find it so hard to believe that Helen & Stevie were not snatched up. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you all.

Not sure if any of you follow the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. but he lost his beloved sidekick, Daddy, that he had since he was 4 months old & appeared on many of his shows. He was 16.

What an adorable face, two more lucky furkids! Just thought of these names, Tanner and Shelby.
Welcome "Stevie & Helen"

George and Wheezie (aka Louisa) -- a takeoff from the lead married couple of The Jeffersons - who were "movin' on up' to the East side and a DELUXE apartment in the sky...." Granted Ovando isn't NYC, but it is a BIG step up for these two. And if I'm right, Wheezie is not only the prettier, but also the smarter, of the two, just a bit, and George is a little more impulsive.

I really need to see Helen #2 to throw my vote in, but these are some great, imaginative suggestions!

Hi Stevie....welcome!

Your ears look so soft. And I love the little pink spot above your nose.

I love the picture of you with Spinner. It looks like you are already making new friends and settling in.

Oh, he's such a handsome boy! And so very lucky for him and his sister to now be at RDR! There are some wonderful names being thrown out me, the first thing that popped into my head was "Bandit". Maybe because of his ears being the two different colors and he looks like he may be a little mischief maker :) I love the last picture...looks like he's got a smile on his face. As for Helen, I'd have to see her to try to figure out a name. With all my own dogs, I've always looked at them and a name would just come to me!

Here are a few names that I found cute-
Edith & Archie
Kermit & Piggy
Spanky & Darla
Peanut & Buttercup
Mickey & Minnie
Linus & Lucy
Fred & Wilma
Barney & Betty

There's been some great names suggested already so I won't add any (ok, can't think of any at the moment); but am curious why new arrivals aren't quarantined away from the rest of the animals for a period of time in case they might be carrying some type of disease?

Hey, Phyllis F. here.... LOVE the names people suggest. Stanley & Stella is great! How about Clotile and Boudreaux? Or, Royal & Dauphine, streets in the French Quarter. Can't wait to see what you decide on...Give them my love!

Reading the comments today was (almost) as much fun as reading the blog about Stevie and Helen. What a cutie. I love how he's already found the door. Good for him. Give him a good, strong, positive name, nothing goofy. He is a survivor and demonstrates a real strength! (I bet Helen does too! Can't wait to see her.) You've got some great names suggested already, I'm sure there will be more to come. It'll be fun to see which ones you go with. Have fun! And thanks again for all you do for these sweet critters.

What a handsome boy he is and also lucky to be in the best place ever!!!

About the new names I agree with Jerry S. and the renaming in honor of famous deaf people.

Louis and Linda maybe?

Louis Frisino being a deaf painter of realistic-looking animal portraits and Linda Bove a respected deaf actress.

What a gorgeous boy!

In honour of their heritage my suggestions for names for Stevie and Helen are Louis and Dixie.

What a cute little man.

For names I like the nod to Tennessee Williams/Streetcar Named Desire - gotta be Stanley and Stella !!!

He is precious ---- and what a lucky boy to end up at RDR. Being from Texas, I named my dogs 'southern' names (Georgia & Nadine) too. For the Dachshunds I would definitely go with Clotille (her) and Alphonse (him) or perhaps Marie (pronounced Maaah-REE) and Gaston (emphasis on the STON). You hear/see these a lot in south Louisiana.

Shield your eyes Wendy! Did you guys notice that he is almost a matched pair to Baron? Luckily I'm not a collector of matching dogs like I am of matching handbags... or am I?? He is adorable!

What a doll! I can't wait to see Helen. (Full disclosure: I adore doxies.)

A suggestion for names: since these two came from Louisiana, how about monikers from fellow Louisianans - for Helen, Clementine, or Clemmy (after artist Clementine Hunter); and for Stevie, Louis, or Louie (after Louis Armstrong).

Oh, I like Radar. He looks like a little doggy Radar!

What a cutie!! Can't wait to see the pic of Helen.

What about Stella and Stanley for names? Tennessee Williams was living in the French Quarter when he began writing "Street Car Named Desire." Thought it might fit!

Oh isn't he just a handsome wee man!! good luck on the name changing!

Oh he so cute!

Here's some off the top of my head ideas:
--Dapper and Dumplin
--Gumbo and Beignet
--Biscuit and Praline

P.S. I am from N.O., so you know this has got to be about food!
P.S. Lisa's suggestion of Drew and Brees is a great one !
--Or, there's Harry and Crooner after Harry Connick, Jr.

Hooray for Phyllis F.! And thank you for sharing the info. about double dapple breeding. My "nephew" JOEY (always spelled all caps.... I don't know why, ask my sister) is a double dapple, but apparently spared the genetic issues. He is adorable, but not at this cost.

