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February 03, 2010


I am so happy Dexter is all right & I am happy you were the protective overly cautious parent to make sure it was nothing. I hate when I hear someone tell me as I heard today. My dog has been throwing up since Tuesday. This being Friday I had to do everything I could to not yell at the person & say...what are you waiting for? Please take your dog to the Vet. I am a worry-wart when it comes to anything out of the ordinary & cannot wait & try to hold out to see if there is an improvement. I rather pay a vet bill & be told everything is okay. But, I did encourage the person in a loving-way to try to get to the vet asap. So sorry for the inconvenience to Dexter though! Hope it's good news for Penny! How do the Sisters look after their spa day???

You tell em Dexter

Don't be subtle, Dexter, honey! Tell 'em what you really think! LOL!

I'm so glad those are just salivary glands!

Oh, Dexter! You are ALL doxie, that is for sure! I would howl too if that would have been me. Hope you are snug and happy back on the ranch.

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Barooo...get me out of here. I know you're there!!

He lives up to his name, doesn't he?? So glad he's OK and hope Penny will be fine, too. It was nice to see RDR is a weekly winner in the shelter challenge. That was a good idea to have two weekly winners and change the grand prize amount. (Now that you've won it already, of course.) Gives a chance for more sanctuaries to get a little extra help. Stay warm.

You take such great care of all the critters at the ranch! Here's hoping all is well is with precious Penny! Dexter is sooo cute...gotta love the sounds of protest!!

I'm in complete agreement with Ginger. All of us with pets know what it's like to have a sick pet, think it's nothing or will pass, then take them to the vet and hear "Now if we had just seen him *last* week". Better safe than sorry! It's also less trauma to your wallet in the long run!

I think Dexter is more upset that they only gave him ONE blanket to nest in! Next time I think you need to bring a laundry basket FULL of blankets for proper nesting purposes. :) Glad that all is well.

Dexter reminds me so much of a mini named Bruiser that let me share 15 years with him. When I first got him, he had a tiny spot of ring worm that I faithfully went to the vet every week to have him dipped. At 4 months old and only 3 1/2 pounds, the attendants were absolutely besotted by his "cuteness", but like Dexter he had a "don't fence me in" attitude. The first time, I was told to come back and pick him up in 6 hours. The next time, it was 3 hours pick up time. The third time, I just pulled into my drive at home, about 40 minutes away, the phone ring, I could hear Bruiser's "dulcet tones" in the background, and I was told to pick him up immediately! It seems that even with the lights out in the room and everyone tip toeing around, as soon as the cage door closed, Bruiser registered his non stop unhappiness with the situation. It's why I am so crazy about Dexter!! He's all "boy" and puts me so much in mind of my beloved Bruiser! Enjoy!

No more lymphoma scares! My dog, Jack, can tell you that lymphoma is no fun at all. I wish his were pronounced salivary glands...

So glad Dexter is okay.

We hope Penny's biopsy comes back with good results!
It sure seems as though Dexter is confirming that he has no problems, except being in a cage for no apparent reason! ; )

I just love Dexter! Waht a cutie.

Wow! A week 2 winner on the shelter challenge.....maybe that's really what Dexter is howling about??

Oh, the indignity of it dare you (LOL)! Seriously, glad it was nothing to worry about...I would have been concerned as well.

How funny. He is SO indignant!

Seeing the harness on him reminded me of something I read yesterday (and can't find again, of course) about some recent study that finds a link between collars and glaucoma in dogs. Seems collars, as opposed to harnesses, can cut off blood flow to the brain to the extent that it affects the eyes. Wish I could find the article again but it made me get harnesses for the 3 of mine that didn't have them.

What a cute little guy.

Always better safe than sorry! Thanks for taking such great care of all the animals in your care at the RDR! They are so fortunate to be in such great hands!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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