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February 01, 2010


We have beautiful ice fog this morning. I know it is a pain sometimes but things that it coats look awesome

Skitter I'm sorry you can't get any sun. There you are patiently waiting & the silly ice-fog ruins it. Erin & I are sending you lots of warm hugs & hopefully that will take the place of the sun for a few more weeks. I'm glad you have a heated igloo to retreat to!! I'm happy to see such a beautiful kitty on the blog!!!


FINALLY! A cat story!! Waaaaaaaay overdue!!! Great photo.

Poor Skitter....only a few more months or maybe the fog will give you back your sun! Great picture!

Skitter is gorgeous, she looks a lot like my cat Gabby, who also doesn't like the cold. Skitter has that same "make it stop" look that Gabby gets. It's a lot warmer our way this winter (Pac. NW), though.

I hope the ice-fog doesn't show up this morning.
You've melted my heart and maybe that heat will make the ice fog go away. : )))

Yeah, I think a lot of us are looking for the sun and warmer weather! Hang in there, Skitters, it's coming...

What a beautiful candid photo! Skitter is a beautiful cat!

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