I know there will be much joy for you all with these new little ones! Yay for RDR, too, of course!

Trying to fit his name with his look.

Captain or Panzer (german tank) (I also like Radar, Archie and Baron mentioned earlier)

For Helen:
Greta or Gretl, Roxy (the Doxy), (I also like Lucy and Petunia mentioned earlier)

First, on the tractor seat issue: it would look odd, but why not erect a large convex mirror (like those used at dangerous intersections) that would let you look over the load, so you wouldn't have to gopher-hop.

Fro the two names, how about Tanith and Ben, after the Olympic ice-dancers?

Such a precious and beautiful boy Stevie is!! I am overly partial to doxies!! How about Lucy and Ricky? (my daughter is nuts about Lucille Ball, and has named her mini-doxie Lucy). Stevie is just so cute - and I'm sure Helen is too. Looking forward to the blog tomorrow!

He's adorable. I think since Stevie and Helen are from New Orleans and that city was a birthplace for jazz, it would be fun to give them names of famous jazz artists to honor their hometown.
For Stevie:
Satchmo (Louis Armstrong)
Muggsy (Spanier)
Dizzie (Gillespie)
Jelly Roll (Morton)
Charlie (Parker)
Wynton (Marsalis)

For Helen:
Rainey (Gertrude "Ma" Rainey)
Bessie (Smith)
Lillian (Hardin)
Mary Lou (Williams)
Billie (Holiday)

My husband says Stevie looks like a Ralph. Other suggestion for sister Helen: Twizzle (Ice Dancing influence). Stevie is adorable (I'm sure Helen is too)!

Sam and Sadie, because Sadie is my rescue miniature dachshund and Sam is my sister's shelter dachshund-beagle mix

Holy cow, it took me five minutes to figure out what "Stevie" was already at the ranch. I pride myself on knowing all your animals (it's better than admitting I have an obsession with the ranch!) and I could not think af any animal named Steve. Oops, I forgot that all important human animal! LOL

Stevie looks so healthy. Phyllis has surely taken good care of them. Thank you Phyllis!!!

Everyone is thinking of great names. My first thought was to honor their rescuer and name the girl Phyllis and perhaps Nola for the boy since they're from New Orleans, La.

Thanks for catching Spinner in that last photo. She's such a special girl. I always enjoying seeing and/or hearing about her.

Great news about Timmy adjusting and Ella's scheduled arrival. I can't wait to read more about our new friends.

Welcome Stevie and Helen! I'm horrible at picking names so I'll let other, more creative folks make their suggestions. My dogs are Jack and Jenny which have been very pleasant names, so I guess I'll through those in for consideration. Jack is currently battling lymphoma and Jenny had radiation treatment last year for a nasty growth. They are very hardy and very loving dogs, and both were rescues. So, for what it's worth I'll offer those names in their honor (pictures of them can be found on Jack's website

As for the tractor seat post and comments that ensued, I can only hope that you, Steve, find as much humor and pleasure in reading our comments as we find in reading your daily blogs!

How about Sam and Sadie?

My two cents worth...
Ralphie and Edna

Looks like you have all the names you'll need, some great choices in there. So, how about having one of the employees or volunteers, while safely away from the tractor, shoot a little video of you popping up and down while hauling hay? C'mon Steve!!

More alliteration: Babs and Bits. Thanks for posting the Jack Hanna video - we felt foiled that we couldn't get it on TV. It was great and has been forwarded to our friends far and wide. Keep up the good work!

Since Stevie has already found the door why not try the name Radar. He seems to know how find his way around.

Oh my....he is so adorable...

Fred and Ginger
ChaChi and Joanie
Donnie and Marie
Ozzie and Harriet
Mork and Mindy

BIG THANKS to both of you on behalf of all God's creatures for your loving, diligent, and conscientious care

Oh man, are they cute! I got a sneak preview of Facebook (I think someone had tagged you in a photo ablbum) and thought, uh oh, they already have a Steve and Helen! I love the creative names people come up with when you do this.
It's also nice to read about animals that are "disabled" from birth and not from trauma.

New names for Stevie and Helen - how about Dapple and Dan?

Since Stevie and Helen seem to have been named for famous blind people, why not change up and name them after famous deaf people? Stevie could be called Ludwig, honoring both his deafness and his Teutonic heritage. Helen could become Juliette, after Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.

A couple of things:
I don't have experience with tractors but I did love that picture. Apart from the ever-beautiful landscape, I thought it was funny a tractor was the subject of one of your posts.

As for names:
How about Petey and Petunia?
Reginald? (He looks like a Reginald).
Poindexter and Patricia?

I guess I like P's today!

hummm..Bonnie and Clyde?, Kate and Spencer (Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracey)or Tinker and Bell..oh well, surely there are better names!!

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